Endorsements, Testimonials And Raving Reviews About Rapid Video Blogging

Below is a collection of hundreds and hundreds of endorsements, testimonials and comments of praise for the Rapid Video Blogging system. These are a collection from all the Rapid Video Blogging resources, including the Rapid Video Blogging report, the Rapid Video Blogging Training course and other general Rapid Video Blogging training videos.

The aim of this page is not to impress you, but rather to impress upon you the sheer volume and magnitude of people who absolutely LOVE Rapid Video Blogging.

It's here for you so that you can convince yourself, without a doubt, that Rapid Video Blogging the right thing for you to get into.

Here to your video blogging success!

Gideon Shalwick
Founder of Rapid Video Blogging

Endorsements From World Famous Bloggers And Marketers


"Hey there... Darren Rowse here from Problogger.net and I have something very important to share with you...

The online world has changed... again…. and as with every change - we are all faced with an opportunity to leverage it.
The ever changing pace of the web means that much of what was relevant only a few years ago, is now outdated. This is especially true for people interested in building their profile online and making a solid sustainable income from the internet.

It’s no secret that YouTube has been one of the biggest movers and shakers of the past decade... errr... 5 years (who still counts in decades anyway). With over 2 BILLION views a day (that’s no typo there... that’s two billion with a "B"), it’s totally dominating the online video world. No one is even getting close - YouTube has around 81.9% of the market, and it’s closest competitor is Vimeo with only a meagre 8.8% in comparison.

But so what?

What does this mean for you as an online business owner. Or even if you don’t have an online business (yet), how can you take advantage of one of the most phenomenal trends to ever hit the planet?

Think about it...

When in the history of the world have you ever been able to get instant access to a 2 billion viewership stretching all four corners of the world... every single day?

I know, I know... it all sounds a bit melodramatic, but the fact is that our world as we know it has changed drastically and those that are positioning themselves well amidst the changes are putting themselves in a great position to reap some great rewards.

On the flip side - those who fail to act now could be missing out on surfing one of the biggest trends of our generation and miss out on a great opportunity to make a long term sustainable income online in a very fun and exciting way.

Gideon Shalwick, whom I’ve known for several years, has managed to put together one of the most comprehensive manuals I’ve ever seen on the topic, and it will help you position yourself in the best possible way to ride this gigantic wave for all that it’s worth!

I’ve always focused mainly upon text in my blogging but have increasingly incorporated video into what I do and have found it to open up a whole new audience for me. Even though text will remain my primary focus, online video will become a much larger part of my overall strategy in the years to come.” -Darren Rowse, Problogger.net

"I've known Gideon for a long time and watched as he has slowly carved out a speciality in something he truly loves. I've never seen someone so addicted to online video, which makes me very confident to say that you don't need any other resource than this report to get started marketing with online video.

If you want to generate leads, become famous, sell products or just figure out how exactly people use video and sites like YouTube to actually make money and grow a business, read this report.” - Yaro Starak, Entrepreneurs-Journey.com


"Gideon explains technical things in a clear and precise way. You cannot ignore video traffic and media rich blogging is the perfect way to transition from job to business owner.
 Get inside a successful system and replicate it using the real life examples Gideon has stepped out in RapidVideoBlogging.” - James Schramko, InternetMarketingSpeed.com



 I have known Gideon for a little over a year now as one of our top joint venture partners and all I can say is what a pleasure it's been to getting to know him.

Gideon overdelivers period. His content, passion for video and pure intention in helping people to create success with blogging, video is bar none. He has a very clear, easy to understand, step by step approach and style of teaching.I rarely endorse others and I respect Gideon because he is a person
of integrity who truly cares.

The content in this report is off the hook. It's rare to see someone like Gideon who gives away so much for free and actual
content that you can use right away to start seeing real results. If you want to get started with video this free report has my recommendation.- Maria Andros, MariaAndros.com



 I'll be honest here. I had no idea who Gideon was until I read this report and then I realized something - this is somebody I need to pay attention to and keep on my radar screen.

The key here is that it's about leveraging online video with the tools and services that matter - not leveraging the latest and greatest website that happens to do online video. Read this report - but - more importantly - do what it says.  - Paul Colligan, YouTube Secret Weapon http://www.facebook.com/youtubesecretweapon



  Gideon has created a blueprint for how anyone can generate quality, long term traffic using video.

What I think is more important to take away is the credibility and relationship you can build with an audience who can hear your voice and see you.  Just because it is a simple system does not mean the results are trivial, anything but. I'm inspired to throw more effort into my videos now and I am sure you will be too! " - Chris Garrett, ChrisG.com



 "No one can ignore online video these days, and Rapid Video Blogging will surely give you all the knowledge you need to succeed with that..

What I liked about the course is that you get the details of what equipment and software you should use, how to promote your videos, how to integrate it with an email newsletter and so on. In other words, you'll just need to follow along." - Daniel Scocco, DailyBlogTips.com



 "There are two types of marketers online; good guys and bad guys. The bad guys spend all of their time making promises but no time delivering on them. While the good guys spend all of their time over- delivering on every promise they make.

Gideon is one of the good guys. In this report he gives you his personal blueprint for achieving success with web video...all the tools, all the techniques, all the how-to's and all the reasons why. It's a blueprint that flat-out works. And the only thing you have to do is follow it." - Dave Kaminski WebVideoUniversity.com



"Wow! I've been doing social media and video marketing for quite some time now. And I've built up an amazing and loyal following using some simple social media tools.

But this... this report is something else! The strategies you'll find inside are easy to implement, but more importantly, they will help you get RESULTS!"

- Katie Freiling, www.KatieFreiling.com


"There are few people in this world I have more respect for than Gideon Shalwick. In a world full of empty promises and false claims Gideon truly delivers the real deal.

His understanding, expertise and integrity are second to none. The content he delivers (in any format) is informative, professional and easy to follow. This latest report is no exception and should be compulsory reading for anyone starting, or running, an online business. When Gideon speaks, it is a pleasure and an honour to listen..."  - Leon Jay, FusionHQ.com



" Rapid Video Blogging is the smartest report you'll find on starting and growing a successful online business using the power of video marketing.


Gideon Shalwick lays out in clear, step-by-step format exactly how he grew his blog into one of the Internet's most recognized brands on the Internet on the topic of street magic, using only a YouTube channel and a simple WordPress blog.

He lays out a clear blueprint you can follow to do the same thing in your own niche market. There's simply no better resource anywhere to learn how to turn your passion or hobby into a thriving business than Rapid Video Blogging. I can't recommend it enough! " - Adam Short, NicheProfitClassroom.com


When it comes to video blogging, Gideon is the man! Gideon does a fantastic job of showing you how to make videos and set them up, but he also thinks like a marketer. This is a trait so many bloggers lack, yet is the key to really making it.

The Rapid Video Blogging book covers it from all sides and is PACKED with actionable information. I've been blogging for a living for over 10 years now, and I was taking notes as I read this book. Gideon, you really could have charged money for this, you know that, right? :-)- David Risley, DavidRisley.com


Rapid Video Blogging contains so much solid advice it's hard not to recommend it. What Gideon gives away in this report is better than what most people charge for.

The fact is, if you're serious about building a massive following online, using video is the simplest and quickest way to do it. Take the time to read the report, you'll be glad you did" - David Jenyns, DavidJenyns.com



“Many months ago I was introduced to Gideon by Yaro and since then, Gideon has been one of the best video experts I've come across! Thanks to his training and the step by step instructions he provides, I created my own course that has brought in a five figure income which I am very grateful for.


You can not find anyone better than Gideon who will show you how to get videos online extremely quickly. The last video I created using this strategy only took me 30 minutes giving me the same results compared to a method which took me almost 6 hours! Thanks to Gideon, I'm growing my business at a rapid rate and able
to help my audience at lighting speed!” - Tyrone Shum MassOutsource.com



“Listen guys, there is more useful information in this "Free Report" than in most paid courses that sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I still can't figure out why Gideon is giving it away for free. But really, the information here is practical, methodical and without the hype.


The beauty is that Gideon is giving you the complete start to finish blueprint for massive traffic an profit that you can just plug, play and profit from your niche.”
- Greg Jacobs, WPMage.com


If you are looking to dominate your niche market with online video then you need to read Gideon Shalwick's Rapid Video Blogging, I feel that ANYONE can take the concepts and action items that Gideon gives you and you could create one of the top video blogs out there just by following Gideon's step-by-step advice.

His system is very easy to follow and his writing style is straightforward and to the point. If you were to read only one report on online video blogging make sure it's Gideon Shalwick's Rapid Video Blogging.- Reed Floren, ReedFloren.com

Testimonials For The Rapid Video Blogging Course

"Gideon, you’ve been a marvelous teacher. I loved everything : you calmly dedicated attitude, your detailed presentations, your thouroughness, your nice, fast and patient answers to all my numerous questions…

I’m going to miss you.

Knowing though that I can watch you again and again. All your material is preciously stored and I know that I will rely on you for a long time!

I’m happy I could learn all these new skills, I am less suceptible to make stupid and expensive mistakes.

THANK you a million times again, I’m so grateful that I came across your video blogging course! It will spare me all you had to endure, as you just said!

Don’t change anything, you are a beautiful person." - Sophie Marnez

"The part of your course that turns me on as a marketer… is the talking head videos. Not only is your course ‘pioneer marketing’... which makes it a unique and untapped marketing potential for advertisers – I am really excited to turn people onto having a personal relationship with their followers, as well as their prospects, that is sincere and fun!

Being an Infomercial pioneer... I have always said “No matter who my client is, I actually work for the consumer.”

Your course to me: is really about delivering sales messages to the consumer that are refreshing, easy, time efficient for them... in a way that can be fun for the advertiser and the consumer, with out all the BS hype.

Soooo….. thank you so much for doing this course... thank you for your own perseverance to get to where you are today... and for how much you want us to be successful.

You are a true role model of win/win business ethics for online marketing." - Gabriella Donivan

"Great course.

There are 4 conditions of exchange:

1. Criminal you take the money and give nothing back.

2. Partial you take the money and give some or most of what you promise.

3. Normal This is standard business practice. You get what you pay for.

4. Exchange in Abundance This is what you have done in this course. You have given me more that I expected.

Condition 4 is also where word of mouth advertising is created. Because you have done more for me than I expected (and I am an honorable person), I now feel the obligation to balance the flow and one way I can do that is by telling others. And that is what I will do.

Thanks for all." - Mark Mobley

"I really appreciate all these training that you’ve created for us. It has been a great help in getting me setting up my online video business.

I just hope this is not the last time I hear from you. How can I get in touch with you in the future?

Thanks again." - Hardy Antolis

"I must also add to the plaudits for an excellent course with exceptional value for money (believe me I’ve done enough with far less return).

Thank you for you’re patients and professionalism in responding to my regular questions which may have seemed wide of the mark at times but nonetheless roadblocks for me at the time.

Will keep an eye out for your next course offering but not too soon please….as I need to digest, focus and implement what you have shared.

Top man." - David Fitzgerald


Although I’ve already sung my praises to you on the webinar – I will do so again. Truly, this was an outstanding course! Aside from your amazing content, I really appreciate how you totally went ‘over and beyond’ by being so incredibly responsive in the forum. That is a tremendous value-add!" - Janet Bruno

Testimonials And Comments From Raving Fans

"Gideon, I still don't understand why you are giving away this report for free. I mean, there is everything here!I had the early draft version inside my nook and I thought it was packed with rock solid information, but then I got the final version and...Please tell ME What are you hiding from us inside the actual course? :DI'm very excited to get all the video material you've put together and I'm sure I'll understand why this pdf is free as soon as I'm done watching the videos. They are going to ROCK!" Alejandro Portela


"Gideon - this is awesome content, can't believe you're giving away this much value. More than worth the wait, thank you, can't wait to get these techniques into action."       Dylan Jones


"Gideon, I have been following you for sometime now. Your video is extremely clear and extremely professionally delivered. I cannot wait for the rest of the video's in this series. I congratulate you in your efforts and thank you so much for the free download. I am most certainly intending on pursuing my affiliate marketing business but may now have to consider my options and look toward video blogging." - Damian


"I've waited so long for this report, and now, it's here. After I started watching your videos and used your tricks, I've gotten more views on YouTube. I don't understand how you can give it away for free. I'm going to read it NOW!" Johannes


"Gideon, this is sooooooooooo good that it's almost unbelievable. Do you link to other social sites (Facebook,Twitter etc) to leverage the effect? I am going to read the report now with great anticipation. Thank you so much" - Greg

"As a writer, I resisted the idea that video was the wave of the future (first introduced to me in the Become a Blogger Premium course by you and Yaro!). But as I've created more and more videos, I found exactly what you mentioned -- that it's easier to create video blog posts than written ones. I still love to write, but I use text for a different purpose. And I find myself enjoying watching others' videos more than I ever thought I would.

I think that something else that makes people hesitate to enter the video marketing arena is that they feel like they have to have actor-level looks (funny that you were an aspiring actor, Gideon!). But that's simply not true. Look at Larry King, Oprah, Merv Griffin -- and more recently, many of the "famous" video bloggers... they are not Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie lookalikes. Instead, viewers want to be able to relate to the video creator, and that means receding hairline, a few extra pounds, wrinkles, and all.

I'm looking forward to the next installments, and to sitting down and really digging into your report. I know it will be a fabulous resource. 

P.S. I also love that it's early days for this market. NOW is the time to grab that property on YouTube and stake a claim! The goldrush has just begun!" Lain Ehmann


"Gideon: I only recently discovered your site and materials, and so far, have only gone through your free stuff (videos at becomeablogger.com, Road Map to Become a Blogger PDF, and now the Rapid Video Blogging PDF), BUT... you are connecting with me in a way that all the other "IM Guru's" haven't.... and trust me, I've wasted a LOT of time reading report after report, in an attempt to educate myself on the best path to take with my business.

Seriously, what you teach falls perfectly in line with my online aspirations, perhaps because my strengths are writing teaching materials, and working in video production. What I lack is direction... which is exactly what you have provided me with your free materials.

Ok, so I drank the cool aide, and you have a convert. Can't wait to see the rest of this series, and what you'll be offering us as a product." - John Lortz


"Gideon, I have been anticipating this report for months now. WOW! Im about to dive in.
Before reading this new report, I have read all your other reports, watched all your other videos, and been through all your Blogger programs. You alone with all your great content have changed my internet income. 

Even though my main job is a motivational speaker to high schools and colleges, I have been able to make an outside income servicing small business. Setting up their blog, setting up their email list, written their free reports, and putting everything on autopilot. Since I have known you (and Yaro) I think i have created 17 different sites.

But when I started implementing video, as learned from you, those clients who used video started to get more readers, more buyers, and people connecting to them. You could se the clear difference with video.

Video completely rocks!!!! Especially when I implemented it in a 90 day health and fitness membership site with a partner. And yes, using all your video tips and tricks, email strategy, I shot and edited quick high content videos for all 80 of the 90 days. It was so easy.... and financially rewarding and still is. 

But the larger return was the Women in that program who got results. They got results because they were able to SEE and VIEW the videos which had the practical tips on how to get and maintain that healthy body. Because of the videos, those women instantly engaged other women to join the program, just because the videos were there to help them reach their fitness goals.

Due to all that I've learned from you... I simply want to say thank you. The implementation of video has increased my open rate in my student email campaigns, coaching programs, and even influenced people to take action more and buy my books and book me for speaking gigs.

I simply want to say THANK YOU again, this report is so timely because my goal for this semester is to complete be the KING on "Academic Success" on your youtube (as u can see I'm doing okay).... but I know after reading your report all of my numbers are going to skyrocket - and they need too. 

Thanks for leaving great breadcrumbs on video success (heck you consistently give the whole piece of bread).

Thank you -yes you are the Video King and you have RAPIDLY changed my life. *** If you are NEWBIE, Listen to Gideon, he will make you a star ****" - Kantis Simmons


"Really Awesome! Thank you so much Gideon for your easy, step by step approach to this marketing strategy using video. I'm downloading the report right now and I will dive right into it.

I do have a YouTube channel and I realize now how much I'm missing out on, way more than just cash in the bank. There's lots of work to do, I'm ready to take on the challenge and most importantly, get out of my own way! I'll be looking forward to your entire video series." - Marol Connelly


"Hey Gideon, Unlike a lot of emails I get, I always look forward to yours. I have been following you for a couple of years now and I have learned that you always bring something of value. I have a couple of your products (Easy Video Product Sites & Become A Blogger) and I can say you always over-deliver. Your teaching style and wealth of content just works for me. 

I have been researching video marketing and can say it seems a little overwhelming with all the different aspects and opinions. I am looking forward to what you have to say and some clear direction in putting video to work. " - Joe Webster


"Oh Gideon; so much to say. First, of course, a big Thank You for sharing this material. I feel lucky to have found you online through Yaro's material. You both are on to something big; I can feel it in my heart. And I'm glad you are leading the pack. Can you hear them?

I can hear them: The chatter and whispers of internet marketers going back to the drawing board , revamping their products so they can hurry and re-capture their clients and yours. and their questions: How will I produce over 90 pages and "give away" the best of their materials, and fast? How can I change my website campaign and produce enough videos to catch up?what will be my return on investment? how will I make enough money? which product can be my best upsell? ... what about my joint venture partners?

Along side their chatter in the wildnerness: I hear the refrain of "Seth Godin"... I told you to give it away; go viral and give something unique and of value...something unique and of value...give..it ...awayyyyy 

Gideon responded: Ah yes...it is the way, value, uniqueness and truth...Karma is the way...helping others is the way... The Tao of Gideon is here. 
You asked for feedback; I think a line of products can be produced to piggy back on your efforts. Fortunately, you are one of those folks who have a photogenic face. But for the rest of us: wellllll....I know folks want to see real folks with wrinkles and all--but you have not seen me(LOL). And you will not see me...

I tell folks I was a model over 40 years ago and they laugh...but they don't know what I know and yet you know what I know. And we don't even have the same hair dresser...
The secret: Camera's respond to light. The right lighting works. Some folks are not going to show those pimples and lines and stuff. So they will need to learn the basics of "makeup"; creating highlights and shadows in their face; emphasizing the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses...a whole new line of videos as an upsell : how to look good on video but be yourself--unless you're the wolfman.

Anyway, I really want to thank you again for being a good sport, generous, sharing your knowledge and skills and providing a fire side chat video encouraging our embrace of the video revolution and building this relationship with us. That's the key. At the end of the day it's all about relationships. There is no price for this commodity. Therefore I'm not surprised at your generosity.

***The Tao of Gideon*** "Do all the good you can,By all the means you can,In all the ways you can,In all the places you can,At all the times you can,To all the people you can,As long as ever you can. " - John Wesley


"Hey Gideon, WOW! When I first saw 92 pages I thought, "OK, bring on the fluff with the pretty spcace killing pictures". But I was relieved and amazed to see that you packed those 92 pages with really great content!

Not only did you fill it with how-to steps, you also told us WHY we should do what you recommend.

I especially appreciate the Action Plan at the end. Thank you Gideon for always producing great, highly detailed content." - Sean


"And yes I think there is a lot of mileage in using Video in marketing and blogging as it appeals to the visual learner which is the dominate learning style I believe - a dynamic version of a picture is worth a 1000 words I guess.

I also appreciate that the technology is now available to make this accessible and that skills can be appropriated.

But what about those of us who are not Mona Lisas or do not perform well in front of camera - can we overcome fears, etc? Will you address presentation skills as well as technical ones? Or do we stick with presentation & screen capture software - or hire budding actors who never made it as Internet marketers! Thanks and looking forward to next video." - Simon Richards


"Thanks ,Gideon For this paper, although is not my mother language I ve been learning a lot from you!, I am runnign my own on-line magazine and change my entire perspective about the e-bussiness. Thank you Again, and I love the blue shirt....suites you very well ....;)" - Alejandro Maureira


"Hi Gideon, Not sure how I got here but I am so glad that I did. Such a refreshing and genuine approach. I was getting fed up with all the self-styled 'gurus' and their 'just got off the phone with my good friend . . . etc. I am really looking forward more Gideon 'stuff'. Off to download your book now. Thank you" - Brian


"Hey Gideon, Wow, great info you are sharing. You are so right - I agree that in order to do well you must find a way to "dominate" your niche, otherwise you get lost in the vast sea of websites and search results. I have known for while that video is the way to go, but actually DOING it is a whole other matter. You give everyone listening to your video and reading your report the confidence and the basic info to know that it is truly possible for anyone, newbie and experienced marketer alike, to do well with video. Thanks again and can't wait to see your other videos!" - Tina


"Hi Guideon, Thanks for the report, it's the most comprehensive guide to video I've even seen, and it's free! If it wasn't because i've read your THAO, I would start thinking...what's the catch. I am glad to see you keep to your STATEMENTS. Well, look forward to mooooooore...." - Anabel


"Glad we hooked up through the Blogger Premium. Still haven't finished that due to illness, (and I am working on it even today), but I am so excited about Rapid Video Blogging that I just cut myself while shaving and I am using an electric razor. (Now that's cutting edge) I will be sitting down to a good read of your report in a few minutes. Can't wait to read and also for your next video. Thanks so much!!!" - Jay


"Fabulous Gideon!!! I have been looking for the right outlet for my skills and knowledge and never imagined it would be the internet!!! This is so exciting and I feel very blessed to have run across you immediately in my schooling of this new avenue. I actually have to pull myself from the computer because hours go by like lightning. Your integrity and willingness to share information as well as your presentation style really have me hooked and excited that I am on the right path and can actually do this myself. Many Blessings Gideon...I'm ready to fly :)" - Rhonda Shamas


"I've scanned the report quite quickly before I read it in depth, don't know why I do this, but I do this with every report I download. This is a great report and a large one too, since I bought Darren Rowses 31 days to improve your blog I thought this report for the Rapidvideoblogging would compliment that ebook and it does, even more so, because online video is one of my favourites to do now." - Wayne Tully


"Gideon, This report rocks, I got out the highlighter and started implementing your tips straight away - and to think this is the high quality info your giving away in a free report! Excited by what's going to be in the course! Thanks" - Chris Crowe


"Hi Gideon,What Can I say. Whenever I need tips or additional clarity I always head back to your site. We work with small businesses in the UK and at every event and seminar I always mention your getmyvideoonline site. For people not used to the internet they cant believe the free content. You are a real champion for this and I agree with a number of other comments that you and Yaro are leading the way when it comes to Ethical marketing.

Someone else earlier on mentioned small business marketing and video and I agree that for many business owners who are struggling video could be the way for them. Flip cameras are great and easy to use.

I followed your strategies from become a blogger premium and your youtube product at christmas. As a result my niche charity site for staffies gets views and sales and helps a great cause. I am just going to download your report ( I thought I better comment now as I know I will be engrossed later :-)" - Denise


"Hi Gideon, Thankyou so much for producing such a comprehensive guide to video blogging. I have been following your blog for some time now and the hints and tips I have gained from that alone have been so worthwhile and beneficial for my business.
I am an affiliate marketer and video marketing is something that any person in any niche can apply to their business and see dramatic growth. I am literally starting my video adventures this week however I had been holding out until I received your guide incase I missed some key ingredients for success! 

Using online video for blogs is only going to get more and more popular and thankfully we all have the opportunity to learn these techniques from an expert who has had great success in this area! The key areas that I plan on using video are squeeze pages, blog posts & training series. The benefits of using the video is that my subscribers will have a stronger relationship with me as they will be able to see and hear me compared to just receiving a email from a person that they have never seen. It is a fantastic way to build and maintain relationships and it builds trust aswell not to mention a way to explode your list size!

YouTube can literally change peoples lives, for example here in the UK on Britans Got Talant an ordinary women called Susan Boyle (I'm sure you must have heard of her!) became an international celebrity within a matter of weeks thanks to the viral powers of YouTube and if you're one of the few people in your niche making videos then you could be propelled to expert status in your niche!

Another method of using videos is to train your outsourcing staff, I use the free service Jing.com and simply send my staff the link and they can see step by step what they need to do instead of trying to follow written instructions. I also plan on outsourcing the uploading and distrubuting of my videos through Tube Mogul and Traffic Geyser as mentioned in your report however......A Word Of WARNING: Please do not allow Traffic Geyser to upload your videos to YouTube, I know of a few internet marketers who had their YouTube account closed down because of it so please ensure you ALWAYS manually upload your videos to YouTube!

Like the majority of people starting out in making videos I was apprehensive at first but on one occassion I was attending a training day from another successful Australian entrepreneur Joanna Martin and she asked for video testimonials at the end of the day, I had never created any video of any kind before but I took a deep breath and did the testimonial and her camera guy said "You've obviously done this before" well I was shocked to say the least but that one video really gave me a massive boost to make more videos and I guess the advice is just to turn the camera on and just start talking and get comfortable in front of the camera. It doesn't matter what you sound or look like, just START. 

The way I see video blogging is if you are not planning on using video in your business then you are leaving money on the table!

The two key things I have learnt from following Gideons blog is creating really valuable content and being constant about it and I'm sure I will achieve this with Gideons training and clear instructions!" - Nicole Charles


"Hi Gideon, I have to say I am new to all of this, but at the same time I feel that I am able to understand your advise and what you explain. This means rather than be overwhelmed by jargon, I can relate and above all take on board your common sense deliver of the subject. Not only do you do all of the above you actually explain what you need to implement what your talking about. You do such a brilliant job of it I cannot fail to be inspired. Many thanks from what is now an avid follower" - Rob Watson


"Hi, Gideon, I am so pleased to watch your video and read your ebook! You show me a way: Making a living online is possible! I am quite new on this field, but definitely confident to know I have some friends on the same road and pretty successful! Please continue! I will read your ebook and wait for your next video! All the best, very appreciate your efforts." - James


"Hi Gideon, Thanks so much for the e-book and video, the timing for this couldn't be better, I am just starting my social media business for local businesses in my area. This will be an invaluable resource so I thank you very much and look forward to your next video. " - Sue


"Gideon: Thanks for the fantastic report! I read it as soon as I downloaded it and it's packed with great content that I'm able to put to use right away to make a difference in my business. I've been using video for awhile now and the tips in this report will help take my videos and their findability to the next level. I would recommend that anyone interested in a sure-fire way to build traffic professionally and inexpensively should read this report now! Thanks for the help!" - John Chase


"Hi Gideon,First of all I would like to say that you are a very sympathetic guy :) while watching your video I really felt the passion arising in me.....taking the camera and starting to make a clip. I know I have to read the report first (not my favorite learning method-I am more visual) but my curiosity is big enough to even overcome this obstacle I have one question:I'll have to make videos with sub-titles.Do you talk about that in the future? Thanks for your sharing,you're a great guy :)" - Adi


"Thanks for the great insight into Video Blogging. I downloaded the e-book and will read it on the train to work this morning. I know that you are full of inspiration and have great teaching skills as I did your Become a Blogger course. I have 3 blogs from that course, which unfortunately, I only started a year after I finished the course. I'm ripe and ready to start on this method, so bring it on. Just hope the course is affordable." - Owen


"The details in this report are just awesome. I just finished my video and sound course in college and this report really scaled it down for me. I am using the spare room to set up a video recording area and have plans to start creating my own videos as soon as possible. Just so much great content I read it twice and will be going over it again. You make it so easy to get started with a home studio. The list of equipment,software and how to is so rapid fast it's just to good to pass up on giving it a try. Thanks for everything Gideon." Robin McNeeley


"Hi Gideon,I'd genuinely like to say "thank you" for the integrity you demonstrate in all aspects of what you do. I think you are unique in the way you can 'get the job done' while still being able to be yourself. Despite being an expert in your field...I think the real reason you attract people is because they like who you are!
While I 100% understand how powerful your Video Domination Hub is when applied to marketing online products, I am interested in your opinion regarding how effectively you think the VDH can be adapted and applied to marketing a service-based business to a local geographical area." - Greg Kendall


"Gideon,I have used your become a blogger videos to learn from you how to do really basic tasks that those videos offer. They are great because your delivery that makes them easy to follow, and I have made money because you helped me. With this new project you have hit the mark again in explaining, in an encouraging way, what is possible, making me at least want to attemp what I have previously thought of as impossible for me. I am anxiously awaiting the other two videos." - Bill


"Gideon, If this is anything like your previous product "Become a Blogger" then I am looking forward to getting to take it all in. After spending many years sitting in the wings "so to speak" Become a Blogger has well and truly got me up and running. So I really look forward to reading your report about video to take all my blogs to the next step. The easy manner in which you teach and especially the step by step method is just a pleasure to learn from. Look forward to any product you bring out Gideon. Quality at its finest. A big thanks for the report." - Pamela


"I really appreciate the way you teach - always clear and easy to follow. I especially like the video where you showed us your setup. Very inspiring. I'm going to start video blogging soon so this is PERFECT timing! Thanks!" - Linda


"Hi Gideon, THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU. I can't believe that I haven't spent even one cent with you yet and yet you continue to give me such priceless information. I have been devouring your videos for about six months now and you are so right about how powerful video can be. Not being very computer literate, I have absolutely loved your videos. You hold my hand, and walk through everything I need to know to complete the task. 

You never come across as if you are 'dumbing it down' for me either. You really are doing a fabulous job. I have been gathering all this information so that I could say confidently to my husband that I think he could use blogging as a means of making a small side income. He has 30plus years of experience in his field. He was very impressed that I knew so much about it and had the 'jargon' to go with it. I then took him to the computer and introduced him to you as my mate Gideon. 

It was at that moment that the true power of online video hit me. You were more than just a two dimensional figure. You were a 'real' person who had been talking to ME. When my husband and I get a blog up and running, we will be enrolling in your Premium course . 

Even though it will have taken more than six months to take me from a 'fresh lead' to a buying customer, you will have achieved your ultimate goal. You can be very proud of that Gideon, because I feel that it will be priveledge to buy from you because you have given so much. Well done and thanks again." - Tracy


"Gideon, I would have to totally agree with you about video. I think it is the best way to market and brand yourself. It lets people get to know and trust you. I'm looking forward to reading your report and watching your future videos. BTW - I love how you're getting massive comments, it's brilliant. Thanks for the free report." - Jason Bartels


"Yo Gideon,You seem to be spot on about opportunities with "video blogging". It's been on my mind for a while now but haven't been able to put all the pieces together. Glad a pro sorted out the mess for me. Can't wait for your future updates! Brett" - Brett


"I feel so blessed Gideon to have found your site by luck. Although I believe that luck is predestined and right on time for the changes that are to take place in our life. I appreciate so much your willingness to help those of us that are struggling to get started in Alliliate Marketing. I signed up with ClickBank only a few days ago and you can imagine where my head might be right now. Very confused as to wher or how to get these 17 Health & Fitness products launched to the world. Is ther any advice that you can offer" - Mayo Best


"I'm glad to see someone putting together a course for video marketing. YouTube and other sharing sites are great for getting added exposure for you and links for both immediate traffic and SEO purposes. Something I think is really important for YouTube success is being prolific and posting very frequently, I suppose the same goes for blogging in general." - Emmet


"Wow, this looks like a really simple system and yet no one is doing it, except for you. It's like the Sales Funnel system applied in video blogging. Really, a great discovery. Can't wait to read the rest of the ebook!" - Richie Montalbo


"Gideon, Thank you for the video and report. I've tried creating online videos in the past with limited success. I now have specific information that will positively influence my my videos and success. I'm looking forward to spending tomorrow reading your entire report and watching your YouTube channel." - Mike


"Hi Gideon, I've known you for a long time (since 2007 when I subscribed to one of your blogging tutorial) and I know for sure that what you're saying here is true. You're indeed one of the authorities when it comes to video and blogging. You and Yaro belong to the top gurus of the Internet world, even outshining those in JV partners! I've learned a lot from you than anyone else and I just love your accent, maybe that's why!

Thanks again for these free videos on Rapid Video Blogging. You're right that YouTube is virtually untapped market compared to the traffic it's getting and I'm excited to conquer it and perhaps dominate it. With your help, I'm sure that's possible. Thanks for coming up with Rapid Video Blogging at the right time for going video is the hottest trend now!" - Genaro Geneta


"Wow, this is amazing. I'm still viewing myself just playing with the computer without knowing that i'm pretty into this business of blogs. With all the tips and conseils from you and Yaro i was able to put my blog in steroids because i'm rushing in traffic and comments. 

But now i know that i must take the next step, i think i was one of those that think the video blogging is a hard business. But now i have my video camera and i'm ready to fall in YouTube digital arms to show myself that i can dominate my niche! I can't wait to watch your next videos, i'm sure that you're going to help me to realize my vision of domination in my country and my niche, remember that i'm from Chile! Greetings and keep that mood up!" - Heinz Wuth


"Thanks for saving me a lot of time with traffic sources. This can totally change the game for many of us just getting started building lists. It is literally like being able to market to a mass audience just like the major corporations do on TV." - Michael


"Gideon the information that you have given us is excellent. You are the only person that is making this available to people on the internet. I am amazed by your professionalism and I am sure a great deal of this will rub off on internet marketers. This area of our industry has always been fascinating but we all needed a place to come to to be totally educated on the power of video blogging. Thanks for the free report which allows us mere mortals to join the elite." - Paul Bursey
"It's nice to know people can make a decent living and even become rich helping others. I have read previous reports by Gideon and Yaro. Also reports written by John Cow. I find all this material very helpful in many ways. Same applys to the e-mails I have been getting from Yaro and Gideon lately. Thank you for giving this away without any charge. Looking forward to reading your Rapid Video Blogging." - Sigurfreyr


"Hey Gideon, First, thanks for sharing your expertise on video blogging...awesome! I don't claim to know much about all this...however, this I do know...it's definitely a "video world" now. The internet just seems to be a vital part right now. So, it seems that whoever learns to create videos and websites that provide solutions and help people are going to be the real winners. Can't wait to see what you have down the road for us. Thanks again for all you do!" - Mark Smith


"Hey Gideon. I downloaded your report this morning and like a tempter, it's been lurking at my desk distracting me. I've finally read it. Dog-eared corners, highlighted sections. Links to track back through. Gosh so much content to work through and apply.

What struck me first about your report was that I could actually hear your voice as I read. Your spoken on-screen style (and I have watched you heaps) is also your writing presence. The perfect example and connection of credibility and relationship building.
And best of all, you are in real-life successfully doing what you're describing, unlike other so-called experts who clearly are either pure novices or academics who happen to be one-step ahead at reading the on-line help aspects of social marketing. 

The content made me curious enough to look at what next you have to offer. I found a cool count-down timer for the course at http://rapidvideoblogging.com/join/. Anymore details about that course? I'm counting down." - Trudy


"In my opinion, video can easily deliver feeling and mood. When watching videos it's like you are talking to the one in video just like in front of you. Gideon, you are giving away magnificent up to date video money making technology and business. Congratulation to all friends." - Panumes


"Hi Gideon, Thanks so much for the information. It was just yesterday that I decided to start video blogging rather than text. I was wondering if there was information or tools available on how to do it and BAM! there it was in my inbox this morning from John Chow. Thanks again... and look forward to your other videos... I'm going to go read your ebook now." - Rich Dennis


"Wow! I love the "Basic Education" you have done on this video., Gideon. I have been wanting to profit from my expertise and knowledge, having fun while doing that...and PRESTO!, you've given me the confidence with your simple explanation and down to earth style of educating. Thanks, I am definately looking forward to your next videos!" - Cynthia C


"Hey Gideon, I am excited about this project of yours. I have always liked the way you present the stuff. This video was also nice as usual and quite engaging too. I am sure the actual program will be loaded with critical material to accelerate the process of producing, publishing and marketing online videos. I will be more happy to see the actual process of monetizing our videos and turning them into real cash. 

I know that you have proved that your system works through your previous projects. This project shall explain and help others replicate the process. I have downloaded your report and just scanned it up till now. Seems interesting and loaded with information. Will comment again after I go through it." - Dr. Sudeep Shroff


"Gideon the information is owesum. it doesn't take a genius to know that video blogging is were the money is, I am sure a great deal of this will rub off on internet marketers This area of our industry has always been amazingly useful, Thanks for the free report and for going to such lengths to get across how easy it is to be a great person."              - Nelson A.


"Simply Fantastic..!! Cannot wait for the next video to be released. I genuinely believe this is the answer I have been searching for.!! Gideon you deserve the Noble prize for sharing this knowledge!" - Lee


"Hey Gideon, I think that this is just great! And those three reasons why people don't do this stuff, they definitely applied to me. I don't even know how to start an email list. But that's probably gonna be in the PDF... So I'm gonna start reading that RIGHT NOW!"      - Rupayan


"Nicely done Gideon. The picture quality is excellent and the content is superb and well presented. I have always been amazed at the power of video presentations but, I admit, I am one of those who doesn't know how to turn them into cash. I am devouring "Rapid Video Blogging" now and am looking forward to the next video installments. Thanks for sharing your secrets." - Paul Nielsen


"I watched your videos and read your free report. You give some really good quality information and I'm looking forward to applying these methods that you have shown me. The information is really clear and right to the point! Thanks for this, I'm really eager to get started now,because I have tried other things and have not been successful in online marketing, this seems like a sure winner!" - Scott


"Hi Gideon, Many thanks for the great PDF! It's rare to see someone give away so much information for free - I can only assume that your paid-for content is so amazing that you can easily justify all the free stuff. Also, I think your videos look amazing - especially when you switch over to the presentation!" - John Landells


"Howdy Gideon, Thank you for such an AWESOME free video blogging resource. I'm glad I read the report because there were a few critical things that I implemented immediately to my blog and to my YouTube channel. Thanks again!" - Jessica Ojeda


"I haven't yet had a chance to go through your report, but I did take a few notes from your video. I think one thing that will really change people's attitude towards YouTube is that they just don't view it as a search engine. Above and beyond everything that you've spoken to in your video, using YouTube as an alternative "advertising" method (compared to Google) is smart. Your content is made available to billions of people for free - and I'm sure that if people use some of the strategies you're going to give them to in your program they'll show some significant results." - Dawn Martinello


"Thanks Gideon for the great material!! Very generous of you. It's because of people like you and Alejandro from HTGV and all the other people out there who tell us stuff like this that we have new people popping up with amazing content and no paid guidance at all. Successful people like you could just keep the secret to themselves, or ask for money to reveal the secret, but since you haven't" - Vaibhav K.


" Thank you so much or this valuable document (Report). It is very interesting and it helped me out quite a bit. It taught me how to break out of the box of shyness, and look into just implementing videos into my campaigns for better results. I appreciate you sharing this info. with all of us who can use it. And to those who can't, oh well... to each his own - The best to you anyway. Peace!" - Bettie


"Awhile ago, when I was looking for "something" different, I stumbled on Gideon and Yaro's BecomeABlogger videos. I devoured them and then I joined BecomeABlogger. The only training system I ever have bought into. I learned and I grew and my blog has hundreds of subscibers and continues to do well. And now after watching this video, I'm amazed and awed at Gideon's ability to share his information in a simply and easy-to-follow presentation. If you want to learn, Gideon is the one to learn from. You won't be sorry. He rocks!" - Jeffrey


"Gideon, Thanks for the report and videos! I have been beginning to recognize the power on online videos and have been wondering how to go about incorporating video into my business (ie: lack of a plan). The information you have provided gives me what I need to get a game plan in action. Looking forward to utilizing video and learning more from you." - Miles


"Very well presented videos - doubtless your background in acting helps a lot there.I'm looking forward to reading the report, and am especially interested in the whole question of content. The mechanics of video blogging are obviously crucial, but the one thing that has slowed me down in getting into this more seriously is hesitation about content. Nothing I'm personally interested in seems to me to be likely to interest many others, and I'm not sure how long I could stay motivated producing content about something I don't much care about. But I'm just getting my feet wet. Thanks for this, Gideon." - Andrew


"Hi Gideon, What a great report, it was nice to see that not only did you say what to do, but pretty much how to do it. That factor is almost always missing (especially in free reports/videos etc.). I think a good reason why people don't take advantage of video, is that they don't know how to go about doing it. I know it has kept me from it...until now. I can't wait for the videos to come." - Tasha


"Gideon, Excellent material all the way out. This guide gives a solid primer on the opportunity that lies within video marketing on blogs. The "free line" has been moved once again." - Joseph Ratliff


"Thanks Gideon for the report and your intro video. Lots of good information. But what impresses me most is that the amount of work that has gone into this report. The impression some gurus give is that blogging and generating income from videos, online ebooks, posts, etc. is a slam dunk... get your SEO in order, find the right keywords, post your content and watch the $$$ roll in... It is not easy. Blogging is a lot of work. 

I've been working with Yaro on getting my blog up and running... and though I have a pretty good niche, the struggle to generate that traffic and those leads goes on. I have a youtube channel and a number of golf fitness videos already produced... am looking forward to your advice as to how to monetize them and drive traffic back to my blog and opt in form. I appreciate all you have done to get this report out there and look forward to reading it. Thanks for all. Look forward to the next two videos as well." - Pat


"Thanks Gideon! The pdf and video are excellent! They're both filled with lots of useful information and I can't wait to try out some of the things I've learned!" - Dan


"Gideon, This is a great followup and complimentary guide to the Killer YouTube Strategies webinar late last year. Again, you've raised the bar and moved the free-line - killer content from a master of his craft. Can't wait to see what else you've got brewing in your video lab.." - Kieran


"I really want to thank you for such an excellent video. I look forward to the rest of them. I plan to use a ton of video in my marketing plan and I am super excited to learn from you." - Dave


"Hi Gideon, I've been dragging the chain waiting to become inspired enough to latch onto a business building idea for so long. Today, my patience (procrastination) has been rewarded! I've viewed your phenomenal videos and read the table of contents only, so far, of your amazing free report "Rapid Video Blogging" and am convinced that this is the direction I must take to get my message out to the world. I can't wait to print, read and implement the wisdom contained in "Rapid Video Blogging". Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please consider this my entry in the iPad competition. Here's to Rapid Video Blogging results." - Vicki


"I have to tell you, I have been with Gideon for over a year with becomeablogger.com and I am very impressed with his tutorial videos. I am not one to read and learn from actually seeing what I have to do via videos. His videos are clear, concise and correct! I'm can't wait to read about video blogging." - Lisa Forbes


"Excellent video! Can't wait for the next two, and I'm going to go read the report right now. Sort of on the fence about what to tackle first, this or a mobile marketing program that I've found that seems to be well thought out and comprehensive. Maybe a combination of the two will be best, people are definitely watching video on their mobile devices. It's tough deciding which program to follow because I'm unemployed and money is tight, but that's exactly why I need to do it. Just trying to make an informed decision." - Scot


"Gideon I just wanted to thank you so much for this great video and the guide is very comprehensive and visually stimulating. I have been searching for a guide and video instruction similar to what you and Yaro did with Become a Blogger. I am very happy to be apart of your second project as a YouTube Novice. 

Gideon my question is this....I enjoy many things in my life and I have yet to find a niche to focus my videos. It would be great to see a video that would offer a "Gideon Step By Step" process to finding your niche. I am sure many of your viewers would benefit greatly from your experience and I know I would love the feedback" - Giovanni Hale


"Gideon, great stuff here, mate. You are a master at video blogging, and your info is truly going to be a "template" for my communications strategy going forward. Cheers."    - Philip


"Gideon, I was about to delete your email without reading it because I needed to clean out my Inbox. I am so glad I decided to click through and watch your 20 minute video even though it is well past my bedtime. I have learned so many strategies but have implemented few. It seems that life gets in the way. The title Rapid Video Blogging caught my attention. I want to keep it fast and simple and now I have found the solution for reaping the harvest after years of sowing seeds. Thank you for caring for all of us that are persistently seeking." - Amelia Johnson


"I've watched quite a few of your previous videos, and know you have great content. I'm downloading the FREE report as I type, and am excited to see how I can break the mold and use your techniques to catapult my photography business!" - Vashti


"Thanks. Really very informational. I've been considering using YouTube to assist with leads but I have no experience with it, so your product looks like it's right up my alley. Looking forward to the next video." - Ed


"Hi Gideon, I really enjoyed this first video, and got a lot out of your excellent presentation. I've been considering 'reaching out' with a video blog to a specific niche. As I am not much of a 'techie', I appreciate your 'encouraging' way of teaching, which helps build my confidence as far as jumping in to what is all new to me. I'm also looking forward to reading your report, and I thank you for making it available. I'll see you next time...all the best to you and yours...evan" - Evan Gould


"Thank you, Gideon, for putting together such an informative and professional presentation. I appreciate your openness, authenticity, and passion for online video blogging. I've seen many pre-launches over the last few years by the "gurus" but none have come close to the value you've placed in both the free report as well as the introductory video. It's so valuable that even if someone didn't join your membership site, they'd be able to apply the fundamentals of your information and see amazing results. With that said, I anxiously await the release of your next video and look forward to learning how to build a stronger presence on YouTube to further my online businesses. I wish you tremendous success!" - Dr. Patrick MacNamara


"Hi Gideon, Thanks for sharing - this is by far the most useful information I've seen about video blogging. I'm eager to read the report and start putting your lessons and advice to good use. You have also alleviated my fear of video blogging because I simply didn't think that it was feasible on my own. But my video camera and Flip cam will begin to be put to good use, even if my first videos aren't that great! (You mentioned something about learning through trial and error, I believe.) Looking forward to your next video!" - Talia


"I have been keeping up with you for only a short time so far and I have to tell you I am always so pleased with all of the information that I get from you. You are so easy to follow and you are very clear in your communication which is so great for someone like me, who is just getting their feet in all of this online business. I really appreciate all of the information that you give away, and after watching that video, I can't wait to delve into your report. 

The video I just watched was very motivating for me to continue on with my idea for my online business, and also to really incorporate video blogging......Thank You!!! I can't wait until the next video will be released, as I am one of those who really needs to see how you make it happen, so to speak, with the videos in order to really get it and begin doing it myself.T ake Care." - Amanda Correa


"Hello Gideon, Your material is incredibly enriching to me and all of my students where I teach in southwest Florida. I have left you a comment once before about another terrific product you created. Your entire presentation is very well done and the ebook is outstanding. Your style is like a good brand I trust and depend on, I really mean that. Please keep my email and send me other info as you develop it. Sincerely, Jaime Florida, USA" - Jaime


"I love your report Gideon. I have been playing with a little video and I one of those guys with a number of videos on youtube that isn't making a ton of money. I am making some adsense from my videos but nothing to write home about. I love the way you are producing your videos and it makes sense to drive the traffic to a blog. 

I do a little of that but just don't get as much response as I would like to . I found your material inspiring and helpful. Just watching your video report was enough to get me inspired to strike out and produce some more video. I need to get the ideas of what I want to produce. Digging in and finding out what will work is an area that I need help in. Thanks for all the great information and videos that you have been producing. I will keep on watching and learning." - Scott


"Hi Gideon, The clarity and simplicity of the content is simply superb. I have been following your video creation techniques from your blog for quite sometime now. But the report even more detailed and there were lots of new things you have included as well."  - Prajwal Shinde


"Great report Gideon! I particularly liked all of tips about the SEO advantages of doing videos. Thanks for helping me realize how huge video and youtube is going to soon be." - Mikko Kemppe


"Where to start? Well, out of curiosity, as a computer-embryo, to see what´s what, and I am impressed...well...awed, actually, at what I´ve now got. This looks like a comprehensive, easy to understand intro to an area of up-date communications I didn´t even know existed!. Knowledge is always the greatest gift...thanks thanks thanks! Then, too, I am wary about what I download. Not just content, but also volume. 

You now occupy my space, and are welcome. It´s going to take time to read it all, but doing so is something I really look forward to. Also, I very seldom send stuff on. My brother, though, who is a live-wire enthusiast in business life, and way ahead of me in the online world out there, will be getting a copy soonest. usually, I don´t wish people luck, because I think we get pretty much what we deserve. 

So I´ll just be wishing you the rewards you have earned by using insight and ability and generosity in your life to help others do better in theirs. I find your on-screen presence very professional, very appealing.- Virginia Wurdak


"Wow!!! Thanks Gideon! This time I am really amaze with your presentation, especially your powerful report, you give very detail information and action plan. I am now realize that video marketing is so powerful. What do you think if I use video marketing to promote product for local business in my area? You just give one report but already give me much more information and idea for my online business. I can't wait for your next video!" - Anton Kienantan


"Wow!!!!, I am really looking forward to this. I have no experance at all on computers, vidieo's ect, but with enforced early retirment I need a new hobby to match my skills, and then you showed us this. Oh there will be sooooo much fun to have whilst I am learning Thank you!" - Pat


"Gideon, I was so excited to see your new report. I love your work and believe that video will be one of my primary marketing tactics. I enjoyed your Youtube course that you came out with last year. Starting to earmark and implement! Would like to know more about lighting and editing. Hopefully that will be in your coaching program."           - Rachel Juanita Clark Bellamy


"I'm an artist who likes to make money. I have devoted several months now to studying marketing. There are some good sites out there that are geared to artists and some that are more general in their marketing advice. One thing they all have in common is stressing that your most valuable resource is your email list. Those are the people who have specifically requested to hear from you on a regular basis and those are the people who will most likely buy what you have to sell. Your rapid video blogging is clearly another avenue in securing those valuable email contacts, and in a field crowded with talented artists, offers a less traveled path to more visibility." - Marguerite


"Wow ... who says that you can not get quality stuff free of cost. This report is perfect example that we can get the quality information free of cost ... just we should have people like Gideon Shalwick." - Steve


"Thank you very much Gideon. You always provide the most value than anyone out there. You and Yaro that is. I really appreciate the fact that you don't just try to make money, but you actually give people a chance to get up and running with valuable information for free that they can start using today! I've been following you for years and grab anything you put out there and absorb it as quickly as possible. Thanks again and May YAHUAH bless you," - Jay


"Thank you so much for your informative video. I'm very new to all this IM but determined to make it work for me and I feel you information is going to help me reach my goal. I'm also interested in additional information about your coaching program. "       - J. Cactus


"Hey Gideon, I just downloaded your free report and started reading it. I also viewed your fist video. This is great information Gideon. Thanks so much. I'm looking forward to the second and third videos, too. I hit the Facebook "like" button above and I tweeted the information to all 4 of my Twitter accounts. If you can teach me how to video blog, you will have accomplished a great feat! All the Best." - Billy McKee


"Watched video number 1. Very interesting. Downloaded the pdf. Looks excellent. Looking forward to the "Behind the Scenes" video. Thanks much!" - Kurt


"Gideon, This report makes perfect sense. Making an income online is all about building relationships, and video is the next best thing to a face-to-face chat. It's also extremely effective, not only as a monetization strategy, but as a means of providing value to viewers. You're imparting a lot of information here, and doing it in an entertaining and easy to understand way. Kudos! Looking forward to the next video!" - Rick


"Well, I knew that people rather watch videos than read text... I can write, but I was a little at a loss when it comes to just the idea of making videos. Thanks for reassuring me, I can't wait for the next parts ! Sophie, from France, where Youtube is big too :-)"      - Sophie


"Hey Gideon, having just read the report and watched the video you have given me a metaphorical slap on the face. You have dragged me down from floating in the clouds back to where I should be. In the here and now. Some of that you have said is so simple....."your production studio is in your laptop bag". 

Where is mine? I am embarassed to say. In boxes in the bedroom, only to be taken out when needed. No longer the case. Your simplistic advice on selecting a niche... "my best advice is to just get started".So youtube, here I come :-) Thanks for helping me out. I look forward to the rest of the material." - Neil


"I haven't yet dabbled with video blogging yet, but know that I should have started some time ago. I just downloaded your video so that I can use it as the motivation to get going. I love your work and look forward to seeing what this series has to offer!"             - Matthew


"Thank you Gideon for your unselfish interest in promoting a positive format or "plan-of-action" for us novices and so called people-in-the-know (lol). I have always found that it is not necessary to "reinvent the wheel" but it is "how you use "the wheel"" that makes you a winner. And, when you are willing to allow others to also be "winners" by following a tried-and-true method, you will succeed in your adventures multiple times over ... 

Thank you, as well as Yaro and those at Pro-Blogging (and other misfits (lol)) who succeed and win by sharing and allowing others to win too. A true "win-win" situation is developing here folks, take advantage of it and when the "Offer" comes for more indepth offerings, well take advantage of the schooling! I know, I will ... But, for now, I am looking forward to Video #2 ... Thanks again Guideon! :-)" - John Fisher


"This is a great resource that I am very excited about implementing in my own writing career. I think that I have been taking such a "man behind the curtain" approach to my writing, that I have forgotten what parts of me are actually going into the written word, and what parts I want to put forward to other people. At some point these things mix, and neither is distinguishable from the other. This could be a driving factor in getting myself into the video scene, and I thank you for this great report and videos."                   - Benjamin M. Strozykowski


"Great informative video, thank you. Thanks also for your generosity in sharing all your knowledge in your Report. I have downloaded it and will get going reading it this evening. Each time I watch one of your videos, I get motivated and have a go at recording one myself, but I am really critical and either don't like the sound, or don't like the lighting, so I play around with it and finally delete it with a view to doing another one tomorrow .... I am hoping your report will inspire me to stop being so critical and just go for it. Thanks again." - Sharon


"Halfway through the ebook and it's already given me a ton of value. Thanks so much."   - Billy


"Hi Gideon, I am so thankful for your generosity in sharing such enlightening and inspiring information at no cost. You have served a much needed refreshment to my faith in mankind!" - Elaine Bakunas


"Gideon - great video and I can't wait to implement this into my own site. I love human potential and I am going to be doing videos on how to improve ourselves and this has just given me some fantastic ideas. Thanks!" - Derek


"Professor" Gideon - it's fantastic that you put this together because no one can do it like you! Because of your videos, I finally "got" some of the basics online. This sounds very exciting! And thank goodness that, finally, someone has come up with a way to say adios to the JV gods of the internet world! Only you could do it! If you're teaching it, I know that it'll be easy to understand and possible to follow through by anyone."              - Lorraine Arams


"Gideon - I have been following you for some time now and I have to say that you are a breath of fresh air. To many gurus continue to blast out similar info that you promote but you have gained my trust. They say that people have to like you and trust you in order to stay with you. You have done just that. I look forward to the next series on videos."     - Scott Grainger


"Good Show Gideon!!! Your video quality is crystal clear. Must be nice to now be your own producer, director and actor without Hollywood casting calls." - AJ


"Nice stuff Gideon, it's good to see somewhat of a different blogging program being put other there. We bloggers need fresh ways to build our businesses. :)" - Adam


"Hi Gideon, Fellow South-African here! :) I loved your video and the report. I have been in sales most of my career and realised how important it was for me to get in front of people to make a sale! Video does this exact thing as you can get your personality across. It is good to see that the idea of this is actually more than just "fun YouTube Videos" and that it is a genuine driver of traffic. 

I have only just started my blog and have only recently been in a position to set up my videos. Got two live now! It is alot of fun and we are all movie directors and actors with it too! I look forward to directing more of my own movies! Thanks for doing all this work at no charge! You are truly a great entrepreneur - and an actor in your own right :)"            - Melissa Meyer


"I have been blogging and information marketing for quite some time, but I have never got into gear when it came to getting videos out. This is a great resource. I can't wait to get started and bring in a ton of traffic from a new source." - Joshua Black


"Gideon- You are a natural in front of the camera and present this content with such clarity and ease that you certainly make me feel confident that I too can find success with what you are about to teach us. I'm stoked about seeing the next video and learning all that you have to offer! Thanks for your effort and willingness to share your experience." - Doug Stimson


"Once again you provide great content for free! I loved the analogy to the entretainment business as that is exactly how I have been seeing this and planning to move from text to video (will keep text blogs of some sort, but I'm about to enter video this month). The youtube numbers speak for themselves. The trick is how to create and monetize that Email List. Looking forwrard to more information on this." - Hector Aviles


"This is amazing! What a great resource - video is such an amazing way to connect with an audience and enhance the expereience of users as well as providing valuable content, so thank you for supporting the online community by offering this report to help us all out." - Miriam Wells


"Hi Gideon, really enjoyed your video clip. I can't believe you are giving your ebook away for free it's gold!!! I have learnt alot in a short period of time. Keep up the good work!!!" - Bruce N


"Thanks so much for making this information available! I've followed your work for some time and I'm so excited to learn from you. It also could not be more perfect timing for help on a project we are working on!!! Can't wait to watch the next video!" - Jen


"Gideon: Great video easy to understand. The thing that stood out the most for me was the simplicity of the presentation. You are an expert in Video and online marketing so when you say UTube is not just for teenagers and it is a way to make money on line.I have to believe you. Looking forward to the next video." - Bob


"Hi Gideon, First congratulations on the quality and articulate nature of your presentation. Finding you and this potential opportunity has been quite serendipitous. I have been a sports attorney for athletes both professional and aspiring to be professional, and recently once again found myself at the mercy of the client to my disadvantage. 

Just yesterday I said "that is it, I no longer want to depend upon any one person to be able to share my expertise and knowledge" and then I found you and the opportunity to reach both a larger and more appreciative audience. My business lends itself to this medium and the way you break it down has me terribly excited and eager to start. 

I truly believe that we find the path, once we let go of our limited and conventional thinking...You are the path and I am open to using your methods to creatively reach my larger, more appreciative audience. Congratulations on your success." - Sally Sullivan


"OMG, I.HAD.NO.IDEA. Thanks for opening my eyes! I CANNOT wait to read this and get started! Thanks Gideon!!!" - Trista


"Gideon, I have always been completely satisfied with the content you have provided. Producing high quality video content is completely on target for marketers who want to take it to the next level and differentiate themselves from the crowd. I cant wait to put your latest Rapid Video Blogging tips to work on my site and dominate!" - Jon


"Gosh, this came at just the right time! I've been thinking about starting a video blog and I know I can trust you, Gideon, to tell me what I need to know to get started with a bang. Honestly, sometimes it's just more effective, both in terms of process AND result, to get your message out on video. 

After all, a picture says a thousand words, right? I think that may be the key factor that drives the viral aspect of video blogging. Even though I can express myself quite well via the written word, I've found that people respond to me MUCH more frequently and dynamically when I share my knowledge through sound and image. It's more visceral, more tangible. 

That's just the way human beings are wired, I guess! Anyhow, I look forward to studying this material in depth and putting it into practice. I also look forward to possibly winning an iPad! Thanks for the great service you're doing for the blogging community."              - Tulasi-Priya


"Hi Gideon, as soon as i downloaded the report i said.. there will be your wanna be in this niche - especially in my country.. i think they will sell the report like your with hundreds thousands rupiahs. Glad, i found your report at the first time it's published... and i find many "AHA" when read the report! The problem for is just the bandwith limitation to implement your suggestion over all it's great and valuable work Thanks for sharing :)" - Hmcahyo


"Reallllllly can't wait to see the next video! And really appreciate that you are sharing such important info with the rest of us. I've got my flip in hand and eager to bring it to life!" - Mia V.


"I'm excited! This is a new endeavor for me and can't wait to get started. From what you say, anyone can do it if they try, so I'm ready to try video blogging! Thanks for the wonderful information." - Marvellous


"Hi Gideon, Great video and thank you so much for the free training doc. Yaro recommended I check out your site and I'm so glad I did. It seems you are publishing this just in time for me since I'm working on my first video and first video blog. It definitely isn't as easy to do as one might think but I'm not going to let that stop me! I have my Flip and will release my first vid soon. I can't wait to see your next couple of videos so I can learn all you have to share. Thanks again and have a wonderful day."     - Karne Bartley


"Hey Gideon, The maestro re-surfaces! Great to see you back in full flight! (after watching all the soccer...?) Giedeon, seriously, your report on Rapid Video Blogging is one of the most comprehensive documents I've read on video marketing (I've read tons), and with a powerful new slant too - you really could be selling it for a good price and would still providing excellent value. Many thanks. I'm looking forward to the "forthcoming attractions" and your expert guidance that I know will follow." - Kerry


"Gideon, Gideon, Gideon...I have to say your name three times to express the appreciation I have for your Rapid Video Blogging Report and videos! Your bleeding edge video blogging info is truly a God send and you gave me renewed hope in internet marketing. I was going to quit trying to throw in the towel until I saw your timely and helpful information. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your generous share. You're truly an honest and upright fellow and that's really refreshing in today's internet marketing world! Keep up the great work Gideon." - Michael C. Yarbrough


"I was looking for a way to generate more leads for my services. This report and your video came along just in time becausse it looks like it''s a way to solve my problem. Anxiously anticipating your second video where you show us how it's done." - JKacarab


"Hi Gideon, I work for a nonprofit and I think your strategies will help my organization earn more money for our projects. It may not be a conventional way of doing fundraising, but I believe in the power of the Internet in breaking molds. I hope to see the rest of the videos in your series." - Joy R


"Super video presentation, Gideon! I really enjoyed your relaxed style-"no hype" discussion. After over 2 years and hundreds of hours attempting to build a successful online business through the "normal" ways of website creation, article marketing, JV's, PPC, Adsense, etc. and a substantial amount of money spent on buying the latest "easy make money" products promoted by the many self-proclaimed online marketing gurus out there I was ready to quit in frustration. 

In fact several weeks ago I canceled out of many of the marketing lists I had joined for free information and several paid memberships sites as well. Rather than feeling relieved, I was very depressed, as deep down I still believe it is possible to be successful online. T

hen more or less by chance I received an e-mail from a list I had yet to cancel out of and the link led me to this site. After watching your video and listening to you,Gideon, I once again have "hope" that there is a way to succeed in this business and feel the passion for building an online business returning. As such I am really looking forward to your next video presentations, Gideon. Thanks so very much for rekindling the "dream"." - Barry H


"I just found your site today through problogger, and devoured your Free Report, lots of great info there. I have to say, I knew that video's are powerful, but the way you talked about using Youtube exclusively to video blog on my site was something that I hadn't considered before. I really enjoy the tip about making the video first and then using that to get audio and text, that's a great idea and makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks for the great tips!" - Rio


"Clear and easy to understand. I'm looking forward to now diving into the report. This has come at a very timely moment due to the subject of video creation and marketing via youtube recently being put up for consideration by my husband's boss. I'll be asking him to also sign up to watch your presentations! Thanks" - Bronwyn


"Thanks Gideon! I really like the concept of being the star of my own production company! Whoo Hoo!M ove over Stephen Spielberg... I've learnt so much from your videos and e-books already which has helped me so much. I Can't wait to read the report :o) " - Wendy Dashwood


"Thanks for this! I'm really looking forward to digging into your report tomorrow. I've tried doing some video a few times, and have felt awkward, and always cringe when I hear myself...I just need to get over it and work it out! Thanks for the push!" - Amy-Amy


"Start to build our mind that we can give more for our blog. Absolutely, video blogging is some of one. Start make a change for you blog with video blogging. I am very happy to download your free ebook. Thanks." - Usaha


"Great report!! I'm about half-way through reading it right now, and I've already gotten a lot out of it. The "must have" plugins section was FABULOUS! I picked up a few new ones that will definitely help my video blogging efforts. Thanks again!" - Jeremy Weiss


"Gideon, I never did any videos, but I've heard good things about video blogging. I think it's really a good way to start. All the videos and report are just gold mine. You did kick-ass work on your all 3 videos and that report. You're just awesome man. Rapid video bogging is one of the most awesome videos i've ever seen. Thanks for sharing the super-awesome resource for free. You RoCk... :)" - Dev


"Well it's the catch-cry of all IMers at the moment...video seems to be the way of the future, and I certainly don't want to miss out on the opportunity of learning this technology. Thanks for the report Gideon...looking forward to reading it and implementing your suggestions...and the iPad...another piece of technology I'd love to get my hands on :)" - Linda
Tevin Quevedo
"Hello Gideon, As a fairly new blogger I have yet to learn the in and out's of blogging. But I have been following your videos from when you made "Become a Blogger" along side Yaro and that was great. Watching your videos and reading your reports have allowed me to place a great structure within my blog that I can truly say has added to my blogging experience. 

Your reports have been easy to follow and have given every detail possible without any information being held back from the readers. Whether I win an IPad or not I truly want to say that your work has greatly helped many of us out there that would be lost without it. I just wanted to once again say that I have learned a lot from you and greatly appreciate your dedication to your fellow Bloggers." - Tevin Quevedo


"Thanks Gideon for giving me the huge opportunity to express myself! After reading Rapid Video Blogging I came to a conclusion – It will create massive blogging revolution in the near future bringing craze among the bloggers, forcing them to follow the upcoming trend of next generation online marketing. 

In my opinion your ebook will create an immense opportunity for those aspirant bloggers and online entrepreneurs especially who are not comfortable with online video production but serious about becoming successful in their blogging and online business. 

It will help them achieving their dream into reality by providing the Key To Success -specifically to them who are limited by little or no resource in terms of money and manpower compared to big business houses. This ebook will make them believe that they could win too. You have done a commendable job and your creation already created a benchmark in online industry." - Debabrata Dhar


"I was just wondering how web gurus were making money thru video blogging. After going thru Rapid Video Blogging, now I am understanding the game. Hope it works for me as well. Thanks for the great work." - Rajat Murmu


"There are very few internet marketers I follow online. So many of them lack the 2 most important qualities which I believe are essential for REAL success, Honesty and Class. Gideon, you have these 2 qualities in abundance. I really admire people who can do these videos! 

I am incredibly camera shy, and hide behind screen capture video's (my voice isn't camera shy) I just watched the first video, and I feel inspired to be my own studio chief! Thank you so much for producing this Video Series, I can't wait for the next 2 to hit my inbox." - Virtual Miss Friday


"Gideon, What a great serendipity to find your report just as I'm preparing to introduce video into my communications. Thank you for your hard work and generous spirit."         - Kirk Hoffman


"As many other wonderful solutions - this is just another simple, straight forward, easy to follow answer! I really look forward to finding out more details - and hope it'll be also easy to implement! Cheers Gideon, keep the information coming!" - Dan


"Hey Gideon, As usual very good stuff. I have to admit, I'm good at a lot of things online but I am lagging behind in the video department. I'm watched your content since BAB and I have to say that your videos are some of the most polished and well produced I see, anywhere. I'm really looking forward to seeing more from you and I think I may have to take the plunge this time, especially if I want to keep up with online trends and demand." - Bob Waltman


"To be frank, I always thought that Google can't read images, videos and so I focused all my energy into pouring words, carefully crafting headings, subheading, and keywords in my blogs posts to assist people in preparing for the PMP Exams. I am only begining to understand the power of Video, and am feeling overwhelmed at the sheer number of things I can do now with video. Thanks a lot for sharing these nice tips and strategies." - Vinai Prakash


"Gideon, thanks as always for your clear, relaxed presentation about Video Blogging. You are easy to follow and inspire confidence that indeed, anyone can do this if they just can believe in themselves. I will be going through your written report and getting comfortable with the methods in the coming weeks. I plan on adapting these strategies for my online teaching business, and using a new YouTube channel to produce my math videosThanks again for all of your information. great stuff! " - Terry VanNoy


"I already tried videoblogging, but while reading your report I realised how many things I am doing wrong. No wonder I had no luck in getting viewers and monetizing that small traffic. It's great that someone with much more experience shows us the mistakes we're making and how to avoid them, so that we don't have to learn on our own experience."  - Krzysztof Lis


"To be honest, I have not considered monetizing my videos or my blogs but after much thought and with the encouragement and resources that you gave, I am proud to tell you that this average yuppie is here to conquer the world!" - Jaysee Pingkian


"Gideon; I have been getting your e-news for sometime but have not taken the first step to put into practice what you are preaching. I think this video is what has finally moved me to the point where I believe I can do it, too! I am now ready to begin my own blogging and with the help of your guidance and suggestions I am pretty confident it will be a success. 

I want to thank you for your self-less sharing of expertise to those of us who are lacking in the experience and the confidence to do what others appear to be doing each and every day while earning a lucrative living and having a good time while doing it. Thanks again!" - Dan Moss


"Thank you for the free report. I've been video blogging for some time now myself, but its always useful getting extra tips, hints, and viewpoints other than my own. While I wouldn't call myself successful by any financial marker, video blogging is definitely the way to go. I used to write a text article a day for one of my blogs, and quickly got burnt out. I quickly realized that "talking" is much more effective than typing - not to mention its easier. Thanks again for the report!" - John Razmus


"Hi Gideon, First of all i need to say you thanks for giving this free reporting. I am commenting here is just not for an iPad. The winner will be chosen as lucky. But success will come once you learned about something on the niche. I hope i have got that route map, i had read the book and i am started to working out from your steps. Hope i will reach the success. If i reached the success i can by any thing like iPad, Notebook, PCs, Macbook, mobiles, etc., I think i am on right way..! Thanks for giving route map for reaching the success." - Vijay


"I have been using bits and pieces of this on my own; but to have it all put together in such a simple way with a few of the missing puzzle pieces was very helpful indeed!"      - Royan Ranch


"Hi.Gideon,I am here because Darren says you are great. I only mention this because he is a real guy that really cares about people. Using videos has fascinated me for a long time. Here are the main reasons 1. I am unique, there is no one else like me on earth. 2. My views and my brain are also unique. 3. My message is my own, no one else knows how I think. Using video, I think, is the only way to separate me from every other human being.Incredible.Thanks" - Pierre Trudel


"Communication is about making sure a message is received, and if video can help us do that, we need to embrace it. I've experimented with video on my blog before, and I'm excited to learn how to do this more effectively. Thanks for the free report!"                     - Melanie Jongsma


"Thanks for the free download! I've never give much though to implementing a video campaign for something as mundane as downloading vehicle owners manuals. But your guide made the think - maybe video does have its applications in just about any niche!" - Jeff Copeland


"I am very excited about receiving this ebook as I have just this year began to focus on video tutorials for my blog. I skimmed through the book as I was trying to download the second video and it looks amazing. I look forward to setting aside the time to really go over the book and begin to implement some of the suggestions that you may have in this book. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of video blogging with us. I am having difficulty in downloading the second video; it may be my computer; I am not sure. Is their another way to view it? Thank you again for this information. It is greatly appreciated." - Tammy


"I hear a lot about you from Yaro and i've been waiting this for a while, i know that video marketing is a very powerful tool, thank you for the great effort." - Daoud Houssem


"Watching your video creation guide was the best 30 minutes I've spent in the past week or so - besides working on my own videos ;-) Your calm, but enthusiastic attitude contributes a lot to making these three techniques understandable to the noob like myself. These very clearly explained hands-on examples of 'how-to-do' online video marketing are excellent quality without fluff and expensive courses. When you got to the invisible interviewer technique, I wanted to slap my forehead... why didn't I think of that?! I have been employing facial animation in my videos both for fun in learning and to promote some CPA offers. And your methods have given me some new ideas to explore. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to teach us how to do it right, Gideon!" - Charles O'Keefe


"Hi, After viewing your first video, I feel optimistic that I may be able to take an idea that I have been playing with a bit on my blog and translate it into a video blog. I am excited to learn more from your free download and remaining videos. Thanks for the information, I will let you know how it works for me.." - Renee


"Hi Gideon, Thanks for the in-depth, over-the-shoulder lesson. It's much easier for me to learn when I go along with someone and see how they're doing it as they're doing it. Manuals are cool, but this makes it much easier to get." - Greg Z


"Thanks Gideon! I know this much, I started getting some of your material a while back, and you just keep delivering the value and pushing the edge of quality, free content that is tremendously helpful. It steps the bar up for others, myself included, to push that quality envelope of content creation that much higher!" - Bill


"Gideon, What a great serendipity to find your report just as I'm preparing to introduce video into my communications. Thank you for your hard work and generous spirit."         - Kirk Hoffman


"Hey Gideon, What a nice and tidy apartment you have :-) Your nickname has to be "Mr. Simplicity Himself". As I watch what you are doing and listen to your commentary the voice inside my head (my internal dialogue) says to me "Neil, you can do this easily and then I get a really good feeling. And, that good feeling is my motivation.....Thanks again for another great video. I look forward to the next installment. Neil" - Neil


"Thank you for this video. I have been thinking about doing short video presentations of my seminars but I am not good with technology so it was always on the back burner. Your short teaching and demo opened my eyes to the fact that this is not as hard as I thought it would be. I am looking forward to getting started." - Tony Delahunty


"A powerful guide, can't wait to implement and start reaping the benefits." - Ceejames


"Gideon, I just can't thank you enough! I've definitely have been like the cartoon in your book...nose to the grind. This past week has been one of the most pivotal for me because I started to examine some of the choices that I've made. Realizing that they weren't leading me in the direction I want to travel, this week began my transformation from observer to participant. 

So instead of simply giving away my contribution on forums, I crossed over and created my long-awaited blog. And while I've dabbled with YouTube before, I never felt I could compete with the gurus (as you mentioned in your videos), so I kind of looked in the other direction. 

Now I see that it is the exact direction I need to go. My running across your site/vids/resources has been far more than coincidental. Thank you for giving me hope and a road map. I didn't need a book for dummies, I needed you!" - Val


"Another home run, Gideon! Not only are you explaining the A-B-C basics of video blogging in a clear and entertaining format, your natural style of speaking and relating to the viewer gives anyone the confidence of, "I can do it, too." I've been helping local business owners create video campaigns for themselves. Your series even helps seasoned folks like me improve my delivery and ability to aid others. ...can't wait for the next video!" - Robert Bucci


"Hi Gideon, Great video man! Just like all your other videos, it was really helpful and beneficial. You've encouraged me to start with video marketing seriously now, and I'm glad because its so awesome! Can't wait for Video 3, I just know its going to be a good one." - Joe Daniels


"Gideon - Bravo - again! I am still new at the video stuff and blogging in general but you have taught me some new and important lessons. The best thing is that they are not too difficult and I am going to implement that ASAP. I have a little studio set up in my basement and that may need a bit of work but it also appears as though you say just go out and do it. That's what I'll do. Looking forward to #3 and the product. Many thanks and keep up the great work." - Derek


"Gideon, you are KILLING it with these tutorials. Thank you for breaking down the whole video making process-I hope telling stories is next on your list. Keep up the inspiring stuff-as it allows me to "steal" your best ideas for my biz. Thanks again man."    - Lawton Chiels


"Hey Gideon. This video and the last video meant a lot to me. You know I just purchased all the necessary equipments necessary for production studio..and my only source of inspiration was you! I believe very soon, I will also share my professional videos on the planet's most happening center i.e. Youtube, from where I will drive traffic to Video Blog (Landing Page) and then convert them into fresh leads and nurture them to enhance the conversion rate of my business.. I owe lot of thanks to you.Best Regards and Keep sharing" - Zohdi Rizvi


"Thanks for sharing! Your videos are helping me a lot in getting more views and subscribers! I went from like 500 subscribers to 1000 in 2 months!Thank you, Gideon!"  - Johannes


"Hi Gideon- It was such a pleasure watching you go through the process of developing video. You make it look so effortless. Thank you for breaking it down and making it so easy. I'll be using your 1st example to help a lot of people this winter keeping warm in their homes. Thanks to your presentation I can actually show people ... just like you did. I'm sure I won't be as good as you but your video gives me something to aspire to. You're 2nd example will make it much easier for me to explain and for people to understand how to use our web site. Ultimately we want to help people save money and stay warm. Prior to your videos it has been a real challenge to actually "show" people what to do and how to do it. I'm not sure yet if we'll use the 3rd example that you were kind enough to show. But we will use that very useful tip about interviewing a more powerfully positioned web site master so we can develop a relationship and work together. That little bit was at the very end but it was so powerful. I'm really pleased and feel fortunate to have found you. Thanks Gideon." - John B


"Hi Gideon: Thanks for all the great content. Your methodology is exactly what I have been looking for to take my biz to the next level. I have published a couple of videos, but have always felt like I was spending way too much time producing them. Your program looks like something I can sink my teeth into. Thanks for simplifying the process! Cheers To Videos!" - Brenda Horton


"Hi Gideon, Just watched your first video, love how simple you make the process. It encourages me to jump in and start making these videos. Thanks for sharing your information with us." - Jeanette Firzgrald


"Hi Gideon, I am convinced that by following what your sharing, which is absolutely great by the way, will be a tremendous help in what I'm trying to accomplish. Thank you for being a great inspiration and teacher!" - Michael R.


"Hi Gideon, This video was great! I found it much more informative than the first. I can get a bit impatient so I like to go straight to the meat of something. I love the different options you give for doing video as well as suggestions on setting up your camera and angles. I also like that you actually showed your equipment in use. I felt like I was right there with you; you're so conversational. I cannot wait to get started on my videos. Yeah, I'm sold on the idea. I look forward to the next! Make it a FABULOUS day!"           - Tiffany Johnson


"Hey Gideon, Your second video was very informative. Thanks for sharing the tools you use to produce these great video presentations. I'm looking forward to using these techniques with my own websites by utilizing the YouTube channel to drive traffic.Thanks," - Billy McKee


"Good stuff as always Gideon. :) A friend of mine just emailed back and said she just found some business critical answers to video issues just watching this clip. Good going!" - Juho Tunkelo


"Gideon, First off, thanks for generously sharing such valuable and easy-to-follow information for bloggers and want-to-be bloggers. I have a fairly new natural health blog (7 months old) and want to branch out and make not only short videos (for promotional purposes), but expand it to teaching videos (for monetizing purposes). 

Your very helpful step-by-step process, assists those like me into taking the next major (and important) step into promoting and succeeding with our blogs. Your information and generous attitude are very much appreciated!!" - The Healthy Living Site


"I am going to call you Mr. Gideon because you are "the Man"!!! I have been chasing the fast dollar programs for a year, then just now decided to slow down and do the article marketing. Online video seemed to be over the horizon for me, but now with the information you are providing I can market the products and services I have only dreamed of til this point. 

First I'll thank God for bringing you to me and thank You for using the creative, innovative abilities and strategies to provide us (me) with solid info I can use now! Thanks loads!!!" - William Jackson


"It's really great to watch someone go through the process of recording, editing, uploading, software etc. To me it is much easier to learn through this process, otherwise I just dive in and hope for the best. Gideon, Thanks for cooking up these videos. Not sure how I will take advantage of these new found skills, but at least I have something added to my bag of tricks." - Chris Whiteley


"This was great, Gideon! You make video production look so easy, in fact, this is probably the best little video production tutorial I've seen, and I mean that. Where I felt overwhelmed before, I don't anymore. Now I'm off to buy Screenflow and a FlipCam. Plus you hooked me." - Kathy Long

"Hey Gideon, damn, it seems like you're on your way to get all three things with this video series: Money, massive exposure and instant credibility! ;) Why? Because your two videos are outstanding! Honestly! I don't want to make any big-name comparisons here, but it's interesting to see how always the video guys are prodiving so much value in their pre-launch videos...*cough*VideoBoss*cough* You're definitely up there with the big ones!  

I'm using video for my own marketing as well, I do have to invest in getting better lights, though. I'm going to do that in the next month or so since lighting really is (nearly) everything when it comes to great videos. Maybe I didn't catch it in the video but what kind of mic do you use? I'm very unhappy with the standart camcorder audio-quality. good luck with your launch, I'm looking forward to your product! :)" - Sven Schoene


"Once again a great video. As a person who setup my blogs easily with the help of Gideon's videos on becomeabelogger.com, I believe I can now create some videos with the equipments and programs shown on this video. Thanks again..." - Mesut Ozsoy


"This has been so useful. You make this seem really accessible and easy to get started. I especially liked the tips for if you're nervous in front of the camera!" - Nicola

"Thanks for the walk through. Appreciate the details like makes and models of your equipment." - Mary E. Ulrich


"I can't believe that you are giving all of this information away. I just got the Kodak version of the Flip Camera, already got the digital recorder, now I just need the editing software and I will be all ready to rock and roll!. I can't thank you enough for creating this valuable resource." - Joshua Black


"Gideon, Great stuff! You have shown that their are many opportunites for anyone out there if they just do it! It doesn't take a bunch of expertise, money or experience but rather just the desire to do it combined with just a little of the quality know how. You help instill not only the desire but show that it is easily accomplished! You gave us 3 ways of doing a video as well as valuable insight. 

I hope people caught your Million Dollar Product Plan that anyone can duplicate........... You shared it took you about 10 days to create the 10 videos along with a report. To anyone viewing this, they should realize that is an easy license to "Print Money". FOLKS.Gideon just gave you a million dollar idea and what to do and how to implement it for FREE! Thanks Gideon look forward to the next million dollar video" - Glenn
Jenny Davis
"Dear Gideon, Thanks for the great video supplements to your free report 'Rapid Video Blogging' - the value you give through all your material really is changing lives (from reading all the previous comments). 

And what makes the material even more special is the techniques and tricks you teach can be used by complete newbies right up to fully fleged Internet Marketing experts and everyone else in between. No matter what your background you can get value from the content you are produce - which is a very rare quality on the Internet (and actually in the "offline" world as well!)

You really do a have a knack of breaking things down and opening up a whole new world to people on the Internet - and because you have such high standards of providing HUGE value and really building up a relationship with each of your viewers it then sets the standards for the rest of us. 

Now whenever I am doing a video online my aim to be "As good as Gideon" - so you're not only helping all your own viewers but all the people taking action and making their own videos are then impacting their viewers too - chain reaction good deeds all round! Thanks again for all your hard work - (don't work too hard though if you've got a new baby to take care of and entertain :0)" - Jenny Davis


"Rapid Video Blogging = Revolutionary, Valuable, Brilliant! I love writing but RVB has enlightened me on how someone like me who does not know much about videos can do a lot with videos. Content is king! Videos rake in the money!" - Randell Suba


"Hi Gideon, the devil is in the details and I like how you tame the devil in the details about how to set yourself up to do rapid video blogging. I also like that you systematically present the three options for producing videos. Very effective. Your presentations thus far have given me confidence to proceed with my own video productions. I very much look forward to the next one. You've become my go-to guy for doing online video marketing. I can't wait to read your RVB report." - Christopher


"Gideon, Another awesome video. I am glad to see you spent some time on describing how the audio is done. That always is the one part that is overlooked when it comes to making quality video.

You could have the greatest looking video, but without great audio it loses so much. That is why any professional video always has separate recorded audio with microphones. Thanks for the great looking and sounding content Gideon. Extremely informative." - Erik R


"Gideon, I found this video extremely inspiring for a couple reasons #1. Your whole approach you are very authentic and there is no ego involved here. #2. Anyone who has the privilege to view this video can immediately start creating online video because you show exactly how to do it step by step. #3. You inspired the heck outta me to get busy and just do it. Thanks...I appreciate this valuable content you are giving away here." - Chad


"Thank you for providing a way to learn more about this exciting avenue of marketing. So many ways I can see this working!" - Terry A.


"I have been toying with the idea of either video marketing or mobile marketing as both are growth areas. The way you explained this makes it a great deal easier than I had ever imagined. A bit of a learning curve for sure, but those flip cameras look great. The tips on how to shoot them are very good. 

What would be fantastic to know is have you any tips and advice for outdoor shoots? I am trying basically to show people Belfast through the use of videos and I don't mean the usual tourist stuff, I mean the sound practical advice where I walk the streets and talk to them. Thanks again for very informative and free stuff." - Enda McLarnon
"Great Information Gideon, I especially like the different methods of making videos. I think the interview style is totally awesome, I never would have thought of doing an interview 'by myself'. I already have screen capture software and a flip cam so I'm all set to begin putting a video marketing plan together and getting it into action. How does that go 'lights, camera, action'. 

Can't wait for the next video, at first I couldn't think of what else you could possibly put into another video and then it hit me, maybe he will teach us how to grow our views and increase our exposure. I'm taking a week off next week from my J.O.B. and plan to massively put video into action. It's 104 degrees here in Texas, might as well stay inside and make some videos." - Miles


"Thanks for this video Gideon, it was very much the one I wanted to see. I've known the importance of video for some time, I've known the subject matter I want to cover, I haven't had a clue where to start in terms of producing video content though. This video has piqued my interest once again..." - Lee


"This totally blew my mind! Incredibly generous for you to offer such amazingly useful content for free!" - Nicola


"Hi Gideon, awesome stuff man...! Your insider tips and tricks are very helpful for me, thanks for sharing! Already excited to starting my Video blog soon! Rock' on and keep up the great work! " - Rolf Hertzog


"I like the explanation of the setup, cost effective and very useful. I love the fact that it will help with search engine results and visibility. The report is awesome and after working on promoting some music videos for some artists, they will be very happy with knowing there is a plan of attack ready to keep their promotion alive. Great stuff, look forward to the next video." - Mario Mendoza


"I really like the free rapid video blogging report and the videos too as creating videos does seem very easier to do now. Although I have the normal Flip camera I will definitely upgrade to a Flip Ultra HD as they seem a bit more easier to film stuff whilst out and about. Of course you make it look so simple and easy and much of it is....So once again I thank you for your brilliant information as it has helped me no end with video creation and just inspiring me to create more video when I have the dreaded writers block." - Wayne Tully


"Hello Gideon, pleasure to meet you. Finally, finally, finally, I have met a fellow marketer who delivers extraordinary value that I can actually use, "before" I pay a single dime for your products. I appreciate your passion as well. I've recently become passionate myself about video marketing, and I know that these free resources are right in line with how I've wanted to increase my exposure online. Thank you very much for taking the time to explain everything in such detail. 

I feel like I've learned so much already with just your free gifts here. When I opened your free report I was blown away on how much content you're giving away for free. You could easily sell your report for $100! Thank you so much for your generosity and the amount of work you put into. I can only imagine how much value you've packed into the full RVB product. 

You're a genuine bloke who cares about your subscribers, and though we've just met, I love what you're doing. Please keep it up, and I'm looking forward to RapidVideoBlogging going live." - Lewi Glenis


"Gideon, I've been watching your videos since I found the free Become a Blogger series (then I took the fabulous course you and Yaro put together) and I think you are absolutely the best person doing instructional video online. You come across as totally approachable and natural and I really like the way you tell me what you're going to show me before you do it and then repeat it after. The best. 

Something I've noticed in online video marketing lately is that people are doing videos that have no controls--can't pause, for instance--and you don't know how long the video is going to run. I think this is a huge mistake. Makes me click off rather than be a captive audience for who knows how long. What do you think of this new format? Great videos on this page. Looking forward to seeing more." - Lynne


"Hey Gideon, Thanks for another great lesson. I never wanted to use video in my niche because I thought it would be difficult to differentiate myself from all my competitors doing screen captures of live trading. You have made me realize that, with a little creativity, I can produce an entirely different type of video that will appeal to my marketplace." - Tom Herod


"Great work mate...I cannot believe the value you've given away for free in this video series (and the report)...i'm already looking at camcorders right now lol;-)" - Kristin


"Thanks Gideon, Best video content and info I've seen yet, and that's a lot if videos I've watched over the past 3 years. Keep them coming!....Thanks so much" - BostonDave


"Really interesting video. It makes it look super easy to this stuff...I have a blog over a year now but was always scared to incorporate video into it.. Maybe this is what I have been looking for all the while." - Brian


"I love your videos. The actual video makes everything easier to understand PLUS it allows me, as a viewer, to connect with you as a person. It's easy to read something that has been written but when we see you doing the video report, everything comes to life. Thank you" - Lynn Lekander


"Hi Gideon, I can't believe you give all this information away for free? Thanks anyway though, between you, Yaro Starak and Adam Short I have gone from an analogue view of the world, to digital, through to full 3D with surround sound in less than 2 months! Who knows where I will be in a year? All because I accidently came across Yaro's blog. It's no word of a lie that 3 months ago I could just about manage to send and receive emails, last weekend I learnt basic web programming, set up a very simple site and then got it all working and singing, with the aim of niche marketing as described in YOUR webinar with Adam Short. 

I am now hot on the trail of more niche markets (not sure that I chose that well for my first one, but it was all a learning experience, more making sure that I could get the technology right, but www.makingweddingspeeches.com is up and running, all the links work and aweber was as easy as that) and am going full steam ahead with a plan to use your excellent video content creation ideas in a new venture, in which I also intend to utilise viral marketing on social networks. 

It is also my plan to get a blog up and running. I really cannot thank you guys enough for opening my eyes to the future and I look forward to more amazing insites in the near future. One thing I will add is that if anyone is thinking of niche marketing as an option, and you are accessing aweber for the first time, do the right thing, follow the affiliate link from one of these guy's pages rather than going direct to the site: they give us plenty so it is the least we can do back!" - Russell Hepworth

"Thanks once again Gideon! First the rapid video blogging pdf and now this? You are officially my idol man!" - Ricardo Couto


"Thanks for showing anyone can do this. Video is the future of blogging, for sure. I can't wait for the next video. Your set up looks much like my own. Now, just tell me how to make some money. LOL" - Bob


"I have been wanting to become a blogger for some time now. I've made all types of excuses, and thought my way out of it many times. You've just re-motivated me to go for it again! Thanks...I look forward to your next video!" - Antoine


"Gideon, I've been doing a video blog for a few years now and you are spot on sharing how easy and powerful this medium can be. Kudos to you my friend. All Good Wishes"  - Michael Krisa


"You guys are just too good. You are very professional, humble and care about helping other people to succeed. The roadmap to becoming a blogger was brilliant and i can honestly tell you that you have done it again in Rapid Video Blogging. Keep it up."          - Olaleye


"Gideon- Great 2nd video! I wasn't really expecting you to share as much detail as you did. I'm hoping that your video course goes into great detail about the equipment and how to sync everything from the sound to the exporting to the editing as those details can get someone like me hung up and frustrated in the end. Great stuff and looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you!" - Doug Stimson


"Thanks for taking us behind the scenes and explaining your whole process in a way that makes it really easy for those of us with minimal video production experience can understand. You really come of as down to earth yet authoritative on the subject and don't try to wow us with buzzwords, technical know how and a big sales pitch." - Jason


"Gideon: I am VERY impress about the opportunities of video for making money or massive exposure or instant credibility. Your style is excellent, very relax and precise.I am a beginner and I learned a lot from this video, specially I liked the info about what software to use and tips like talking to the camera and the interview. Thank you, very much. I am expecting next video." - Carlos


"Gideon, thanks a ton for your free report! I read it in an hour or so and found it very, very insightful. Definitely tons of value. I recently launched a video blog and I can hardly wait to apply what you shared. Also, I'm interested in the next course! :) Thanks again! C.S. Hughes" - C.S. Hughes


"Gideon, this is a great video, thanks so much for sharing! It really shows how much passion you have for your subject :-) I'm just reading your report and I´m very impressed, love it!" - Monja Wessel


"Hey thanks for this resource. Whenever I watch videos on youtube and especially channels I've always wondered how someone could make money off of it but I've never heard anyone talk about it before. I've started reading your report and look forward to learning how all of this works." - Denham


"Thank You, Gideon: I usually don't follow people I do not know but, Yaro recommended you and he seem to surround himself with quality people. Well once again he did not let me down, You are Great and your videos/information Perfect. You may even be the person responsible for getting me in front of a camera...something I have been avoiding. I wish you the best in your endeavor and if I can help in some small way do not hesitate to ask. Looking forward to your future videos. A new Fan!" - Elliott


"Hi Gideon, You do a great job with your videos - very friendly, informative, and encouraging. I appreciate the information. I have three niches that I have built sites around, and I am stuck with very little traffic. I am hoping that this strategy breathes some life back into my on-line efforts! Thanks for the work you do!" - Dave Krigger


"Great information. I'm new to internet marketing. So many guru's, so little time. Thanks for keeping simple. No hype. You haven't asked me for a penny yet! How refreshing is that:) I had an "aha" moment. Its time to start having fun in front of and behind the flip! This is about creating content and eventually monetizing that content. I love the idea that video generates as much or more traffic than written words. Fantastic! Looking forward to the next video. Thanks for sharing." - Natalie Critchley


"Gideon, I have to say you are dead right. Its simple and sitting right under our noses. I am a fairly new blogger and looking to make a real impact in the niche I have chosen. Like your video's point out in the introductions, there are people out there that have no idea firstly how simple this process is and can be. 

You have really opened up my eyes and hopefully every one else who wants to have a crack at making a real go at video blogging to make a difference in their niche and their personal lives. Thank you for making what was the impossible now possible and making this amazing resource available." - Andy Seaby


"Gideon, Some excellent tips in your video. I really like the 3rd option you suggested about doing an "interview" style video where you are not even looking at the camera. When I first saw a previous video you did with this style, I really felt like you were being interviewed by an actual person. I will say, in terms of the editing, there is a bit of a learning curve. 

I am on a PC so I am using Sony Vegas Studio and I have noticed that it is extremely powerful software that takes some time to getting use to. I imagine that once I am more comfortable with the software, the editing phase should go much faster. Thanks for the tips and looking forward to the next video." - Mark Thompson


"This video is full of great information. I'm not very smart when it comes to technology, and I always wondered how people made those very professional looking videos...Now I know.Thank You," - Charlie Berger


"Thank you for such a helpful and simple video. You have the heart of a teacher, and it comes out loud and clear :)  It is very easy to get these videos out once you have invested in the proper work flow that works for you. What stops me from really becoming efficient about video production is that I rarely have the time or opportunity to create my videos at home, due to mama duties, they are done on the go when I'm minus the baby :) Can I tell you how many times I've shot a video and cut either my head or mouth off? I do carry an external mic wherever I go and a tripod, but the time it takes for me to frame myself optimally takes almost all my time! I basically have the same camera as you. Framing yourself without having some sort of forward facing viewer or another person helping you out is a pain in the behind!" - Elsie Escobar


"Excellent information. I'm very visual, by nature, and assimilate videos much easier than the written text. I sure appreciate these as it brings together the concepts that you've written about and makes a more lasting impression, at least for me. The timing is also perfect as I am getting quite close to trying to launch a new product. Video, I believe, will be MUCH more effective in this launch than text." - Don Hall


"Hi Gideon Thank you for the information your are sharing with us! I need to check out the Sony IC Recorder I have everything else pretty much down, but need to work on my sound. I'm loving the e-book I almost finished it today at our local coffee shop! (-: Looking forward to the next video!" - Debby Beachy


"Thanks, Gideon. This is awesome and probably the best video production tutorial I've seen. You make it look so easy! I'm off to buy my camera and Screenflow and look forward to more instruction from you." - Kathy Long


"Hi Gideon! I'd like to congratulate you for what you're doing. I'm slowly becoming a fan of video and I've started to do it myself, and definitely these 2 videos so far have been fantastic. My business is to help small business owners attract more clients and eventhough it all started as offline coaching and consulting, it has evolved to internet and social media marketing, but like I say, if you're going to do it, you have to do it right and you have to learn from the people that's doing it right. I'm sure there are tons of people making good money, but not all of them are about offering value, and you definitely are. 

What's also been interesting about video, especially in my country and my culture (I live in Mexico and I blog in spanish) is that we are not very used to online businesses as much as the US, UK Australia or Japan are. People are still afraid of purchasing something online, and using videos is definitely the best way of letting people know you. 

Because you can cheat when you write, but you can't do the same on video. It shows when you know and when you're doing it from the heart and when you're goal is not only to make money, but actually improve people's lives through your product or service. Thanks again for your videos and all the content... I will definitely follow your steps." - Marco Ayuso


"Brilliant and informative- they should be teaching this kind of thing in schools!"                - Russell Hepworth


"Hi Guideon I loved your report and your videos so far! I can't wait to get started next week on my videoing!" - Becky


"Namaste Gideon, Finding out about you couldn't be more timely as I've recently been focused on the idea of implementing video blogging into one of my yoga sites. Really enjoyed your videos and am looking forward to reading the download" - Mary Donnery


"the 21st century gives us so much good stuff. This is great and it's going to be greater. I'm looking forward to the last video. I'm going to sleep now, but i think i can't, i've got so much ideas!!" - Bjorn Simmering


"Gideon, I've watched many of your videos before and even featured them on my blog, because they are so good. You have a knack of making high quality videos with great content. I can see why they are so popular. Sadly, I don't have your skills. I think it's easy to make run-of-the-mill videos that you see all of the time on youtube, but hard to make good quality videos, like you do. For me, how to make quality videos is the first secret." - Terry Dunn


"Gideon, you are doing such a great job giving people hope combined with technique. I didn't know you were an aspiring actor at one point. How great that you have created a fantastic following of people who appreciate how you communicate and how much terrific content you give. Congrats on the start of your new product launch. 

I love the clarity of the way your page is set up and the information that you have packed into these videos and the free report. A fantastic start for the new product launch!" - Joy


"Great info again. Good to have the option of doing the different types of videos and knowing you don't really need a lot of fancy expensive equipment to do a professional job!Thanks!" - Tina


"Hi Thanks for for sharing your information with the world and given of your self. May God bless your business and help you with all that you will be doing." - Crescencio


"Hi Gideon. As an internet newbie I am always looking for help and advice from people like yourself. However it is so easy to get side tracked and distracted by the latest and greatest widget, method and system that more often than not leads to frustration and confusion. 

I now have a website that is "getting there" and that is because I have followed your previous video series and taken the steps you outlined. You have always been a consistent, professional and easy to follow guide. I will be using video in the very near future on my site. 

If any one is reading this I recommend you pay attention to what Gideon would like to share with you. I believe he truly is one of the "good guys". Thank you very much Gideon for all you have done. Cheers mate." - Selwyn Maunder


"A double wow!!! my mind is spinning around with how to apply this to my new buisness that I eventually want to start, thank you soooooo much fron a very new user to the internet and computors, good luck for all your future goals" - Pat


"Okay, now the information your presented today in your video Gideon is simple, but so incredibly powerful. Here are my key takeaways: - simple equipment to record video (HD pocket camera, tripod, lapel mic and dictaphone) - good value software for editing (Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD for under $80 at Amazon) - straight forward rendering and upload to YouTube.

 Loved the walk-through presentation - demonstrating it this way hit home how simple this is. And lastly, have personally used Screenr.com for purposes of system issues. I simply recorded my screen demonstrating the issue and emailed it off to my Support guy to resolve. He/she can then see exactly where my issue is. Thank you!" - Kieran


"Wow Gideon!! I've always wanted to start video blogging but never knew the right way to go about it. I have tried a couple of attempts but I was really disappointed with the sound quality that was recorded by the handy camcorder. The missing link was using a microphone attached to a dictaphone, so amazingly easy! Wow! also the pause techniques with recording really helped me alot, I would spends hours editing. 

I'm now inspired to give it ago again, I'm really excited with the new knowledge. I truely believe the way of the future will be video blogging, I can see with video blogging such as yours it's more welcoming and personal it's a great tool to build rapport. I am also a person that preferrs to watch and listen then to read, I can imagine how many other people feel the same. 

This is a new way of social interaction with your audience. Thank you so much for the info." - Bruce


"Gideon, There is a very nice feel to your videos. Those acting skills are paying off ;) Of course content is king and it is present here as well. I like how you make it things simple, also by not listing too many options in the hardware and such. My favourite from this video, though, was the trick about conquering or bypassing camera fright. A solid tip. Thanks!" - Niko


"This is great stuff. I knew I was "underusing" YouTube but this has truly opened my eyes! Thank you" - Damian


"Hi, thanks very much for these extremely informative videos. I have also downloaded and read most of the PDF that you released and its really got me thinking about how useful video blogging can be. Sometimes its just so difficult to explain something in text, and it looks pretty dull too! Keep up the good work, I hope to be implementing your advice across several niches in the near future!" - Tom Durkin


"Very informative and enlightening. You are so easy to watch and understand and make it look easy. Thanks, I know I can do this now." - Thomas


"This video is really helpful! I now have ideas that I hadn't even thought about. I think I have all the equipment here now. I just didn't know how to put it all together. Thanks a million, Gideon." - Wynn Currie


"What a fun video. You've got some really useful and great content. I imagine some people will watch this and think that the process for rapid video production looks daunting, despite your claims to the contrary. And in reality I think that the first time someone tries to do a video as you've described, it could take a fair amount of time. But the next one will be much easier. And my guess is that after doing about 3 or 4 videos, the elapsed time to create a video will get down in the range you've mentioned. 

It's in doing the process often with a consistent and repeatable method, as you've shown, that will allow someone to perform efficiently and effectively. I think the really great thing about video, as you've mentioned elsewhere, is the way it allows personality to shine through. We all are naturally drawn to personality. Your video here is a great example of that. 

The material you presented is so much more interesting, because it's being presented by a real person, and we fell like we are really getting to know you, Gideon. One big advantage of rapid video creation, I think, will be that it builds confidence in doing video. As confidence grows, it provides the opportunity to do more complex video, if the need arises. That's a great position to be in with the increasing use of video on the Internet. Your suggestion to create videos through screen capture is great. I think it's easy to overlook this as a possiblity. 

It might seem to some people as if it's not "jazzy" enough to be effective. But I know of one marketer who uses simple Power Point-type video presentations quite a bit to market his products. These presentations just consist of text, cleanly arranged a "slide" at a time. Then, he essentially just reads the text as as the video "flips" through the slides. The material is both visual and audible, which increases comprehension. And even though his face is not visible, his personality still comes through, making for a more personal experience. 

So it still has the same advantage over plain text. The videos aren't fancy -- just clean text and a clear voice -- but I think they are effective. I really like your suggestion to do videos that mimic an interview format. What a cool idea. I think you're right that it probably would help those who are a bit shy when looking at a camera, to be able to relax and speak with more confidence. 

The beauty of the material you've presented in this video is that your techniques are easy enough for the average person to learn to do with a reasonable amount of effort. But they'll give us a real edge in the Internet space where video rapidly continues to grow in influence." - Rob


"thank you so much Giedon for making all of this so clear and free! U made everyone on the world who watched this happy and i'm very proud that i found this website n JayJay n magical G. Thank you so much..best regards! :)" - SSS


"Gideon, Great video! I particularly enjoyed the section where you discussed conducting an interview while not looking into the camera. I had not thought of that, so I really appreciate learning that small trick." - Chris


"Hi Gideon from Australia, Thanks heaps for this free resource; I really appreciate it. Very relevant to my mountain biking website, especially since it's full of videos. Rapid Video Blogging has opened my eyes and I'm inspired. Clear the schedule....changes are a comin'...Thanks again!" - Chris


"Sir,Thanx for sharing... Really appreciate.....I think if i take action i'll be successful.....I think i'll be able to retire my dad and get him out of debt he has got himself into....thanx again and take care" - Pankaj


"Thank you for the report, Gideon! I've been toying with the idea of learning more about adding video entries to my website... this is a wealth of information, just handed to me. :) I just need to figure out exactly what I'm going to do with it. I don't know how much of ME I want on the screen, but it's definitely a possibility--we'll have to see. Whatever I do, I just want it to be a unique perspective--my perspective :)" - Kari Wolfe

"Just downloaded and already thoughts are firing off. Interesting that this landing in my inbox today as my business coach and I were just talking today about using videos to boost our different businesses and such." - Michael Carnell


"Hi Gideon. Communication with the world. When Jesus returns I hope he sees your videos. His message will surely spread. Great information that I hope your viewers will start to use. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and you have shown the way to take that step. All the best with all your endeavors." - Geof


"I didn't think I'd end up sitting through the whole video...but I did! It must be your accent. Oh yeah, and you're great content. Love the little piano transitions. I own a Flip and now I'm excited to get into your report and start using your techniques. Thanks so much!" - Britty


"Hello Gideo, appreciate the info you shared in this 30 minute video. Not much more I can say here which hasn't already been said by others above and below(from newer comments). I have to say I was greatly pleased to see the great response from Lain Ehmann. That is so cool. I am sure, you watched the video response. I am going to paste the link in my comment area, too. I don't want anyone to miss it! She is a great example of what you are wanting to teach everyone. Looking forward to the next video and upcoming course." - Danny Ethridge


"I have just finished watching Video #2 - Behind the Scenes and appreciate very much the tips, tools and techniques you have offered to Video-Blogging. Bring on Video #3 and THANK YOU once again Gideon for a job well done! :)" - John Fisher


"Hi Gideon, With the worldwide economic down turn, your behind the scenes video gives us hope that we can create a successful business from home. Instead of being an employee, we can be business owners! Thank you." - Grant


"Gideon: Perfect timing! We have just launched the new site and video blogging is one of the things we hope to do. Great insights. Thank you very much," - Marshall Cant


"Aloha Gideon, I enjoyed your video clip on video information and how to get exposure and using the tools. It's simple and easy concept to follow and I will implement some of your recommended tools and info to utilize with my online marketing." - Lani Kee


"Thanks for sharing your knowledge about video blogging with everyone. This is a HOT topic and I'm excited to learn from you regarding how I can implement it as part of my business and my client businesses." - Kim


"Hello Gideon, I'm completely inept when it comes to vlogging and videos and YouTube...scares me silly! But I know it's the way of the future and I think I'm ready to venture into the "YouTube Hemisphere." Thank you for making it a LOT less scary!"       - Kathryn


"Gideon, Thanks for your detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to do video blogging. I especially liked your explanation of the video domination hub. I have all the elements in place already (except the video camera!); just need to implement it."            - Laura Christianson


"This is great information, have always loved your tutorials and instructional videos! Everything about your videos are welcoming, warm and easy to follow! I'm eager to add personal videos to my real estate site, plus on a new adventure in online marketing! Thank you for your willingness to be so revealing with your successes with helping us newbies out!" - Candace Robinson


"Another day, another lesson learned. Thanks so much for the information on Rapid Video Blogging, and bonus...the referral of tried and true software. " - Mia V


"Amazing! I am just starting to do he video blog thing. I was trying to decide on a cam and then I come across this amazing instructional video. You helped rid me of all of my fear ("I won't be able to do this, it's too complicated...")Thank you!" - Lynne


"Just finished watching the 20 min video. Good introduction to your report. It certainly piqued my interest. One the other hand, I'm probably one of the few that very rarely visits YouTube, but that might be because of the wrong perception you talk about in the video (i.e. teenagers, messy comments, trivial content, etc.). I do realize Google has done a lot to clean it up since they're acquired the site. Thanks for the report. Looking forward to diving in the content." - Dan B.


"I was just getting ready to start doing videos for my site and I ran across your video on problogger.net. I think you have something here! I believe that by using video, a person can gain the trust of their visitors faster than just relying on writing articles. I have been noticing this shift taking place from standard written posts to videos and its good to see you acting on this change in the way that communication is taking place. Thanks for the free report and I'll be sure to check out your other website and your videos on YouTube." - Jason McMurray


"Hello Gideon! I always enjoy your videos because 

1. they have GREAT, USEFUL content 

2. they are entertaining

3. I ALWAYS leave with knowledge I can IMMEDIATELY apply" - Carlos


"You are really turning out some great information about video blogging. Thanks again for sharing and taking the time to invest in others." - Kim Beasley


"Valuable Information as usual and it was free. That's why your successful. Most people try to make a dime on every piece of info they have. May YAHUWAH bless you." - Jay


"Fantastic and synchronistic timing for me, Gideon, to get my hands on this terrific resource...I just made my first video for my blog, and felt like a complete dork doing it! 

As a writer, it feels a little strange to be exploring video as a blogging medium, but I have so much to say and so little time to get it all down (as a single mama/university student/writer/volunteer) that I'm beginning to get excited by the possibilities. Really looking forward to implementing your ideas into my work. Thanks so much! :)" - Tracy


"Hi Gideon, I have been reading and observing a number of internet 'gurus' preach about making money on the internet. I have even attended three day seminars. All the end result is to buy products from the presenters which in the end are not easy to follow and all have a 'catch' in the end. 

I must say, firstly living in Melbourne Australia, you come across as genuine and what you show by way of video monitezing is definitely the way for the future in terms of video media content. I wish I will be able to use your teaching and get my self off the daily grind of seeing where my next dollar is going to come from. I know nothing comes easy but I am willing to learn from the 'proven method' if the price is reasonable. Good luck and I will keep in touch" - Ramos Furtado


"Gideon, your simplicity always work. The way you explained video creation was simply awesome. I am sure there would many film directors and actors who would be launching their own videos after watching his video ;-). Until now lots of people had a dilemma that video creation requires lots of costly equipments and it would be a complicated process. 

But I am sure after watching this video everybody's thinking is going to change. The video gurus out their are going to get some serious competition from your students now Gideon. Keep up the good work. Waiting for your third video." - Prajwal Shinde


"Wow, such a great info. I've never created a video myself. I'll give it a try. This is really a powerful traffic generation tip." - Irvine


"Hi Gideon, thanks for putting out all of this great info. Your timing couldn't be better as I have just been seriously thinking about adding video to my blog but wasn't sure exactly how to go about it. Thanks very much for sharing all of this with us, I'll look forward to your next video tutorial!" - Tommy Schultz


"Blogging is consider one of the most powerful way to communicate to people. It has taken over from mainstream media business as revolutionary tool to make an impact to mass people out there, including making lots of money. Using blog in finding your niche, with that your niche will change the way how people react on you, if done positively, it would create a total new ripple effect. Rapid Blogging via Video would be the next generation method in taking advantage of super-highway namely internet for massive profit taking." - Desmond Sim


"When you are willing to give the best you have and do your best to help to other people, life gives in return many many times what you give. This is a Law of Nature.
And when somebody find the way to combine the desire to give and help to others whith a way to reach thousands and thousands of people, then happen incredible things, the world become a better place to live, a lot of opportunities are created and many people can make a better way of live. Also tunrs to this person into a leader to be followed by many people. What a great job Gideon!" - David Uribe


"Gideon, Your videos are wonderful examples of what you are teaching. They are appealing, interesting, educational, and full of valuable content. You are an excellent teacher and presenter, and yet you make it clear that anyone can create videos like yours, even if they don't want to appear on camera. Thank you for showing us the process and inspiring us with the realization that we can do it too. I'm signing off to start creating my own videos and posting them on YouTube." - Dan


"Thanks again Gideon for sharing all this with us. It'll definitely be interesting to see how many people start using video blogging on their blogs. I'm already trying to brainstorm ideas to use it myself--even if I don't show up in the video itself :)" - Kari Wolfe


"Hi Gideon, Thank you very much for sharing free your "Rapid Video Blogging Report". I downloaded it earlier and have started reading. I am already more than halfway through and I am getting excited about the whole thing. So even if I have not yet finished reading, I am already giving back this feedback. This is just so exciting and I can already see several possibilities I can get into. Thanks very much!" - Baby P Angtuaco


"Gideon, This is great stuff. I love how you are breaking it down to even the level of the psychology that we need to have to be successful. I've got videos on my blog, but now I am going to implement your plan. Awesome information!" - Greg Buz


"Perfect timing, Gideon. I've been using screencasting (using Camtasia Studio) to develop parts of my online course but have been reluctant to use video. After watching this video and reading your PDF, I'm now confident that video can be a major component of my course and I'm now excited to get rolling. " - Griff Wigley


"Your explanations make it look so easy, can't wait to try it. Thanks for all the great software tips too!" - Paul Nielsen


"I've been thinking about how to use Youtube for my new site, but I couldn't get my head wrapped around how to get started. I just finished watching your first two videos and you definitely make it sound and look easy. Other than the camera, I pretty much have everything I need to get going sooner than later. Thanks to John Chow at johnchow.com for writing about you earlier this week. I downloaded your free report immediately and I am really enjoying the read. I look forward to your next video... keep up the great work!" - Alan Somerville


"Hey Gideon, Great info in here to get me started. I honestly believe these two things about video blogging:1. a lot of people are too scared to get in front of the camera and don't really realise the potential it has to explode your business if done right - and lets face it practice makes perfect.. right?2. And just like you said people attribute YouTube to being fun and social and a way to watch some really funny videos that are sent viral! Rather than using to explode your business/blog.I am very new to blogging but I quickly realised in the beginning that video is the best way to connect with people online. I have been trialling it the last couple of months but I have alot of trouble between camtasia and youtube so I am really excited to see what else is coming up from this series to help me! Off to read your report now." - Nat


"Gideon: you have taken an intimidating topic, brought the remarkable benefits to life and taken the mystique out of the process. Thank you for your clear leadership on the new frontier. I look forward to seeing you inside the next video" - Allen Henderson


"Hi Gideon, Wow! I'm about a third of the way through the report and I'm blown away. Had to duck out just to leave a comment. I came across this offer by accident and jumped at the chance--video blogging has interested me for a while now, but I've been too intimidated to even try. Just from what I've read so far, I'm already excited to give it a go, and it really seems doable. Thanks heaps for this generous offer." - Dave Rowley


"Hi, Gideon! I am so excited about what you have shared here, for my business - as well as my clients' businesses. Video marketing is without a doubt the next wave, that business owners will benefit hugely from if they utilize these simple techniques. THANK YOU for sharing!! Can't wait to record :)" - Shalon Ironroad


"I've always thought that doing videos was too hard for a simple blogger like me - this report kicks things into high gear and makes me want to start filming to get on top of the niche." - Urban Work Bench


"Very timely! I'm working on another video for my blog, to be finished in the next few days. Your stuff has always been very useful, and I'm looking forward to reading this report. I'm sure it will give me lots of tips and good ideas to move forward with. Monetization has been a challenge for me, and the mailing list is an area that I'm beginning to get my brain around. I appreciate you sharing your "secret sauce" and innovative ideas...thanks!" - Sally K


"OMG, I have a GREAT idea for using this information!! I even have the videos already taken and ready to go! I will be devouring this book over the weekend. I'll admit, that the piece that really struck home for me is to monetize the list. I am so bad at sending a regular newsletter, don't want to be pushy and all, yet, the subscribers have already ASKED me to send them info by signing up. Thank you for the very important reminder to get that going on a regular basis. Looking forward to the next video." - Steph W


"Wow! Yet another "killer" video presentation, Gideon! Super information about how most anyone can create good quality online videos. You are clearly over delivering in these first two videos and if your course is just as good it should "rock" the online video marketing world. I hope the price tag for your Rapid Video Blogging course will be affordable to the struggling "masses" and not just affordable to the already successful marketing gurus who will use it to make even MORE money than they already are making! =) Thanks for the awesome info once again, Gideon! Barry" - Barry H


"Thank you Gideon, for that excellent video and clear concise instructions on overcoming ones fears. I really enjoyed your methods for creating video, the download process and editing programs you mentioned. The Flip Camera, I found available at WalMart with reasonable prices. Looking forward to your next publication as I need all the help in getting things going in the Social Marketing arena." - Ron


"Wow Gideon you packed a ton of information into that massive report. Thanks for giving it away. This comes at a great time for me because I've just started setting up a youtube account for one of my niche sites. Here are the parts that I found the most useful (if anyone doesn't have time to read the hole report, check out these parts) 1. Video Software recommendations (I've been struggling with that) - P322. 

Wordpress plugin recommendations (particularly the video ones) - P41-423. Online screen capture services - P65There are two other things I thought I'd point out. One is that I just went through the camera selection process and found the Kodak ZI8 which is similar to the Flip but has a microphone input jack so you don't need a separate voice recorder. 

The second is for those of us that aren't ready to spend money on the thesis theme. The Atahualpa theme is similar to thesis in that you can customize it without digging into code but the difference is that Atahualpa is free. Anyway, thanks again Gideon for the report. I'm looking forward to the rest of the launch content." - Mark


"Thanks again Gideon for giving us such valuable information - and all for free! You've saved me weeks of work in terms of research (best camera, screenshot software etc), and I'm about to put my first youtube video together. I think I'll go the interview route first though, as I'm a bit nervous of talking to camera - I really appreciate your hints and tips on this. Hope one day to appear as easy in front of the camera as you do. Thanks."        - Lesley Fisher-Glenesk


"Hey Gideon, Another great video. The tour of home "studio" was really cool and illustrates the fact that an elaborate setup isn't necessary. One thing I'd like to learn more about is your lighting setup. That's an area I've been having difficulty with." - Mark


"Hi Gideon, What a breath of fresh air to finally be able to see how easy it is to create Online Video instead of just tearing my hair out day after day! Your presentation and the quality of your content is the best that I've ever seen. 

Oh and yes another thing; it makes a change not to hear the constant deriding of other Marketers and how they churn out fluff and keep the good stuff for themselves while taking you to the cleaners. Anyone who REALLY knows their stuff doesn't need to concern themselves with what other peeps are up to, so thank you for being yourself and sharing such mind blowing content with us all...simply unbeatable!" - Robin


"I just finished reading ur report...It's full of ABSOLUTELY valuable infomation!!!!!!!!i can't tell u how much i appreciate that u would share all this FANTASTIC useful information...and for FREE...When i first saw this report i thought it was very long and i don't know if i'll keep reading till the last page ...but now i finished it n I WANT MORE and it seem too short ..lol.Thank you very much for share this incredible report with us and i'll try to tell as many people as possible about this report,web site,video and U(of course).And one last thing: Gideon,u're brilliant!!!!Thz again for EVERYTHING!(the report,the vids....)" - Cheng


"Hi Gideon. Thanks for the videos - very insightful stuff! I'm constantly impressed with how far technology has come, and I'm about the same age as you (so not an old bloke at all!). It was really good to see the entire process as you walked through it (literally!), because I've previously watched launch videos that looked way too flash by "gurus" who earn 6 and 7 figure incomes.

I figured there must be so much money involved and a big "crew" behind the production...when it's just a simple camera and maybe 1 other person! You are right - it makes it completely accessable to the average Joe (and Jane!). In any case, I'm really looking forward to your 3rd video!" - Jeff


"Hi Gideon, I'm past the half way mark reading your report and felt I just had to leave a comment! I can certainly see how focused you've been on refining your strategy. It's always refreshing to learn that the individual steps to be successful at your speciality are not necessarily complicated but require consistent repeat action. I really love the points you make about naming your YouTube channel and about the frequency of video submissions. You've clearly immersed yourself in this and arrived at a clear repeatable system after doing all the groundwork and refinement. " - Julie Baker


"I was thinking more about your video and the report you just released. There's a universal and valuable point conveyed throughout, which is... We need to stop making things harder then they need to be. Whether it's perfectionism or incorrect expectations or the need for more and more information, we can tend to get bogged down and stuck instead of continuing to move forward. With my clients we talk about the 'next step' and being 'good enough' as ways to keep moving instead of stalling out." - Tommy Schultz


"I think this is the kick in the pants I needed to get off my butt and start making videos. I always overthink things and procrastinate, but you're making it clear and simple. Thanks also for providing mp4 downloads of these videos - I hate when stuff is provided just as Flash and you can't take it with you anywhere! I'm gonna load these videos on my iPod so I can watch them again whenever." - Darren


"I've been blogging successfully about technology and the new music industry at Hypebot.com for years, but been afraid to add video - unsure of the technology, trying to figure out how to create quality videos on a budget, afraid that I'd look foolish... Thank-you for providing a wonderful toolkit to move me from doubt to action and success." - Bruce Houghton


"Hi Gideon,  I've been following you ever since I was introduced to the Become a Blogger videos via Yaro. I have lost count just how many times I have recommended that free series of videos to people who are wanting to pop up a simple wordpress blog. I had spent hours doing research on simple things like ftp and there, in that series of 10 vids, you covered it all and turned what seemed like such a difficult process into something that was achievable and easy to understand.

Since then you've gone from strength to strength - now moving infront of the camera and your natural, calm ability to present information in an understanding and interseting nature has continued to blossom.

I think it's the connection and understanig you have with your audience that really makes you stand out from the rest and here you are again with this brilliant set of videos (have been scribbling notes as Ive been watching).

So thank you again for all of the valuable resources you have given freely in the past, I and many more have a lot to thank you for. I think if I hadnt stumbled across you a few years back I would never have started to get my own business off the ground and I am now able to spread that message further to all of the Work at Home Mums out there who too are trying to build an online business. Wishing you all the best with your new family and this fantastic product," - Nikki Backkshall


"Hi Gideon! Thank you a million times for your free report and your videos! I can't wait to get started making videos! I am not at all shy and I definetely doesn't have a boring voice :-) I've just read the wonderful book: "The art of public speaking" by Dale Carnegie and Joseph Berg Esenwein and it taught me some really good stuff! 

I've also studied Anthony Robbins programmes about lifecoaching and I have learnt so incredibly much and changed my life to a thousand percent better than before I heard about Tony Robbins and before I started applying the techniques he teaches. I've also studies Wayne Dyers: "How to get what you really really really really want" and learnt alot from that too! 

Now I'm going to study carefully and passionately your report and your videos and then I will start to make my own in both english and norwegian (since I'm from Norway and 1/3 of the population in my country is "sick" from burnout at work, sleeping disorders and depressions) and I want to help them all to be as energetic, vital, never sick and wealthy in almost all areas of life as I am!! 

And I will send you tons of appreciation and gratitude when I learn your systems of videoblogging and apply them and acchieve success with it!! Yet again thank you for sharing this with us for free! Have a wonderful day and remember allways to LIVE WITH PASSION!!" - Stein Fjellseth


"Nice job. Having created tutorials myself using text I know what you mean about all the typing that is involved. I appreciate the step by step way you explained what is involved using making video's Keep the info coming." - modelshooter


"Gideon, Your video above definitely brought some clarification to some of the things I've been thinking about doing online. I'm looking forward to reading the report. you can thank Darren Rowse for directing me to your stuff." - Jarrod "Jay" Skeggs


"This is awesome information and my mind is churning out ideas of the different ways I can use video in my business. I can't wait to learn more!!" - Linda Reynolds


"Gideon, Thanks again for another great infovideo. I have so many ideas that I want to use this for. My list gets longer every second. I was very happy to see how to do a screen capture video, as I have been working on setting up a blog with video tutorials, and did not know where to start. The outline of equipment and software was very helpful, as the directions in which to do this." - Robin McNeeley


"Gideon, this is top notch stuff. I have set up a You Tube Channel to trial out basic videos with exactly what you recommend in mind. It's early days but I agree with your growth strategy and how simple actually equates to massive. I do have a Flip but am sadly non techy so could you answer a question? 

Just like you I aim to be an Onlineaire and video is the way forwards as it can be linked to mobiles easily too. Now there's a market!!!" - John Sherry


"Gideon, Thank you for the video. Wow, I have been video blogging for a short time but I had no idea of the model to drive business to the email list. I've been focusing all my attention to the blog and really didn't know how to tap the YouTube Channel until now." - Erik Manassy


"Gideon, Thank you SO much for bringing the ease and simplicity of this process to my attention! I've been a member of becomeablogger.com for a couple months now, and I'd just like to thank you for your efforts on that project as well.

The section of this video about fear of the camera definitely hit home for me. I've seen a few examples of screen capture videos since I've been studying internet marketing, but I never realized just how EASY this was to do.

Your words and examples in this video have definitely changed my perspective on this whole subject, and have caused me to begin a bit of brainstorming and re-thinking of my entire project! Thankfully, I'm just starting to get off the ground, so if I do decide to refocus my efforts, the effects will be minimal. Anyway, thanks again for all your efforts, and for all that you do and give to those of us just breaking into this world." - Anthony


"As you've mentioned numerous times, value is the key. If the intent behind whatever you do is to provide so much value that people think they should be paying you for the information, then you're on to something great! Thanks for the oustanding value Gideon " - Gilles Cote


"Woaa!, Very useful video Gideon, i'm going to buy all of the equipment, such as a HD camera and lighting etc... I love your videos i watch them on YouTube all the time! :) Thanks for making these very interesting, can't wait for the next video" - Sam Saint


"Excellent! I agree one hundred percent that video marketing is the way of the future, and there are niches out there just waiting to be claimed by video. We are currently in the process of making about 25 videos for our blog to help our customers with licensing issues and simple problems that seem to come up often. Thanks for putting this together and for all you do to help us, we appreciate it." - Brad Helmink


"Hey Gideon. Wow, Super kick-ass video man. I really like how you teaching creating quality videos and marketing. Love the video man. As i said before, i haven't started building videos. But after watching this video i think i should start can defiantly create a video easily. I will also thinking to buy a new camera may be "Flip Ultra HD" :). Thanks for the awesome stuff man. 

I think video blogging are just much more than making money, it's all about building trust and awesome relationship with your audience. Once again, Thanks for providing useful stuff for free. Looking forward to watching your next video." - Devesh


"Hi, I can't explain my deepest appreciation for this report. I can only say thank you. I Don't know how to repay you but to make sure I succeed through your report. Once again I humbly say, THANK YOU." - Iniobong Robinson


"That was cool to see the different options available. I have wondered how your videos are always so great in sound...now I know, so thank you. Question: when you and Yaro started you business did you guys set up joint banks accounts as well? I am in the process of getting a bank account set up with my business partner, as well as other legal documents registered, and just wanted to know the best possible way to do it when there are two of us involved. If you could give me your feed back I would really appreciate. Thanks again for these videos!" - Amanda Correa


"Gideon, you have arrived just in time - at age 72 I sense that I may have less than 25 years to make a significant contribution:

The skill set training that you are offering reminds me of the admonition: "Aspire to inspire ... before you expire". So why am I excited about "Rapid Video Blogging"?

1. The timeliness is eye-opening,

2. The urgency is invigorating, 

3. Your emphasize on the human element (accomplished through example) is critical and 

4. The stimulation of a new adventure keeps the heart pumping, the juices surging and a firm expectation of positive cash flow!Thank you for what you have already given (an investment that will produce a great ROI)" - Carroll Alexander


"Wow! I can't believe how much of this is continuous filming. I can definitely tell that you're a pro, just by how comfortable you seemed throughout the entire process. As I started watching, I was really nervous that you were going to have all of this expensive equipment that I wouldn't even know how to use, but it really is pretty straightforward.I could definitely use my camera for that, although it's not quite as good qulaity. That USB port on the camera is awesome! And the fact that you can use regular batteries if the special one stops working. I can see why you picked that model." - Laura Davis


"Hallo, A real eye opener! I'm over fifty, fed up with corporate life, bumping into obstacles when attempting to do what I want and voila - here is the way for me. I dabbled in online selling but in a short afternoon learnt what will work. I'm so excited about this that I will work this long weekend to put it together - I fortunately have all the equipment end software required already. Thank you for this wonderful 2 videos and your report. I believe this right is right in line with "give freely and you shall receive"!"      - Pieter Erasmus


"Well Gideon...you've got me all fired up! I'm gonna download and print your report. What a generous free resource....THANK YOU! I can't wait for your next video "behind the scenes"." - Lora


"Initially skeptical -heard it all before. It seems like the best way to make money as a blogger is to blog about blogging and sell training to other would-be bloggers! But this, this is not like the rest - entertained and informed and intrigued all at once. Then read the PDF - page 28 'niche analysis using google keyword tool' - and was BLOWN AWAY: Now i understand why my prior product marketing was such a dismal failure. DISMAL. The highest-traffic key phrase applicable to the product gets LESS THAN 10 SEARCHES PER MONTH WORLDWIDE. No wonder traffic was so low, and conversions were zero. Got to (a) educate the market (via guest blogging) and also (b) find a better niche! Thanks for clearing up a long-standing mystery!" - Steven A. Lowe


"Thank you for this great video. It is extremely informative and encourages me to make my own videos. Like you i am especially concerned with sound as that makes the difference in professionalism." - Bonni Royster


"Hi Gideon, Short and Sweet - Thank you for sharing this great info. You definitely have the charisma for it! In a world of sharing, i have launched http://FORWARDthesmile.com Recently made the movie trailer (http://tiny.cc/FORWARDthesmile) - using Sony Vegas (as you recommended!) - great editing software. As you say everyone has something to gain from the info you have given. Thank you once again" - Angelo Pangalos


"Just looking over this video again... and reading "Rapid Video Blogging" .pdf, you really have your ducks in a row and make it so easy to understand that even a cave man could do it.. S/N: I think that if you provide more real life samples of companies and individuals that you've helped that would really help increase your conversion rate even more. Maybe something such as quick snapshots of case studies in an easy to read format, covering the who, when, where, how's and why's. But no more than like a paragraph or two long." - H. E. Thompson


"Hey Gideon! That was fabulous! I really enjoy all the stuff you put out (for free!). It's been great following what you are doing since we met in Thailand in March. I like the integrity and genuine-ness behind your efforts. Lord knows we're all getting tired of all the hype and "smoke blowing" that comes out of a lot of the so-called big name players in the internet marketing world. I've unsubscribed to pretty much all of their lists I was on, but I'm happy to remain on yours because I know that when you send out something, it's usually interesting and helpful stuff, and you're not just trying to sell me on the next "greatest ever" thing. You've got me really interested in exploring the potential of video now, something I've avoided for a long time because I didn't really know much about it or how to get started. You simplify the process and do a great job showing us how easy it really can be. THANKS! Keep up the great work my friend, and I'll look forward to seeing what you've got coming up next! ...." - Michael Deslippe


"Before watching your video, using video on the site was not even on my radar, but seeing how EASY, it is I would be stupid not too. Thank you very much for shifting my mindset." - Cory Smith


"Wow! Very impressive content Gideon, thank you for sharing. This has been a real eye-opener and I will be sure to include video promotions in my new startup. What I like about this is that Gideon knows what he's talking about - he's not just another marketer trying to get rich quick pretending he knows about something he doesn't. I look forward to the next video." - Nik


"I think you are on to something here. I had my youtube channel for way too long before I actually decided to make my first video, because I foolishly did not see the value in doing anything on youtube. I thought it was just for crazy teens posting random videos, but I was definitely wrong.

Once I did my first set of videos, I felt it was definitely well worth it. Based on my own results, I have to agree that video marketing actually does help build your list and drive traffic to your business. I started reading your guide and I'm looking forward to your tips so I can make my current video marketing even better. It always pays to learn something new when its new.

While I was hesitant to even download your guide, I'm glad I clicked the link because you aren't talking about the same old stuff I've heard before. Video marketing is where its at, hopefully more folks will get on board." - LaShanda Henry


"Your videos are great! I haven't given much thought to video blogging in the past, but I now realize what a big mistake that was. My new goal is to utilize YouTube's massive amount of traffic to increase the awareness of my brand and bring more traffic to my own site. It's really great stuff, and I can't wait to see your next video. Thanks for the awesome content." - Hamilton Greene


"Thank you Gideon!!!! This is a fantastic offer and information! I have been working on ideas for doing my own videos and this has really reinforced to me that I'm absolutely going in the right direction! The world is rapidly changing and it's fantastic to be a part of the change." - Phyllis Lauer


"Thanks for all the great information Gideon ! I have been trying to get my head around website building and ecommerce for some time, starting as a complete newbie with zero technical ability it has been an incredible steep learning curve. The more you do, the more information you think you need ! I find your approach really refreshing compared to the many so called "Guru's" out there. Keep up the good work and I look forward to receiving more quality information." - Paul Stuart


"#2 Video was fantastic! Just like #1 it gives you insight into what to do, and how to do it and this is a very valuable asset that now any entrepreneur can learn thanks to you Gideon!" - NickG


"Good video! Nice quality video is important but what's really key is the audio. I won't continue watching a video if the audio has distracting clicks and pops or background noise. Clear audio for the win!" - Dave


"Love the advice and tips in this 2nd video! It was great to see the equipment and software you use - I can't wait to check out the Flip Ultra HD camera and try ScreenFlow and/or screenr.com. Using an external microphone is a great tip to improve sound quality especially for the videos I want to create outside. And your suggestion to pretend you are being interviewed gave me a great idea for using a video to replace (or in addition) to a FAQ page. Thanks so much!" - Cathy


"Awesome, Gideon! Appreciate the things you're teaching here. They are so helpful. Would love to see some more detailed videos on how to use the FlipCam and Sony IC recorder together (keeping sync together, etc.) Also, would love to know how to run two camera's plus video the screen at one time so that you've got a picture in picture video. Fixing to watch Video 1 and then Video 3!You're the man!" - Matt


"Hey, Gideon! I found this post randomly off a link given by Joanna Penn (thecreativepenn) on Twitter, and it has been, by far, the most useful video I've ever seen linked from my twitter friends, who are all about self-publishing and online marketing. I found all your information so wonderfully presented and helpful! Like you, I'm the type who dislikes typing and would love to market myself and my independent press (Storm Moon Press) along with my books online.

The problem is that I'm not the best blogger in the world, my forte being live interaction, not written discussion. With the help of your videos and others like them, I'm hoping to find out just what I need to do in order to start video-blogging and establishing an online presence.

I've been thinking of buying one of the iPod nanos with a camera on it, but I'm starting to rethink that after seeing how wonderful your flip camera is. Do they sell those in the United States? I'd love to get some details if you have the time to comment back or e-mail me. I'm so excited to have found this video, and I feel like I've learned a great deal in a short amount of time. Ah, the joys of useful videos on the Internet!" - K. Piet


"Gideon, Amazing content! You make it seem so doable, and I am excited about learning more about Rapid Video Blogging. I had already been practicing with my flip cam, and now I can depend on your information to go to the next step. Looking forward to more info!" - Buz McGuire


"Gideoon.... A while back I enrolled in Yaro's and your's "Become a Blogger" online course. I could tell then that you would be going places. You have such a nice, down to earth, way of explaining things... your instructions and tips are easy to understand and follow. I look forward to your rapid video". I will be signing up. Anyone who is truly interested in getting their video's online should jump at getting this course. It will be worth every penny." - Jim Collins


"I really appreciate your simple approach in using video in online marketing. I am new to this and I have learned so much from you. I enjoy the simplicity in your videos that makes the content less threatening, not so overwhelming, and very easy to apply and understand. Thanks so much for taking the time to do what you do and congrats to you and your wife on welcoming a beautiful baby girl into the world!!" - Mommy Reporter


"Hi Gideon, I really enjoy your relaxed and down to earth approach. These are early days for my online blogging adventure, but one thing I have learned is that content is King. The content you have provided in your E-Book and Videos is excellent. I look forward to reading and viewing more videos to learn even more before joining in!"          - Stephen N. Walker


"Thank you Gideon for this fantastic free report. It helped me a lot to get started in the magical world of video blogging! :) Keep up with the good work!" - Carlo


"Gideon- The learning process is in full motion. I am realizing that your teaching style is very good for people who are new at this (and I am sure many other type), but it has helped me relax and really Listen to you and what you are teaching. That is major because I came into this freaked out because my brain was telling me, how do I do this? How can I ever learn this? I have never been good at using a video? and n and on.

These were all true but slowly as I continue to hand my lack of self confidence out the door, I am LEARNING something that I never thought I could or would be able to do. There is still a lot to learn, but one step at a time and as long as I stay with Gideon, I think it will all come together." - Kent


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"Wow, great video. I learned a lot. Especially, I took away, that it is more simple than I thought. I have learned a lot from your videos. Thank you." - Dr. Doug


"Very well-done videos! Thanks for sharing the great content with us. We're gearing up to do more video, so this is extremely timely. Keep up the good work!" - Gail Doby


"Very interesting tips, starting basic, but very good way to become Pro video Recorder, I always enjoy how you teach.very easy and simple.Thanks for sharing" - Marvincspw


"I have just started out blogging and owe it all to you and Yaro. Before I came across your website I did not know anything about wordpress and the ins and out about blogging but your laid back approach to blogging with easy to follow videos showed me the way with minimum fuss. I have just read RapidVideoBlogging and I am so excited to incorporate yours ideas into my blogging site and maybe, i know its early days I might make some money. Keep up the good work." - Michael Chapman


"So many online marketers confuse 'free content' with regurgitated content. Content that's freely available elsewhere which is quickly assembled into a report which is used as a giveaway as part of a product launch.

Gideon, your report is a breath of fresh air. It's full of prime, valuable content which you could easily have charged for. I've come across numerous others who have charged good money for what you've provided as a truly free resource.

As well as the many valuable tips and process you detail in your lengthy report, I was going to say that the links to the trusted free and paid resources (that you've obviously researched) are with worth more again than the price of the report - but because of your generosity that doesn't make sense!Thanks" - Ian


"Your instructional video inspired and awakened my interest in video blogging. I really love to capture videos of different people in action especially those actions or events that seem peculiar and intriguing but the sad part is i do not have a good video device that i can use to capture that event in high quality. Thanks for sharing those tips. I will really heed on them so that i could eventually add more traffic to my blog if ever i can make my own video and upload it to YouTube." - Scolex


"Thanks again for this awesome info! And thank you for writing page 59 in the report just for me! (I am a horse trainer! and am working on a video site!) I can't wait to see the next video and to see what you have in store for us in the program. Your work is a perfect example of how things should truly be... you offer and give amazing information that truly helps people and your products are a great value. Thanks so much also for the inspiration! Well I'm off to get a printer cartridge so I can print off the report so I don't miss a thing!" - Jen


"I only became aware of your work today. I'm really glad I did. Thanks Gideon for the great information. I can't wait to watch other videos. You have really given me the confidence to try using videos." - Chris McConkey


"Gracias a mi amigo! Easy, deazy, lemon squeezy! Other then probably a slight learning curve with the video editing software, it does not get much simpler then this. Most people do not want to "mess" with complicated video equipment (me being one of them) and the Flip HD seems to be a revolution in video simplicity.. The other great take away from this "tute" is the Sony IRC you use to record sound separately.

The final bit of information gold that you provided here is how to produce videos without having to put my "fat face" up on YouTube for the consumption by the masses - lol. Don't think it would inspire sales - just decrease them! Producing screen casts and power point demos are more toward my liking. A "tip of the informational hat" to you for letting me know about Screenr.com. Did not know that even existed.

Anyway, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I would say this tutorial, as well as the ones you narrate over at Becomeablogger.com, is worth a million...On hale it up.." - Robert C


"I am a teacher, and am impressed with your teaching skills. Your explainations are far superior to the others I have encountered online. I was planning a blogsite aimed at parents and their children. I would like to write stories and give advice for the parent.

Now you have me thinking about telling my stories, so the kids can read along.... This sounds like fun! You are so engaging, people feel like they know you. I hope I can do the same. Thanks so much, I am a beginner, I hope I can keep up with your course while I work full time." - Lucy


"Hey Gideon, Thanks for this great new video lesson. You have really given me many practical tips for my next videos. I´m a lucky man, because I found your website to the right time. I look forward to your next video… keep up the great work!" - Ditmar Heim


"I am so excited to start incorporating this into my overall plan ! Thank you so much, I hope someday I can contribute to others as much as you are doing right now." -Bill


"Hey Gideon, Thanks a bunch for the information. I got your email from another "Video Guru" I follow. To be honest with, in your first video I was thinking to myself, this guy is about to sell "basic" video information and and people are goining bite. However, you got my attention when you mentioned ScreenFlrow and editing your video in ScreenFlow. That may not be a big deal to many but I though that was f***ing briliant; simple but brilliant.

I have been trying to figure out how to incorperate ScreenFlow videos with other videos in my editing software and make it look great. The problem is, I was loosing video quality of the ScreenFlow pieces once uploaded my editing software. Now I know I can just edit my "talking head" in ScreenFlow and incorperate the screen captures, all in ScreenFlow. Simple but I didn't think of it. Thanks dude. Looking forward to the next video." - Curt


"Another great video as usual. I am hungry for your next one and or just getting signed up for the darn course. please feed me, lets get going on this." - Scott Grainger


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"I am going to use all these ideas in my blog. I cant wait to get on Youtube and start working this system. Hey everyone, lets all connect on YouTube.com" - Elizabeth Pratt


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When I started blogging I used a lot of information from becomeablogger.com, when I first saw your work. And... tcharam! I came to your blog and I saw rapid videoblogging report. Just in time! Exactly what i needed! Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work :)" - Claudia Moutinho


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"Gideon, I was first introduced to you and Yaro through Become a Blogger and you've become a trusted resource for me ever since! Your latest series on Rapid Video Blogging couldn't have come at a better time. You literally saved me from investing hundreds of dollars on unnecessary equipment! Thank you for continuing to provide such a great educational service in a simple to understand format! Your contribution to the blogging community is beneficial beyond belief, I look forward to implementing your video blogging strategies as I further develop my site!" - Cindy Lee


"Gideon, I just started following your stuff through Yaro.. what you're teaching is EXACTLY what I'm looking for! I'm a video blogger and I want to perfect my craft and dominate my niche. Great free info.. can't wait for what else you have in store." - Ajoke


"Hi Gideon, thank you for so much information for free. I like especially the advice to record the audio on a different device. And I suddenly realized that a already have a suitable device for that - my Ipod nano! So I will go right away and produce my first video squeeze page!" - Thomas


"Hello Gideon, Once again, many thanks for a very informative behind the scene look at exactly what you do. Seeing things like this helps me to understand what I should be corretly doing. I would personally like to that the contributers here for sharing their own knowledge and experience. This resource site is turning into a great community." - Neil


"Gideon, I've been reading your report the past couple of evenings and it's great. I do a lot of work with ScreenFlow and have done a couple of guest posts for their blog. I like how you're using it as a video editor. iMovie does chroma key which is something I appreciate but for down and dirty editing, ScreenFlow might just be the way to go. Great job." - Scott Skibell


"Hi Gideon, Well I watched your videos with great interest and then downloaded your report. This will no doubt spur me on to putting video training and others videos about our German Shepherd Dogs on YouTube. You have a really good way of explaining things and I look forward to more tips and advice from you, and hopefully I will learn how to put my videos online." - Graham


"I must say I had a very basic understanding of what it takes to be a videoblogger, but your video has made it more clear! Thanks for all the useful info!" - Clarence


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This is perfect because I can make it short, yet help them to see how purchasing my software product will actually bring revenue to them. I know what I will be doing this week; creating a video to attract subscribers and build a huge list of future customers. Thank you so much for planting such a fabulous idea in my mind!!!!" - Marie Taulbee


"Hello again! Is this telepathy? Or you're just too good at reading people's minds? After watching your first two videos, I was thinking, "I wonder what equipment he uses?" Thanks for answering my question so fast! :) Also, I'm in the middle of reading your RVB pdf file, and I'm getting a lot of helpful tips and cool books for future reading. Thanks for that, too! In fact, I can't wait to finish reading the whole thing, but I have to go home now, hehe! Will be continuing with it tomorrow--after my camera battery runs out, that is. ;P Thanks so much!" - AnnCherry

"Mr. Gideon Shalwick, This is probably the most in-depth and original set of videos I have seen to date. Almost everyone else I've seen would have you purchase content like this, and it's either just theories and "what if" questions, or it's just the same exact stuff I've seen already. As a student, this will absolutely aid me. Not only have you solved my irrational fear of being filmed, but you saved me about 800 dollars in unnecessary camera gear, all within an hour. And for that I thank you. Keep up the good work!" - Eddie Bristow


"Love the behind the scenes peek! I am really getting into video marketing and love seeing what experts are using for their audio and video equipment and software. Thanks for sharing." - Chiropractic Marketing


"Hi Gideon, Love what you are doing. It is so helpful to allow people to see your back office. The need to demystify the reality of what it takes to create, edit, and produce a video is so necessary. Video blogging is a skill, and just like any skill it can be learned. Video in my opinion has a greater value amongst the search engines. WE can take one video and send it through say Tubemogul and have it uploaded onto several different video hosting sites. Also Google owns YouTube so because of that, a video on youtube can get onto the first page of Google. Often times it can get to the first page of Google in a shorter period of time, then say a text article. Thanks again Gideon for all of your videos and teaching." - Casey Zeman


"Before watching video #2 I re-watched video #1, and then re-read your book. It's always amazing how many things you "miss" the first time around, especially with content that has the level of quality yours is providing. When you release #3, I'll probably do one more walk through of all the materials to give everything continuity (it's all on my iPhone so I can access it in lulls during the day).

One comment on an important take-away I personally had. Although it's not rocket science, your idea of conducting a "one-person" video interview had never crossed my mind. A few months ago, I had some of my current students email me their most pressing questions with the intent of answering them in blog format. But now I'm going to use your interview technique... which will give the content a ton more punch."             - John Lortz


"Great and very easy to follow information - no hyped feeligns listening to you as there are with so many other online marketing promoters. So much to learn but listening to your videos makes the process much simpler and much more "real" without the pushy sales techniques all over the net. Thanks for giving this valuable content and tips. Im all fired up and ready to go now." - Carol Dodsley


"Hey thanks Gideon for sharing what equipment is needed to get started with online video. You make it look easy, I will be give it a go." - Paul Perry


"Thanks Gideon, I' am new to all this, you give me the conference and knowledge to proceed, i enjoy your videos, you make me feel smart, keep up the great work, i look forward to getting through this course, thank you so much, you guys are great."              - Darleen Marinese


"Very exciting, and helpful information, Gideon! I've been trying to get a mental grasp on doing video blogging for months and I think your information will help me get the ball rolling! Thanks." - Richard Stancik


"I am just getting into the video thing, We have done a few so far but you got some great tips. Power point I have never used so I better get started learning that. I have always known the creditability factor, don't know why I have been butting this off.Thanks Gideon" - Brad West


"Gideon, this is awesome content. You manage to take away the worries and make me want to immediately start doing this of my own. I will try it to support the success of my current project." - Michael


"New media is the new game...it means there are no limits, no gatekeepers any longer. Online video is crazy exciting and I am so glad to learn more from one of the early pioneers. My struggle is securing partners to help generate traffic. Thanks for the help!" - Jayce


"For some people video in general looks scary and expensive to produce. Yet, you were able to again show us how you do it and how we can do it too.What I loved was that stand holding the Flip HD camera." - Martin


"GREAT SERIES!!!! Thanks so much for assembling this information and making it so easy to apply. I can't wait to get started!" - Lance LaDuke


"I have never thought about clapping hands to sync those two inputs. I was just tinkering with the waves until the sound matched the video. This is a good tip and I think you should demo it. Thank you for it!" - Martin


"Gideon, You make this look very easy... Thanks for the great content; especially enjoyed the interviewing technique. I'll be trying that one out soon. Looking forward to more. Thanks again." - Dennis Ramirez


"Hi Gideon, I can really take alot from your videos. This whole process is a little confusing for me, but im sure that with intense effort, and with the information you've provided, I can make something happen. I enjoyed the part in your article where you showed the materials it takes make a good video, i've already read the whole thing once, im on my second way through trying to pick up any missing details ;). Thanks for providing this awesome material and keep making cool videos!" - Cameron


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"Gideon, I've been doing internet marketing for a little while, but never fully grasped the concept well enough to have my videos rank competitively with the most exclusive of keywords. I skimmed through your "Rapid Video Blogging Report" and notices several spots where I could improve my marketing. since then I've printed it out and have been literally DISSECTING it to squeeze more VALUE out of it. Gideon my friend YOU ROCK!!!" - Damiso Arrington


"Just finished reading your report. In my 12 yrs being online I have read a ton of free reports. Most are filled with fluff or just promote a product, very few actually provide the details that you go into. Your report stands hand and shoulders above the rest and is one of the best I have ever read. A big Mahalo!" - Ron


"Thank you Gideon, Very interesting and informative. I am truly looking forward to the next video to see what your setup is. The picture and video quality was beautiful and I would like to achive that myself. God Bless." - Robert Wilkinson


"i love the tips they help me become a very crafted blogger like yourself and i just wanna say thanks you i may not even made it this far without you or i might have given up" - Lavonte


"thank you!! Finally some out there that I can get the info from! I've known for quite some time there is a way to use blogging and you tube but I just didn't know how exactly. I have a lot of content, subjects that I am a teacher of that I know I can make it and at the same time touch people's lives for the better. I'm very excited now! Thank you so, so much!!!" - Moshe Tortomasi


"Hi Gideon, Just had to say thanks. I am terrified of this technology stuff but I do understand that if I am going to get to the parents I want to help I am going to have to use video. The information you have given me so far is giving me the confidence to take this leap and use video as one of my main means of communication. If you think about it it just makes so much sense! I am a slow learner though and do need a step by step approach to get this going. In your report you outline your process and I am looking forward to finding out more. Thanks for giving me the confidence I need to go to the next step" - Patricia


"Wowww this is a great video! At first I thought, "Oh this is one of those videos..that I watch... and it tells me basic knowledge that everybody knows." After watching, I completely changed my mind. This video helped a lot, especially since I'm really slow with the whole process of shooting, editting, and uploading a video. Thank you so much!" - Lan-Anh Ngo


"Hi Gideon, Very interesting video. I wish I was comfortable like you in front of a camera. Thank you for the great tips and tools required for creating and editing videos. I have been listening to several of your teaching videos like the ones from (becomeablogger.com). Continue the good work. It motivates me to start blogging seriously." - Richard


"Hey Gideon,T hanks for all the great tips, tricks and advice on Video Marketing (blogging). I've known about the great benefits of YouTube videos on for promoting and driving traffic to websites for sometime now, but I didn't know how to do it! Now I know how! You make it seem so easy to implement. How AWESOME is that! I'm signing up today for your program!" - Stuart


"THANK YOU, THANK YOU for these very detailed and informative videos! I've been trying to find a good screen capture solution and am excited to try Screenr and Jing. I am in the development stages of a blog and wanted to be able to add video demos - sometimes words just take too long to explain something that can be easily shown. I know this is going to help me leap frog in my niche and I can't wait!Priceless info! Thank you!" - Karie


"Hi Gideon, I'm half way through your report and I'm very excited. I have a couple of YouTube channels that I set up a while ago but I never realised their potential before. Your report has made me realise that my YouTube Channel is a web site in its own right and if managed properly can be leveraged in the same way my blog is. I'm about to start bringing all my videos over to my new channel to give me a good base to move forward from. Mega thanks for your report and the insights it's given me." - Karen


"Gideon, you rock!!! You have completely murdered all excuses, for why a person can not deliver their precious content via video. This "rapid" system is the key to being exceptional online. Thank you for making it so simple." - Kantis Simmons


"Gideon, I want to thank you for all the helpfuf information that you and your respondents are giving for blogging. I am a beginner and every piece of information is very much appreciated. I want to thank you for your willingness to help and instruct. May you blessings overwhealme you." - Mayo Best


"I can't believe you give all this info away for free. Love all your videos. I will for sure be using rapid video blogging to get my traffic going at my site. Thank you very much."        - Brian Ray


"This is officially my start into video blogging - thanks for helping the leap be a relatively smooth one!" - Nikki Parkinson


"Thank you so much. This is very useful and helpful so far. I know video blogging is the way of the future and I am just getting my feet wet in this area. So thanks for the pointers and I look forward for more." - Heather Vaughn


"Wow this gave me some serious ideas of what to do to implement video blogging on my site. THanks for the free report (:" - Carie


"Gideon, Without a doubt, this is the most informative content I have ever seen. I thought some of the other sites were good, but you win hands down. You talked about content in your report and how easy it is to create a video. Hold on... I found out you need REALLY GOOD content and be very confortable with it to produce a good video.

You certainly make it look easy; which of course, it is not as easy as you make it look!!! You give all the tools to produce good content and I am working on that now. You are also right about being in front of the camera. The more you do, the better it becomes and the better you get.

Quite frankly, I am having a blast and even if my video's are terrible (which they are now). I am almost 70 years old and have lost so much in my retirement funds, I am trying to work the internet to make some extra money. With your report and methods, I am confident I will be able to supplement my income. Thank you" - Al B


"Hi Gideon. Your excellent video has really helped me overcome my technophobia barrier as far as creating video is concerned. I would gladly have paid for the equipment tips alone. (Thank you!) I'm a 50+ year old latecomer to online video, based in the UK. In fact, I'm only a beginner as far as Interment Marketing is concerned.

However, it's apparent even to me as a novice, that video is now a highly critical ingredient to online success. I can't thank you enough for this generous, high quality, free information. I will certainly be following your advice and eagerly await your email newsletters and future videos. Once I've purchased the 'kit' I plan to immediately sign-up for your advanced advice! If you've any information on PLR Video (and commissioning bespoke video) these are additional areas.

I'm intrigued to know more about. (In particlular, top sources of PLR Video). One of the shortfalls of the PLR Videos made to promote Clickbank and other Affiliate Offers is that they are inevitably recorded by USA Accented Producers. In the meantime, I wish you and your followers every success. Best Wishes from the UK!" - Martin


"I really appreciate the great materials you have provided, they really give a wealth of information. I am more excited about videos for my site than I have been in a long time! I work in education, so video is something that is important to me and my students, and I look forward to the great improvements that will surely come from following the great plans you have laid out, both in terms of student benefit and word of mouth and "fame" for my site.Thanks again!" - Adam Tervort


"Yet another great video.... All the 3 videos have been truely amazing, and provide fantastic content for free! Can't imagine what the course would have on offer! Can wait to see the pricing and other details..." - Cris


"Hi, Gideon! Great information! Thank you for the valuable insights. I have had amazing results using video and look forward to learning more!" - Amy


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"Excellent tips for those of us who are a little apprehensive. I'm definitely tempted to give video marketing a go. I can feel your willingness to help me. It actually comes through the video! Thanks" - Don


"I like Fran's point that you can easily and quickly post video rather than with an article it can take hours to get it right. I think it would be great to find a way to combine the power of video blogging with articles that aren't typically video like top 10 lists. Maybe we could utilize YouTube Annotations to create links to those items in the lists. Anyways one more great video to add to the list." - Jesse Friedman


"Hi Fran and Gideon, This is really a great video story. *****. I think there is a great chance to make a full time income from YouTube and video blog. Thanks for sharing these awesome informations. Good luck with your launch." - Ditmar Heim


"I love seeing case studies! It gives one more view on how someone else is getting things done (which means a ton more ideas for us!). I'm really excited to add video to my site because (although not a unique situation I'm sure) people are always telling me that they feel like they already know me via my writing on the blog. Adding the ability to actually see me in video is going to be a home run I'm sure!" - Dawn Martinello


"I've been so inspired by your launch that I've created this new domain, using the principles that I've learnt, and am learning from your free videos and report. I'm so excited about this launch and I hope that I can find a way to afford the price of the course. Maybe everyone I know can help me out and I'm sure they'll check out the blog I'm creating and showing how I'm implementing what I'm learning from you :)" - Mark


"One of the "nuggets" I took away from this video is that if you are going to use video to sell any affiliate product you've got to believe in it. Video is about creating a relationship with your viewers, and if you aren't genuine it will show. I for one think this is a great thing." - vidiSEO


"A case study is such a great way to help other people figure out how to implement a strategy like this. Fran seems so naturally relaxed in front of the camera. I don't know if I could stay that relaxed, but with the earning potential, I guess I better start practicing."   - Joella


"My website is in development now and I have been following your advice pretty closely. I even decided to have the site built on the WP platform. Right now, I have a youtube account and a link to it from my site but nothing on the account at all. I'm looking forward to learning how to add videos quickly and easily so that I can hopefully start a fan base. Thanks! Great info!!" - Rob Monahan


"I am beggining to realise.. ha.. this report and the video, both are very, very usefull for me and the others as well..." - Brianpedro


"Hi Gideon, Thanks for the thoughtful video. I've put my video blogging on hold but this video has inspired me. While I was listening I pulled out my video camera and came up with an idea for a topic. As soon as I finish this comment I'm going to get shooting! Thanks for the information-packed video. And thanks to Fran for sharing her experiences." - Andrea J. Stenberg


"Gideon, Your material (both written and video) is excellent. Although I've been using many of the same techniques for awhile now, I've found some new ideas and approaches with your stuff. Also, and very importantly, your generous offering of all this information should be especially noted by other folks here. Not only are you creating some very good karma, but you are also establishing yourself as a personable, approachable and friendly expert. Good on you!" - Patrick


"Hi Fran and Gideon: This is an awesome video. Here are some of pearls that I learned.

1) Being authentic and be yourself is key when doing videos
2) Directing You Tube fans and watchers back to your blog
3) So simple to do a video with Fran using a flip/tripod
4) Have fun and don't be so hard on yourself in the beginning

Thank you Gideon and Fran" - Jane Lee


"Hi Gideon! You are awesome man. Another great high quality content. Case studies are fun, and I like to watch and learn from them. It's usually very very educational. Gideon you are a Pro!" - Peter Paul


"Hello Gideon - Fantastic video and Fran was a great and inspirational guest. What strikes me the most is that not only can you see it but she reinforces the fact you should do what you are "passionate" about. She enjoys what she does and what the heck, why not make money doing it. She gives tremendous value in her videos and her site. Thanks for the videos and all of the value that you have given to us as well. Looking forward to learning more and more." - Derek


"Hi Gideon, Thanks for all the great information you provide. For me as a newbie, "How to videos" are the best way of learning. I will be using your video techniques to take my website to the next level. I feel that all the people and businesses who appear on my site will be able to take advantage of the Youtube phenomenon.Thanks again for the inspiration." - Selwyn Maunder


"Gideon, you really nailed it here. What a nice gal. I think it is difficult to get people to stay with you over 30 minutes. But she is like listening to an ordinary everyday person instead of a techie. Makes me feel maybe even I could figure this out. I keep wondering - what are you going to sell? You are giving the house away in your promos!"                 - Corinne Edwards


"Hi, from as far as Mexico. Your work and content is Maravilloso... I have learn a lot from you guys -Gideon and Yaro-, and I want to thank you both, from the bottom of my heart. In spite of my major in college was cinema production, I didn´t knew anything about the marketing magic of video in you tube. Thank you and... " adios y muchas gracias"." - Juan Monroy


"Hi Gideon. That's a great, informative video that really helped me to realise why I should be doing video on my blog and my site. It's powerful stuff and the interview with Fran has inspired me to stop making excuses and get on with it. I think the hardest step for anyone to take is the first one, because many of us lack confidence and doubt ourselves. Many of us are suffering from the paralysis that self-doubt - as well as information overload - brings.

But you and Fran have demonstrated that it's NOT so difficult after all and with a little effort the rewards can be impressive and life-changing. I bought a Rode Podcaster because you recommended it, and I also bought some cheap lighting that you also recommended. They've been sitting in my studio doing nothing. But after this I'm going to make my first video tomorrow! That's exciting.

Thanks to you, and to Fran, for virtually kicking my butt. Gideon - I LOVE your videos but please do something for me. Please count the amount of times you say "Awesome" in them! Perhaps I notice it particularly because I'm from England and we don't say it very much, but, honestly, you do say it rather a lot!" - Jane


"Great way to show the actual reality of using rapid video for whatever reason you choose. The possibilities truely are endless! Again, thanks so much for your generousity!" - Elaine Bakunas


"AWESOME VIDEOS! These Videos Should, Could and WILL Help Anyone who Has a Decent Idea to Blog- to Understand How Not Complex it IS to Help Them Actually Monetize and Make REAL LEGIT Money with Their Ideas and Blogs! KUDOS To You Both, drabo B-}" - Andre


"Dear Gideon, I can't begin to express my thanks to you for having put together such a complete series of videos and ebook on videoblogging. My video blog is a complete mess and I've struggled for the past few months to find someone who could give me some guidance for my video blog. You've presented me with so much more than I could have expected for free and I'm truly grateful.

The chemistry between you and Fran in the third video was truly inspiring to me and has given me the tools to move forward without having to expect perfection from my videos and like Fran says to have a passion and have fun. Thank you for having opened up your tools of magic to us and i can't wait to see what your program is all about." - Wally Zambrano


"Hi Gideon,I love watching your process. You make it easy for people to learn and implement your ideas and strategies. You are a good teacher and I appreciate the openness with which you reveal your own process, trial and errors etc...thanks for doing the leg work. (o: One question - when there is just text in your videos, is that done during your video editing timeline or is it a powerpoint slide used with screenflow and inserted with the video? I'm just learning how to navigate screenflow. Thanks again for being so in touch...and I know you are a busy bee..... (o:" - Jamee


"Gideon, I just want to thank you for giving away all this valuable information for FREE! It has always impressed me how much you are Yaro give away without cost from your free ebooks, to your videos and on and on. Video has been something I've wanted to get into, as like you, I just don't like writing as much as I do playing with multi-media.

I'm also a music composer so I'd love to integrate music in my productions also. Thanks for the valuable ebook to help demistify the process. I could see sketching out music by the side of a river on that iPad during my nomadic journeys" - DKen Locarnini


"Another fun, interesting video. I'm learning some new with each video. The content has been terrific. Thanks for sharing your friend Fran. I really enjoyed seeing her Youtube channel. Great job. Keep it coming!!!" - Natalie Critchley


"Great case study! This just shows that the real key is to "Just Do This Stuff". I have been "getting ready" to do video for some time, but never actually got started. This case study may be what I need to kick-start me. Thanks" - Joe Webster


"Hey Gideon, Thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge and experiences to all of us. These days so few people are unwilling to share what they know due to some large egos. Your simple presentation makes learning video creation easy beyond belief. I look forward to future work from you!" - Dave "Action" Jackson

"You got me kick started with my own videos to drive traffic to my website. I already had all the tools but now I know how to put it together and it is really so easy to do."              - Stephen


"Gideon, Nice, calm interview. It was great to learn in a relaxed way and not be sold hard throughout the video--such things bore me quickly. Yours, however, was interesting. I really like how Fran was mellow and modest about her success. The real-life details and over the shoulder--looking at and filming the actual channel and site--were the best parts. Makes it easier to learn seeing it in real life. The takeaway: Fran does it with just a camera and tripod! No extra gear." - Greg Z


"Nice video, I liked it. The key points for me were;

1. you don't need a superfancy blog or superfancy equipment to make a fulltime income
2. it helps if you're a pretty girl
3. choose the right evergreen niche, such as money, relations, health
4. be yourself
5. I need to learn how to set up my own Youtube channel with custom background."        - Fredrik


"Great video, it really gives hope to people like me that even don't have a blog yet. But we want to do something that we really enjoy. I think that is the purpose of life. To do things we love , and we enjoy. To find your free reports and all the information you have provided gives me hope. I want to join your course and I really hope it is affordable, I really do." - Julie Linares


"Awesome Video Gideon. As a newbie, "How to videos" are the best way of learning. I feel that all the people and businesses who appear on my site will be able to take advantage of the Youtube phenomenon. Just need to deal with slow connection in my country. But Thanks for the inspiration." - Syafree


"Really understand the power of video after watching this, I considered her an expert simply from her being in a video. I also like how she makes it all seem so easy. Thank you for valuable informaiton, presented well and truly showcasing the power of video blogging." - Cory Smith


"I got it...loud and clear. The reason for Fran's success is clear...She is 'High on Life' and watching her videos transfers the positive feelings to the viewer. Thanks for the wonderful video Gideon, and 'NO' you do not seem sad or grumpy in your videos!"          - Saanika


"This video is an inspiration and encouragement for me as I am struggling with drawing traffic to my site. I learned useful tips to creating a quality Youtube video:

1. Talk about what interest you the most
2. Feel excited and be happy when you show up on the video
3. Change interesting backgrounds so you don't bored your audiences.
4. Offer valuable tips or advices on each of the video
Great video once again, Gideon!!!!" - Lexy


"This was a really fun, informative video. Fran is inspiring! Thank you both for all of the great ideas. I'm looking forward to learning more about the Rapid Video Blogging system." - Sheri


"Awesome video. I started using YouTube this year as well, but there are a few tips there that are really cool like moving people from YouTube to your blog to comment. I never thought about that. Also, the idea to setup an online store attached to your Blog sounds cool. I have some ideas on what kind of products I'd like to sell, so I'm going to play around with that idea too. Nicely done!" - Paul


"Hi Gideon (and Fran), I've learned so much from your last 2 videos and this video 3 is nothing short of another great video. I now realize why it's been really hard for me to create word content. It's because I just hate writing contents (my first coach actually said that my writing don't come out natural). Eventhough contents seem so easy to write by others, I can't seem to be able to write good articles no matter how hard I tried.

And to make things worst, it gets more challenging as the online industry started to move away from static html pages to blogging with the expectation of constantly updating contents. That's why I started to look at video blogging as a great fit for me. More talking and little bit of writing. This third video is a great proof that video blogging works and video bloggers CAN make a living online, doing something they love to do.
Here are some summaried of the things I like about videos:

1. Videos are easier to make. And like Fran said, it takes a lot longer to write an articles.

2. I can convey my personality better using videos than using articles.

3. As an engineer, I'm used to write technical articles so writing a creative articles are harder for me as my articles can read a bit dry and my articles do not flow as smoothly.

4. It's easier and faster to capture my ideas which used to come spontaneously. My thought can flow better and without any blocks if I speak. My intelligent used to get in the way when I write (you know: analysis paralysis, over-analyzing, writer's block...whatever you want to call it). Anyway enough of my blabbing.

Thank you Fran for all your sharings and tips. I especially like the tip about drinking coffee before making a video. I really like the way you explain what you do, it just comes accross as you showing us what you do without any hidden agendas. Not like a lot of other people who are really pushing to promote something with every message they make.

You make things so simple and IT WORKS! Laziness has proven to be a great strategy...lol. Thanks again for all the videos and I can't wait to see what you have to offer in your RapidVideoBlogging course." - Hardy


"I can't stress enough how much your tips have helped us out. We feel that videos are definitely the way to go with providing more in-depth content to our readers." - Merric


"A picture is worth a thousand words, Gideon. A video is worth millions. Not only does a video strategy go very well from a content richness perspective, it also lets your audience connect with you as a person. Fran's example is case in point. Can't wait to get the full scoop on Rapid Video Blogging ;)" - Kapil Apshankar


"Love the case study. Video is so powerful. I was able to get a refurbished canon HD camera online for very cheap. Does a wonderful job and I'm able to upload video quickly. Fran - you are an inspiration, thanks for the info." - Mark Richardson


"Gideon, you continue to give away excellent content and generate a strong following as a result. What an example for us all. I especially appreciated the tour of Fran's YouTube and blog monetization method. It's funny that you're concerned about whether you come across 'grumpy' in your videos, while Fran's half-open (bedroom) eyes could be mis-interpreted as being tired. I really enjoy watching both of you -- even 30+ minutes at a time! Tips that I took away from video 3:

1. Don't be afraid to show your excitement about your subject
2. Talk to your camera like a close friend
3. Provide value in every video
4. Try 'moving around' and break out of the 'talking head' video format, but make it clear that the content comes from YOU (not a ghost writer)." - Robert Bucci


"Informative and precise once again. A nice wrap up to video blogging and a great lesson for everyone that watched it!" - Nick


"I loved the presence, the authenticity, the relaxed nature and the fun conversation which was full of information. I feel so excited about doing more videos for my blog. I have to get back into it. And what she says about her own vibrancy and vitality and energy, I cannot agree more. We watch those who inspire us!!!" - Farnoosh


"I love case study videos like these! So much better than all the theory stuff that is floating out there. Thanks for sharing this great traffic source and strats!" - Michael Hill


"Hey Gideon, I'm so glad Katie Frieling recommended you. I've know for some time now that video marketing is where it's at and a very important component to my social marketing. Going to purchase a Flip camera and get on this ASAP!! I feel you have truly over delivered here and I haven't even read the Rapid Video Blogging report yet :) Thanks for all you do for us newbies" - Michelle Suslee


"Hi Gideon, I enjoyed your interview with Fran. You are both pleasant sounding and pleasant looking on the video which is why people enjoy watching you. When I watched Fran's channel a question poped up in my mind. Is the number of channel's one can have on YouTube unlimited? I've never really looked into it before but now I really want to know. From what Fran was sharing I was glad to hear that she also prefers making videos outside. It's so much more fun and they look great. I look forward to your next instalment." - Vance Sova


"Really great priceless information that can't be found anywhere else. I can't wait for the whole course to begin. This has been very informative and is very helpful to us beginners. Thank you so much for putting this out." - Jacob


"Thank you for the free report! great resource, wonderful website chalk full of info! much appreciated :)" - Ranae


"Thank you very much for all this information. You answered all my questions. I practice intuitive communication with animals and babies and I really wanted to make videos to show people how they can do it too, but I thought it was very complicated to implement. Thanks for your videos, which I find very clear, now everything seems simple to me. I am finally ready to make it. I'm looking forward to read your e-book. Again thank you very much for all your work." - Sachka


"Thanks Gideon! Another awesome inspirational video! Thanks for encouraging us that we can do it too! Can't wait to see what else is coming up in your new program!" - Jen


"To me the message is clear. Just start doing it! You don't need to be a professional or perfect to begin with. Fran makes it clear that her first few videos were not perfect, but as she did it, she became better and now people feel she is a friend. She said just writing leaves much to the interpretation of the reader, but the video format lets folks see your vitality and your real feelings for the things you are saying. Nothing sells like voice and personality. Something you have a much harder time delivering through the written word alone. Great case study and a motivational message. Thanks."                    - Jim Fontano


"Well, I have a lot to learn, but you make it look so easy! I will keep reading the report and reviewing the videos. Thank you!" - Melanie Jongsma


"Love the case study. Fran is adorable. I am inspired to create a blog. I already create videos but having a blog is the piece that ties it all together. Thanks again." - DJ


"Great stuff love case study videos like these! Is better than all the stuff that is floating out there. Thanks for sharing this great traffic source " - Nelson


"Nice case study - I'm a fan of the interview she did with Yaro a while back but having the screencast portion was helpful for showcasing what she's doing as opposed to being audio only." - Blaine Moore


"Really really really credible video! Fran makes a compelling case for creating videos the easy way. And her outdoor backgrounds really add much interest to her subject. Nice job, Gideon. You've definitely convinced me to regularly use video blogging as part of my strategy for the Multicultural Symposium Series." - Carole Copeland Thomas


"Gideon... I am reading the report and have spent the morning watching your videos. So MANY ideas springing in my head. I have a business without product...yet I feel like creating credibility and exposure will do wonders to bring people to my remote area of the world to do their personal work. Thanks...and I will be watching for more tips and ideas from you." - Claudia Bianca


"WOW! What A Shock! I remember J.J. and Fran when they where just starting out and where beginners with their blogs. I was learning the same stuff and from the same people as they where and now look at them! I didn't know that they added video to their blogs and I can see how it has really boosted their sites and brands. I am looking forward to seeing your interview with Adam at NitcheProfitClassroom.com on Wednesday. Probably more of the same, but I want to hear it again from the interview with Adam. Who knows? Same content but different spin. I like seeing the different options and uses one can use with techniques that are new to me.

I have a Flip camera and I have played with it and put up a couple of vids for family,... but now I am going to a whole new level just becuase of your free content here at your site. Thanks a million Gideon, you deserve all the success that will be coming your way." - William Wells


"Wow!! Picked up so many things from this video that I can use in my own videos for my blog. Fran inspires me to be natural, not scripted, and speak from the heart. Loved that she talked about "being happy" on the videos. Sometimes my videos come across as very humdrum and that's not how I'm feeling at all...:( Gotta work on that! I want to inspire folks not bore them to tears. Thanks again for such awesome, free advice! You guys rock." - Coach Chelle


"I hear all the time that you need to find a niche you can be passionate about in order to make money online. After looking at this video and listening to the interview I think that Fran's biggest secret is the fact that she IS her passion. She shows in, tells it and lives it and she is totally authentic. You're an inspiration Fran!" - Anna


"Hey Gideon ... Another awesome video. Once again, I'm thrilled at the amount of great FREE information you're putting up here for us. More of these one-on-one case studies would be awesome! Thanks!" - Michael Deslippe


"Thanks to you Gideon and a special thanks to Fran for revealing some of her secrets. I think the future is looking like YouTube and it makes sense to get on the band wagon now! However, I don't think that we should sound the death nell of traditional (isn't it scary that we are taking about something less than 10 years old as 'traditional') blogging, but not getting involved in video is leaving a lot of potential traffic behind.

YouTube is crazy popular, and is indicitive of the pace of modern life, in the same way that television is such a part of our lives; we want instant gratification. I love to write, and am a proficient typist, but the creative part of me is really excited with the notion of being the head of my own TV station; now where is that video camera that has been hardly used since the day I bought it..." - Russell Hepworth


"Gideon, great interview with Fran. She has parted with some great tips that we can use in promoting our products as well as our affiliate products. Who would have thought of that? Fran, of course. She made the point that you will be more successful if you smile and have a great attitude when doing a video. You have to hold your audience.

Thanks to you for your very generous manifesto on Rapid Video Blogging. I can't believe you have given away such great information. Are you crazy or something? You have shown us why video blogging is more powerful than text and audio. I sort of knew this before, but after reading your book, I actually ordered my flip camera. I have to "bite the bullet" and start video-ing. Again, thank you." - Marjorie


"Hello Gideon, Fran's comments about being happy on the video resonated with me. We should all try to have more fun in life and our work. Thanks for the video." - Grant


"Very, very nice, Gideon. You all did a real good job of explaining things. I am just getting into the whole video scene, having only done a couple of "voice overs". I am looking forward to getting my own "flip" camera. While I am not as good looking as you two, what she said, and what you have said about just being real, just being you, should come through. That is a concept I have used for years on the phone and in person in network marketing.

If you are a phony, trying to be someone else, or something you are not, people will spot that in a heartbeat, and it will cost you, now and in the future. I have a blog, basically promoting a single product tied to an opportunity, and have been wondering how to monetize it further. This post really helped me with that, and gave me some ideas for the future (maybe start another blog, who knows?) Thank you for an inspiring video.God Bless" - Ray Main


"You are doing a truly fantastic job with this launch! I really hope you are going to take on affiliates - this is directly in my niche! (I teach people how to use screencasting software and get around bugs and problems.) The way you are doing these videos is fantastic - and the free information in the PDF booklet is priceless. I'm pointing to you (both!) as a models to follow to everyone who asks, "Who's doing things right?""            - Terry Britton


"The best value I received for Fran and Gideon's Video, Blog, You Tube training, was I can do this too! We all have experiences we can share with others either informational, educational, or been there done that too. This is what I learned and continue to learn from that experience. By using video your vistors become to know and trust you whatever advise, product, service you are offering.

By interacting through word and video your blog comes alive! "A picture can speak a 1000 words" we all have heard that saying, it is true! As I continue to develop my web-site/blog to offer the Mkg opportunity which changed my life, I will be using video! In doing so I will be able to draw from past skills learned in graphic arts, photography, although the medium will be different the production is basicly the same. Thank you Gideon and Fran, from Texas" - Donna Johnstone


"Thank you! I am always impressed with the valuable content and interesting information you share." - Mary Elizabeth


"Well, a great ending to the series. You left me wanting more...so we'll be heading over to research how to join your course. As a beginner, I found your information understandable (as I'm still learning terms, etc.) and not over my head. Thank you for the eye-opening experience, and best wishes to you!" - Mia


"Hey there Gideon, Yet another great video! I am an internet marketer myself and of everyone that I have talked to in this industry, they all say how important video has been to their success. You and Fran touch on that in this video by commenting on how people you meet outside of the internet feel like they know you from watching your videos. That's a very important concept behind mixing blogging and videos to make money.

Most of us are used to the one on one interaction of business and when you mix the internet in with business, you lose that one on one touch. I believe the power of videos comes from re-uniting the one on one touch through the internet. Sure, it's more of a one way conversation, however, the person on the other end watching the video can see and hear a real person that looks like them and not some super hero, money making, internet genius.

I am really grateful for the videos that you put up. They have helped me a lot in my own videos that I make for YouTube. Please keep making more videos, they have all been so great and helpful." - Ernest Morse


"Gideon, All I can say is wow! Looks like this is something I should really look into when I finish the upgrades on my new website for my new Personal Chef business. Again WOW! Looking forward to more." - Robin


"Thank you so much for the Rapid Video Blogging report! I've already bought Jing and have created my first screen-shot video. It was just as easy as you said and the result is amazing! I'm not ready to post it yet--but I'll let you know when I do. Your tips have also already helped me maximize the effectiveness of my exiting videos on YouTube. Thank you!" - Nikithal


"I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon this information. With the equipment you are using and the simplicity of your creation process, I'm amazed at the quality of your videos. I've been held back by the myth that good, professional looking video required time and expensive equipment. I see now that that isn't the case and I'm newly inspired and motivated. I can't wait to bring my vision into reality using the information you're providing. Really looking forward to your Rapid Video Blogging course. Many Thanks Gideon!" - Aaron


"Thanks for this very useful video. You asked the questions that I would have wanted to ask. Much appreciated. For those of us (yes, that's me) who are eager to take the leap, Fran's story can't help but be Inspirational. It's comforting to know that she began knowing very little about making videos, and that she did it to save time --it's refreshing, and very human, to hear her talk about being too lazy to write posts instead. I suspect many of us wouldn't have wanted to admit that.

What resonated the most for me, though, is Fran's keen appreciation of the importance of trust. Of course, I understand that it's useful for her to be on-screen because viewers want to see whether the products she's talking about actually work. But It's very clear that Fran considers her appearance crucial to developing the trust that's necessary if viewers are going to believe what she says, whether she's promoting an affiliate product or recommending a face lotion.

She understands that by putting herself in the picture she's creating a much more personal connection. As viewers get to "know" her by watching her videos, Fran becomes more believable and more worthy of their trust. And throughout the video, she shows us how what's she's done has been motivated by the value she places in maintaining that trust.

Fran says that she films her videos in the natural setting of a park to give her viewers a change of scene, but my sense is that there's a little more going on psychologically than that. I think there's something to be said for delivering information and selling "in the light of day," particularly when your subject matter is related to health and well-being. The qualities associated with the outdoors -- health, vigor, openness. sociability -- are a great backdrop for Fran's topic. And while the effect of the setting may be unconscious, it's still very powerful. Good stuff. I've been working on a business plan that includes a blog, but I hadn't given much thought to using video and YouTube. This has given me quite a bit to think about. Thanks again." - Clara


"a good video Gideon.. teach us how to bring traffic through a video to promote our affiliate .. is it unbelievable how an uploaded video on youtube can be watched by millions of people around the world .. I think the video would be more interesting if using animation Gideon so people will be able to watch it without get bored.. i like it.. Gideon.. Good Jobs." - Jeffry


"Thanks for the great case study. I'm a beginner when it comes to online video and YouTube and Fran mentioned many good points that I can start implementing immediately. Things like including affiliate links in your video descriptions, automatically starting videos at your channel, and the custom background (which I've done, but her hints on including images of yourself and the header Fran uses are ideas I plan on using on my YouTube channel). I'm definitely interested in taking a peek at the Rapid Video Blogging program and can't wait for the release on August 11th." - Colby


"Hi Gideon, Thank you so much for your inspiring videos and report. You brought me to good ideas and I'm already trying out some of them. For me, your main message is making yourself visable, and not only by performing in your own video, but also by sharing (e.g. showing) your videos, and products with (to) the people in your network(s).

I learned about your work by reading the great article Jay wrote for Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute and the first thing I did, is sharing this site (and the article on WNPRI) on my Facebook page and Twitter. I hope many people will follow this example and will take advantage of your great ideas and suggestions." - Monique


"Having you interview Fran was awesome! I find that each content producer has such wealth of information to share. I love that she does it herself! which is just like me :) yeay! There was so much information I had no idea about. Thank you tons Gideon for sharing!

It would be awesome if you had a little video series of just content producers, highlighting their hardware and software. It's so helpful. There is nothing like that for video, there is a podcast for podcasters called podcast411 that does just that, which I've found to be inspiring.

It helped me get my audio content out there right away and be pretty successful with it. I know simply want to make the video aspect of my content more prominent :)You Rock!!! and so does Fran!" - Elsie Escobar


"Hey, Gideon. This is a great video. It really is going to help me start making money through youtube. i was thinking about starting a t shirt company and i just needed to get traffic somehow now i can start my website and get lots of people going on it"                 - Dominic


"Great case study I really enjoyed your presentational style and the products the you create are absolutely amazing. It's so important that you focus on actual people making money in niche's outside of the make money online niche. The challenge for most of us is that most people seem to really struggle. It's nice to see people succeed in areas different from the perceived only way of how to make money online. Thank you, I may be inline to buy soon." - Phil North


"Thank you, Gideon, for all the wonderful information in your three videos and for your e-book. All the information is 1st Rate! I really appreciate all the hard work you've put into this course and am excited to see what is to come. I just may be able to make a living online from out in the woods of Oklahoma.Thanks again!" - Steve Allen


"Excellent video Gideon. I have been trying to learn how to create stunning videos like you guys have shown and really find the opportunity that you explain in your pdf a great way to get exposure and get people interested in what you have to say. I really want to learn to make great videos and would really enjoy working closely with someone like you who has great experience.

You see i tought myself internet marketing and i do it for my local family double glazing company and i see the power of video marketing and if i could be tought how to do professional videos like you i could really help our company get more leads. I was going to purchase a video course but it was too much for me so i have just had to teach myself and i just want to say that i have learnt the nuts and bolts of stuff like what to use etc from you so thanks alot and keep up the good work. Look forward to your future updates." - William Wayman


"Video blogging seems like a great idea. I have not taken blogging seriously but seems like a lot of fun. Video blogging seems like a completely different ball game as far as writing is concerned but its definitely worth exploring the idea. I have downloaded your ebook and will be printing it out to read as bed time story." - Nishi Singh


"That was really inspiring. We should all do a little self-evaluation and make sure we are really enjoying what we are doing because that passion will surely shine through to others! I will certainly try to incorporate video into my blog, just the building of a relationship with your readers is worth it! Thanks!" - Tina


"Excellent video and case study! I really like the way you presented the information and I'm been wanting to upgrade the way I use video so going to try all this out. Looking forward to your future updates." - Carrie


"I'm really impressed with the numerous and detailed ideas in this video. I took a number of notes that should help me convert from my YouTube channel to my blog. I'm psyched! It was also a great demonstration of the importance of just being yourself on video. It encouraged me not to fall into the trap of green screens and fancy graphics for videos that are intended to simply provide value. Thanks!" - Ed Oakley


"Hey Guideon, what a wonderful video!I never thought about making money with utube! I will read your report thoroughly, and will let you know! Keep those videos coming! And thanks again!" - Nan


"Hello both, really enjoyed this video, both for its IM content as well as the content of High on Health. It is so professionally done that it immediately makes me feel that I need to get to work to create something as cool as that." - Jana


"Great video. One of the things that really stood out to me in this video is the fact that your video doesn't have to be the most professional video ever. Whenever I make my videos, I try to make sure it's a great production. It takes time and doesn't allow me to get it out there quickly. I need to start balancing it out more, where I make great videos, but also make more spontaneous, easy-going stuff that's quick and easy.Thanks for giving so much value!" - Leslie


"I,ve been wanting to start a video Blog on my website,and the information that I,ve heard here inspired me to really investigate this avenue,any and all the info that you can put together on this matter I would greatly appreciate,Looking forward too hearing from "You" " - William Angerson


"I am new to blogging and am amazed at how comprehensive this video is and how much I learned! Thank you for posting this and offering this incredible info for free! No one is training on using youtube to grow your contacts on your blog. So many great ideas that work!" - Jamie


"Thank you for shedding us the lights. Technology has provided us plenty of avenues to explore new opportunities and generating income in such innovative and refreshing ways. I can imagine a real estate agent showing properties on sale to his/her prospects, or the fashion designer showing his/her latest design to his/her loyal customers ...."         - Wahyu Widodo


"Hi Gideon: As always, great info. Since I started watching your posts, I did my own by folowing along and it works great! That's proof positive that your methods really work.thanks" - Kris Harrison


"Great video Gideon! I have to say it was great to see a down to earth person who is not in the "make money blogging" niche be successful using video blogging. I especially liked the fact that Fran is female. A lot of the times the examples shown for successful bloggers are young to middle aged males and this creates the impression that young/middle aged females are not able to be successful in the internet marketing/video blogging field.

I have to admit also, that for someone who loves to write, I am really starting to see how video blogging can make your readers feel more connected to you and more trusting of you. In addition, they also view you as a celebrity so it's the best of both worlds! What better way to be successful than to be viewed as an "approachable celebrity," usually it's one or the other. Great stuff and I look forward to seeing more." - Denise


"Gideon, I have really enjoyed this series and am looking forward to the course. You've inspired me to grab the bull by the horns to start adding video to what I'm already doing with my website. Before I saw these videos, I was nervous, confused, hesitant and (dare I say) fearful of doing video. However, after watching these videos, I broke out the video camera (no, not a flip), set up a little area and recorded my first video.

There has been a learning curve of how to edit the video, since I've never done it before, which included crashing my laptop 3 times. Nevertheless, I'm trudging ahead and hope to have my first (of many) video up soon and driving traffic to my blog. Plus, I've got a long list of other videos that I'm just waiting to do.

Thank you so much for the information on what you need, how to quickly and easily set yourself up for success and the "encouragement" to put things into action fast. Best wishes and enjoy" - Nelson Swett


"I learnt so much here. I look forward to implementing these strategies and also do Gideons Course. Thanks so much for sharing this with us." - Marty Ware


"I love learning here. My company and I will be doing video soon for our business, so this is reall helpfull.Thanks" - Opal


"Wow Gideon! I found you when you and I were in @PamBrossman's video ezine together, but I am in LOVE with you and Fran both on this video! I so appreciate that Fran is able to build her tribe by simply being a 'talking head!" I am so motivated to video more. I love your material, and I am horrified at how little I've prioritized video blogging. Thanks for the kick in the butt!" - Gina Parris


"Hi Gideon, Information rich content I must say and it has definitely given me some ideas of further promoting my business which is online advertising on a national basis. Your video techniques will be useful for me to create actual video comments of my satisfied customers which I can post on my site. Thanks for the content and I look forward to the course. Your technique of creating awareness and thus getting comments on your blog are the key to get traffic. All the very best." - Ramos Furtado


"Hi anyone who is reading this... I highly recommend checking out Gideon's stuff... Video is definitely taking the world by storm, and after reviewing the free report offered on this website, I can say with confidence... You really want to get in on this! Look forward to possibly working together in the near future Gideon!" - Ben Ezra


"Hi Gideon, I watched the third video last night and was rivetted till the end. It was enjoyable to see another person share their experience and it made me feel better to hear that Fran wasn't a natural from the start. It was an excellent tip to smile and be less serious to the camera. This tip will help me when I start up soon. Also, I enjoyed seeing how she turns the traffic into revenue. Thanks again Gideon." - Stephen Walker


"Howdy Gideon! I've been working on implementing what I learned in your free video report and in your videos here and I can already tell that things are going better! I've been recording all of my videos in front of a white wall, but I can see now what my viewers are thinking: BORING! Thanks to you and Fran for a great behind-the-scenes case study!." - Jessica Ojeda


"Gideon, Enjoyed your teach videos and can I can safely say that I have learned much from your them. Yor presentations appear to be so easy to set up yet convincingly effective. After all, its the results we are after, not so? You are a true professional and with a fresh new approach compared with the typical "used car salesman" hardsell which is so common these days. Enjoyed and appreciated Frans contributions, all of which has given me a fresh shot of enthusiasm to get going. Continued success to you folks." - Mel McDaniel


"Out of all of the internet marketers out there you offer the best content around. I actually enjoy your vids unlike some of those other guys who are just annoying and I have to turn them off 30 seconds into it." - Robert Kennedy


"Hi, Your videos have been really useful into helping me kick start my video blog. Im a student filmmaker and i'm just about to go to Film School. Im going to start a blog showing my progress as i try and achieve a career as a filmmaker. Thanks for the advice!" - Scott


"Yes, very refreshing. This down to earth story is encouraging for someone who is new to blogging and using videos for it. Because I am new to it, it would have helped to have some more precise information, for example, on how to set up video on YouTube and how to put it onto one's blog. Still, she makes it seem easy and doable." - Kathleen


"Thanks for making this available. It truly is a heavy-weight resource for anyone seeking to gain more exposure for themselves, their products or services. I'll be pointing my subscribers in this direction, you can be sure of that." - Bayo


"I am very interested in the video Youtube blogging...Gideon seems like he knows what he's talking about and I'm excited to read the report showing how to." - Lee


"Gideon - I first met you through Video Boss, and I was really excited to see what another "boss" is doing. But you've exceeded my expectations! I am already learning a lot from you and feel like there is much more to come that will drastically help me in my own business. Thanks for putting this information out there!" - Elizabeth


"Wow, as usual Gideon your videos don't disappoint! I've been watching your videos and the becomeablogger videos since I first started out and to be entirely honest, I don't think I would understand very much about this business without your entertaining and practical takes on developing an online business. Thanks very much and keep up the great work!" - Tania Halpin


"Hi, being someone who isn't easily impressed by all the hype on the internet, I'm amazed that you have captured my new found intense interest in video blogging. I'm looking forward to learning more from your videos and am now planning very soon to add video blogging to my website. Thank you for wetting my appetite, it's all very exciting !" - Kim Thompson


"Gideon! You were right! Fantastic video. Tons of valuable insight on how to monetize video blogging. This definitely the road I would like to take. Your interview with Fran was completely inspiring and I can't wait to start implementing all of these ideas. Thanks again Gideon.

PS You are smiling more and more throughout your videos :-)" - Dianne DelReyes


"Gideon, the two courses that I have taken with Yaro and you have changed my life. Although I was fairly inactive as a classroom participant, I have learned a great deal and am about ready to commence with my World of Warcraft based site, I look forward to once again letting you be my mentor, this time from a video standpoint. Keep up the excellent work." - Lindsey Allen


"Gideon and Fran; thank you so much in taking the time to share and spend time with all of us. This series has been so easy to understand. Look forward to seeing more."     - Lori Robinson


"I've only read about half of the ebook so far but it's already radically changed my thinking in how I approach video blogging and communicating. Thanks!" - Kaala


"Hi Gideon, great interview with Fran Kerr, I love hearing success stories and Fran seems such an upbeat and energetic person. It's funny how we put off doing things that we know we should - such as getting involved in video blogging - for fear of it all being so hard.

This interview really just shows how easy it all is and that the barriers we put up are mostly in our minds! Gone are the days when you needed an expensive video camera which used tape and you needed to capture the tape to hard drive and do extensive editing. It really is such a simple and easy process now. This video has inspired me to get a simple camera and get going now with the videos! Thanks Gideon." - Kaz Young


"I learned a world of things: be yourself, it takes time to be yourself on video, use different backgrounds, having one's face on the blog is helpful, it doesn't take expensive equipment, and natural light works. I like the intro video with directions. I may make one of those for my online class." - Jr Cline


"I really like the video. I really believe that using youtube is a big opportunity for making an income. We can use youtube for many things like posting videos for education, health, sports and entertainment of the sorts." - Edward Carino


"Super video! Every time I watch another of your videos I get more excited about having a video blog! As I said before, I have a face that's perfect for radio, but maybe if I smile a lot..." - Ron Ruggles


"Gideon and Fran, great interview, with a good overview of the essential pathways for online traffic. "Do what you love as an extension of your life" is great advice. I feel inspired. You both established some good rapport with this one. Very compelling. Gideon, thanks so much for this informative series of vids." - Christopher Lovejoy


"Great video and wonderful content. Love the fact that your showing us a real life video of someone who has succeeded with this. I loved that it was all real recent and the information Fran shared was amazing it really does help to keep people exciting and get them engaged from seeing someone who is doing great at this. I think case studies like this make a huge difference when you are able to see video and know it is all recent and real compared to if it were just a written case study, it is a great example of how video makes such a huge difference. Can't wait to check out the course." - Grant Brott


"This is interesting. I originally thought, "Make a video and wait for people to notice" However, this is obviously can't be further from the truth.

-Act greetingly towards the camera (as it's your audience)

-Smile and be enthusiastic about your topic

-Change your background (as i am setting up my own studio for my site)

-Add effects (i.e. Background Music(which I have started to do))

-Be a constant "Vlogger" (post many important/insightful vids for your audience to follow!)

-Invite them over to your site to see what you're really all about!

-Ask them to spread the word w/friends as to broaden their horizons as well

-Maybe even throw in a special offer of some sort (i.e. free membership) 

-inspire them to subscribe

(nice and enthusiastic = trafficflow= subs= site traffic= members= friendly business)"     - JD


"Hello, Gideon. Thank you for offering this report to me. I will put the information to good use and will let you know my view. Kind Regards" - Eleanor Lynar


"Gideon, Thanks for sharing this video, I love Fran's approach and her use of her intuition. It is so reassuring. I love that she is just so natural. I have just subscribed to your channel- great stuff there too. Looking forward to reading you book" - Suzie Cheel


"It's videos like this that make me confident to recommend your work and products whatever the cost! Quality, step-by-step information is very difficult to find, ones that mention exact numbers and precise steps taken and the way it's done, not just the end result. Must. Do. More. Videos!" - Joel


"This is definitely an interesting video, but even more than that, it's encouraging. If she can do this with a little Flip camera, then why can't I? After watching, I really want to start adding more video of myself to my own blog. Thanks for the great vid" - Andrew


"Fantastic video...it's refreshing to see an everyday person who is successful with blogging and video blogging...not merely a marketing degree that escaped the office. I appreciated Fran's honesty about the learning curve (learning to smile!), and that she also wasn't afraid to ask for help (outsourcing her blog design). I'll be headed to her site now for some green smoothie recipes..." - Katrina


"Very helpful. Looking forward to using the ideas to help make me a more effective teacher for my students. Thanks for the resource." - Steve McKinion


"Hello!! This was a great video!! I usually never watch complete videos about blogging, since they are often boring and are trying to sell you more stuff than they are actually helping you. I loved the way Fran explains her website and youtube channel. It's something I've been thinking about but had no idea how to even start it. This is the first time I come across rapidvideoblogging, but I will continue to check it out and see what other useful things you recommend. Thank you so much for sharing this video! It was great "meeting" you =)" - Annie the Nanny


"Thanks for the video tutorials. Great content. Very useful material, easy to follow. You have a good presentation manner." - Anthony Selvaggi


"Great Videos! I know video is the way to go, but until now was not sure where to start - your information is great and your presentation very easy and pleasant to listen to. You and Chris Farrell are the "It Guys" as far as I am concerned. Thanks"                               - Sian McDermott


"Hi Gideon, trouble is I get caught up in watching you and miss what you say, have to go back and do it again, thank heaven for replay. Your info is so clear and simple it inspires me to have a go, I especially did like the solution to my Flip video camera to keep me in the frame easily - brilliant. Thank you.." - Celie


"Congratulations Gideon! your free report is very helpful and refreshing :-) I loved the step by step approach you put into your report. The best part I liked was the simple diagram (on page 23) that shows how everything fit together. It was a simple diagram but a powerful graphic that gave us an overview of the big picture of your system.

I really think that the diagram is a powerful tool that simplify the process and make it doable and easy to implement. so thanks for sharing this wonderful and priceless report with us. You are really a different kind of Marketer for offering such high value report for free! I wish you the very best in life!" - Amel Mehenaoui


"Thanks for putting this together; I think the idea of being happy on camera - as opposed to stilted or awkward - is a really useful one. Great advice too on integrating the blogging into your life - for me, I review cafes as a big part of my blog: if I didn't enjoy that, it would be a pretty miserable experience trying to put that together. I especially liked that you were using actual people in front of a camera: - so much of the "how-to" videos are just screencasts or - worse yet - powerpoint decks with voiceover. Good to see some humanity." - CafeDave


"Hey Gideon, great case study and PDF, learnt some really good tips, came about at the right time as my video creation was coming to a standstill. Just about to go over the PDF again now and implement some of your advice!" - Jonny


"Great video. Lots of helpful tips. I do think that is an excellent point about the more videos that one shoots, the more relaxed, natural, and authentic one becomes. I think I am one of those people who shy away from writing as it takes me along time to write a text post." - Andy


"Gideon, I really appreciate seeing a real word example of someone using your techniques. I adjusted several things on my new youtube channel and will make more changes in the coming days. Thank you for doing this series. I will watch all of these videos again." - Chris


"I have been saying that I am going to start a blog for about a year. I've read numerous books, watched lots of video's and still have not jumped in and got my feet wet. I like how your videos talk about all facets of a blog and how they are integrated. Not just how to build a list or SEO but information about the big picture, mainly, how to make money! I'm jumping in now! Thanks" - Michael Williams


"I'm trying to earn money online last six months. Trying and trying and trying and earn only $1.8. Now comes your offer. I have download all of your video. I thinks it will work for me! Thanks!" - Rahinur Rahaman


"Hi Gideon, this one is very informative and thanks for giving us a glimpse on a life of a real Internet guru. Now, I could see the bigger picture and how things fall into place. One realization came to me is that being a subscriber or a follower or a friend to an online person is really being a friend even though you don't see each other or you don't know each other personally. There's this bond of friendship created once you hit that "button" whether it''s a subscribe, follow or a like button. At least that's how I feel. Thanks!" - Genaro Geneta


"Great Report! Love all of your videos and appreciate the fact that you are willing to share your knowledge so freely. Your recitation of your "internet marketing beginnings" sounds much like my experience. I am excited to try your methods. Thanks for the help." - Dianne Ophelia


"Thank you so much for the information you have made available to me, people like your self i understand as being the real deal. In my situation you have given me hope of something i can do, i am pretty well incapacitated with chronic disabling pain having to take many medications to get through the day and spend much time confined to bed.

I did not do that well at school with written work and have mostly done work not requiring much written word. I am trying when i can, to educate myself about online marketing. I really appreciate and value very highly your free report made available and look forward to what i can learn from your experience in this area. Heartfelt Thanks."     - Konrad


"Absolutely fantastic material. Great video and she is right: sincerity always shows through and so does faking it. Plus, we like to see who is running the company. Thanks for the info." - Roxana


"Pretty simple strategies of creating good content. video rocks. Thanks for sharing"        - Pete Kane


"Great work, Gideon! I think this is something I can pattern my efforts after. I do love the sincerity bit." - Joy R


"Hi Gideon, it's great. Thanks for sharing this report. And very nice info to make high quality videos. God bless!" - Dredd iCoachDad


"Wow Gideon and Fran, Thanks for a fantastic and motivating video. I am just starting my blog. I recently ordered my video camera and have felt really scared about making videos and putting them up on YouTube in my blog. Fran and Gideon you made it seem so easy. What I loved about your approach is that it is natural and you are transparent. Both of you come across as real people and I think this is the key.

I definitely more motivated, excited and am starting to brainstorm about what location I will use. My blog is about Art Education and art teachers are my primary audience. So using my personal creativity is a must. I could shoot the video in my classroom or in a studio. I could dress the part of the creative art teacher. Thanks so much for your original and personal story, Fran. Best of luck with your work." - Dianne Gregory


"Excellent information! You presented the important 'grass roots' info that is essential for creating and producing a video before the video marketing even starts. Thanks!"            - Mary-Lou


"Gideon, You'r report and videos are absolutely top-notch. I've watched a lot of launches and the content you're giving away is amazing and totally rocks! Video IS where it's at in online marketing. Video is the medium that today's generation is used to and is expecting more and more. The instant credibility and rapport that video gives you is really worth it. If you want a responsive list, you have to develop a relationship with them. Video is the FAST way to do that. Thanks a million, Gideon!" - Susan

Dan Lambeth

"Gideon,I watched the 10 videos you have with Yaro and the quality and clarity of your instructions is what prompted me to find your personal site online. You said on this site somewhere that you are the best in the world at video marketing and I believe it after watching those videos." - Dan Lambeth


"Thank you so much for sharing this very valuable information. I knew there had to be a better way to leverage YouTube to build my business. I can't wait to start implementing what you have shared in your guide and videos. Another area that I am interested in applying what I have learned here is in a localized market for a service oriented business. I am anxious to see how the tools you share here can help me build my client base via online means. Well, I better get busy! Thanks so much for sharing this great information!" - Tyy


"Hi Gideon, What a fabulous video report. This interview with Fran really gave a ton of great information. I loved it when you switched to the screen capture mode and she took us on a tour of a number of her videos and Youtube channel. She gave a great deal of information on how she monetized her videos. It was enough information to get someone excited and started with Video blogging.

The video quality was really great and I loved the down to earth feeling you would get when you two were talking. It did feel like I was sitting at a table with you have a cup of tea and a good conversation. It really made you feel comfortable with both of you and your information. I am also a raw foodist and love Fran's site and information. It is a great mix with you two creating video. Keep up the OUTSTANDING work Gideon. Thanks!" - Scott


"Hi. Gideon. Thank you so mush for your video. It's really awesome and greatfull video. Its make me can do everything take it easy for make money on Youtube and the information is very useful and great information. Wow I wish I'd had your course when I started video marketing. It would not have only saved me thousands of dollars but a huge amount of time and frustration.

You produce the best results and get the greatest, you need to always seek out the best in their fields and learn from them. In effective business video marketing, no one owns the field more than you. you get my highest recommendation. and Thanks agian. It's easy is the only way I know. Some people make things seem so complicated when there is always an easier way. And if anyone can find it I can. Have a great day"       - Dewey


"Dear Gideon: There is a tone and clarity of "integrity" to the why, what, and how of what you present that prompted my wife to show me this, and you, and that does not happen very often. We have seen "a lot" in our lives. for an initial outreach, I am especially impressed with the clarity and helpfulness of what you present, instead of too many who want viewers to jump through too many hoops just to get basic information.

Trust is hard to earn, but easily lost in this world, especially today in the 2010s. Keep up the great sharing, and if you do, the highest praise I will be able to pay you is that you are another, rare, Seth Godin, one of the only other online-initiated relationships I feel "that positive" about! Cheers, Emmett" - Emmett Pickett


"HI Gideon, Really a great interview with Fran Kerr.This video has inspired me to get a simple camera and get going now with the videos.I think case studies like this make a huge difference when you are able to see video and know it is all recent and real. It gives me even more impetus to see how I can integrate video in my blog and how to better use links to my advantage." - Murtuza Ali


"Gideon, this launch material just blows me away. Great work, I've really enjoyed it."      - Paul Cunningham


"Hey Gideon, I like how you use video as your front end for attracting prospects but also have a complete back end sales system made up of all the pieces the other gurus teach from facebook, to mailing lists, SEO etc. You've obviously put a ton of work in and seem to have successfully assembled the whole puzzle. Nice marketing machine."                  - Phil Donaldson


"Awesome videos ! Very inspiring... I accidentaly discovered the power of videos ! lol I was amazed by the number of views and subscribers to my yt channel ... just in showing I care about my viewers is powerful. The real person behind the videos is extremely powerful as the viewers can feel their energy / vibe and know they are genuine and can relate much better.

The positive energy put forth in the videos is magnetic also ...I mean ...who doesn't want to watch videos with happy positive people sharing messages which with genuinely help you ... People are drawn towards happy people right .. ? lol So in video it comes forth perfectly !! Powerful powerful stuff ! I can't wait to see whats next Gideon!! Lovin it so far !! : D" - Tammy


"Hi, I am sitting here at 2 AM and have just finished all three videos. First of all, thank you for making them downloadable. Because of limitations with my internet at home, this made them more accessible for me which I really really am happy they were. All three videos have great tips, as does the report (from the skimming I've done so far.). I am really hoping your course will be within my budget, but if it isn't- well, the good news is there is a TON to work with from the free products alone!

Being able to see some of how you do your own videos was excellent and the tips from the last two videos are invaluable in my opinion. It's really awesome that you are giving away iPads, but I wish it were a month of the course or some kind of way to get the course for a discount--it would depend on the course's set up of course ;)

Looking forward to seeing if I will be able to participate in the course and to putting the information in the e-book and videos into practice. Thanks for giving away such awesome information that we can use to make that next step into video!" - Jennifer


"Having only gone through a little bit of your guide, I'm already finding useful technical advice that I hadn't considered before. Thanks for this resource, Gideon!" - Jeremy


"Loved it!!! So much USEFUL information! Look forward to watching more... ;)" - Blanca


"The honest sharing was marvelous. Thank you Fran and Gideon. This information inspires me to just get out there and roll those cameras. Well, one at least! Wishing you continued good luck. And you do look radiant, so you must "walk the talk""                     - Charlotte Plott


"Your just 100% Amazing. Very Inspring. Looking forward for more. Thanks for the valuable information. Have a Good Day!" - Christopher Rosillo


"Giddy Up Gideo! Loved your videos mate. Well done. Extremely educational, great value content. Videos and blogging in isolation are powerful. Used together they are the bomb. Being in the marketing space i have seen the results that can be created when people do what you are showing them how to do. So all I can say is do it do it do it, right now. Cheers and i also look forward to checking out your report. " - Cheyne Goulden


"Gideon, Greeting from Malaysia :)T hank you so much for sharing all of this wonderful information, and i definitely will implement the method share by you into my online business. I will share your wonderful ideas to my friends and hope them can benefit as well, keep up the good work." - Wilson Chin


"Stunning. Fran definitely has what it takes to be a successful blogger. For me, the real value comes in her being genuine and showing her true sincerity. Following your heart and being guided by your passion is really the only way to be the real you. Being able to incorporate that into your marketing style is a winning formula. I like to call it "personality marketing" Well done Fran, and thanks you you and Gideon for taking the time to share your tips with us. I'll be giving some serious thought as to how I can implement them in my business." - Carla


"Wow and thanks! What a great idea to show someone the background of those Youtube videos, as well as interviewing someone that "fell' into this video promoting blog. Letting us see ordinary (yet creative and wonderful) people make these vids and get them out for others has really been inspirational. You've brought me out of my blog slump and I thank you." - Courtney Findlay


"Amazing! She loves her job, she makes a good living off of her day job, and she picks a topic that is "part" of her life. Beautiful.. thank you Gideon very much for sharing with all of us. Basic, be yourself, Flip camera, You Tube..." - Kent Tagge


"Have abandoned my blog for a while because of time, but the idea of video blogging is thoughtful and to me seems easier than writing... will definitely give it a try." - Obinna


"Gideon, I just finished all three videos and just wanted to say thanks. I have been reticent to shoot videos for all the reasons you have shared and after watching yours I think I'll take the plunge-the power and authority seem to good to pass up. Thanks again!" - Mark Aylward


"Heh, Thanks for the chance. Anyway this is the best way to get more traffic :D"             - Godlark


"Hi Gideon, I'm sorry to say that I dosed off during the presentation because my computer is playing up causing the pauses to be way too frequent. However, I did manage to download successfully and enjoyed watching it without a pause. I'm learning with every video." - Bryan


"Thanks for sharing this case study. Interesting to see how to sell physical products via Youtube. many things learned during the last 36 minutes. Have to see how I can apply all I learned to my business." - Unnamed


"Thank you so much for making this incredible information so accessible and free! Your report could not have come at a better time for me. I am really looking forward to implementing the ideas and reaping the benefits. What a fabulous job you have done."   - Soshanna


"Great video, cant wait until the 11th when you realise the rapid video blogging course!!!" - Simon John


"Gideon, It's great to see you highlighting someone else who is using the techniques you teach and promote to create a successful business. Fran has a very fresh and wholesome attitude, and comes across as being very authentic, as do you. I think this is a big part of what makes a video blogger successful- being authentic and likable. This is also why video blogging is so effective. There is no way someone can know how likable and authentic someone else is from their writing, though it's hard to fool the camera (unless, of course, you are a professional actor.)

The big take home point for me from this video is the reminder to blog on a topic that you are passionate about, that is "an extension of your life." If that can be accomplished, and the topic also provides a meaningful solution for people in need of a solution, it is magic. Of course, being consistent and actually getting the work done and the videos out there is crucial to the success of the business.

I am preparing to launch my blog, and I know it will benefit greatly from having taken your Rapid Video Blogging course, which was a bonus for signing up for Eben Pagan's Guru Blueprint course. I'm still digesting it all, and will keep referring back, but I am completely confident that the video blogging will make all the difference in the world. Thanks for putting yourself out there!" - Dr. Bob


"Go Gideon, Thank you so much for ALL the fantastic and FREE information, very generous of you :o) and loads to get started with. Very nice productions too, super, sleek and shiny ( especially your lips, are you wearing lip gloss, if so what is it, look good!) Easy to watch and listen to and you do look Happy on them, a tip Fran recommends. Thank you to both of you for sharing this valuable information. Am looking forward to actually doing something with it :O)To your continued success."          - Karen Shaw


"Wow! That was a really inspiring video. Just shows what belief in your self can do. I do think you need to have a lot of confidence in order to video blog - it's certainly not for the faint hearted. Gideon, hopefully your video blogging course will give us the confidence to go out and make it ourselves :)" - Natural Menopause


"Hey Gideon (And Fran), Thanks for a really great case study, it is a real privilege to get such an insight into someone's business like that and a real eye opener as to what is possible and so well within our grasp. What I like about this video the most (aside from the great technical marketing/techie/how to revelations) is the honesty and integrity of Fran, in fact of you both and I think that is the real key to getting this stuff right.

You are both successful in very different niches and whilst you do have your technical and marketing chops right, it is because of your passion and genuineness (is that a word?) that you attract, retain and then help people make decisions that positively affect their lives. That might be to come to your blog, click on a link, sign up for a free report or even buy a product. Sure there are lots of tips, tricks and techniques to help "influence" people into taking action, but from what I have seen in this video, people want to take action because they like, trust you and have an affinity with who you are - influence technques are not necessary.

I was sort of aware of this as an idea before but this is the first time I have seen it in action and done so elegantly, naturally and with such grace. So thank you for sharing. Perhaps Fran's most powerful tip was that one right at the very end about looking happy in your videos. Perhaps I can offer a suggestion that I picked up from somewhere in the dim, distant past and that is along the lines of Fran's "Fake it Til You Make It" recommendation with smiling. If you watch professional newsreaders on TV they look interesting and animated.

When you see a member of the public or someone not used to being on TV being interviewed - they often look wooden. What the presenters are doing is forcing the smile and making slightly exaggerated gestures with their heads as they talk . When you do this it feels REALLY uncomfortable and feels like every movement is unnecessary. Your cheeks will also start to ache with the forced smile.

However when you record yourself doing this, it is remarkable the difference it will make to speaking motionless looking straight at the camera. The only way you will know is by trying it out for yourself. Eventually your energy and enthusiasm and passion for what you are doing will start to shine through naturally and then appearing interesting and animated on screen will be normal for you just like it is for Fran. Once again, Thanks for sharing!" - Michael Tipper


"Oh, as a newbie in the blogosphere, it was really informative knowing that I am looking forward to earn online! Thanks and God Bless Gideon! I will really let my friends here know about this!" - Jose

"Hello Gideon, I knew there was more to be done when I decided to get my act together and use YouTube. Thank you for the clear and focused insight into getting the most out of the available resources. I now know what I need to do. Thank you again!"                   - Alain Greaves


"Excellent cutting-edge must-see strategies on how to grow traffic the fast and easy way. Thanks for the great information!" - Kym Heffernan


"Hi Gideon, Great to see such practical tips and from someone who is out there doing it for themselves. I just downloaded the report- love the fact it looks so step by step. Thanks for sharing!" - Claire Chapman


"Gideon, Great videos on video blogging! I have a flip and a Kodak zi8 that I love. I've been dabbling but it looks like it's time to get serious now! I'm really looking forwarding to going through your book. I'll be sending out a tweet to my over 5,000 followers just after I finish this message.All the best!" - Sally Cevasco


"Amazing stuff. Please open the course and let's get started on our road to riches!"         - Bruce Houghton


"Hi Gideon. Thanks for sharing this precious content. I have spent about 90 minutes watching your interesting videos and loved them. I know Fran Kerr, well I thought I knew her until I watched this video. She has truly done a great job with her online presence. Looking forward to hearing from you and watching your videos again soon. Thank you and keep inspiring." - Rado


"Just lovely!!This vid and the report are "EXTREMELY" awesome!!!!!!!!!!!Thz Gideon soooo much !!Really lookin forward to check out the course,i'm SURE it's goin to be BRILLIANT!!!Thanks u so much for EVERYTHING,i can't tell u how much i appreciate this!" - Cheng


"Hi Gideon, Thankyou for making your Rapid Video Blogging report available for free download and for putting together some handy videos to show how easy things can be to get started. The technical points you went through were great and I especially liked the case study with Fran.

It really highlights just how easy it can be to get started on youtube, and how this can be a great way to not only create content for a blog, but also to help with driving heaps of traffic. Combine this with the ranking power of video on Google, and online video marketing seems to be an incredible opportunity at the moment. I've been thinking of doing something like this for a little while now and your videos (and report) have helped give me a nudge in the right direction." - Tom McEwin


"Another great video, well worth the wait. I love the detail and the real stories you tell."   - Darren


"Hi Gideon, Thank you for all information you have started to share with us. You just have showed a great way to finally approach a big niche market I could not do before."   - Adam


"This is an incredibile learning tool you have created for everyone. Thank you so much for sharing this. What a great opportunity you are giving to so many people. Thanks again." - Sue Sutherland


"Well that was refreshing. I really like the notion that blog/video blog about what you love and the passion comes through. In other words don't do it just for the money. So nice to hear that instead of general money making schemes. So now a person with a genuine passion and knowledge about a subject can live doing just that. Sweet! Thank you Gideon, Thank you Fran." - Niko


"Great case study. It really goes to show you that one does not have to be an internet marketing expert to make money online. I learned several good tidbits from the video such as placing adsense inside some of your videos, telling people to back to your blog to comment, and including your web address in your video. Thanks" - Chris Gorka


"Wow, Just blown away with the content and totally transparent interview. English is not my first language and that has been my crutch for not using you tube/videos for generating traffic. But her totally open and honest talk about how bad her first video was and how she progressed has given me new confidence to venture into video blogging. I definitely agree with the genuine connection one can project/make with videos, not to speak of the amount of time I can save putting up videos instead of writing tons of articles competing with others to generate measely amount of traffic. Thanks Gideon."    - Mike


"Hey Gideon, Awesome videoes. I'm a magician and i think this will really help me start getting my name around. These videos have already helped me so far. They have great tips and anyone can really use this stuff to get their career going like me. Can't wait for your rapid video blogging course to come out, because I'm hoping that it will help me even more. thanks so much!" - Bradley Neufel


"Gideon, Thank you for posting this series of videos. While many of us are "dialed in" on how to conduct our business, or deliver our special products, many of us need the tools like these to tell people about what we do, and develop relationships that are more than just a sale. I do business with people I like. I would imagine that most people do. I like how this gives everyone a chance to not only talk about their product, but the opportunity to build a bridge personally to the producer. Thanks for this information."      - Michael Panebianco


"I loved this case history. It was much more instructive having an average person who has had success with this technique talk about what she is doing than to have some web marketing "superstar" share their experiences. I had no idea you could become a YouTube partner and run Google AdSense ads on them. Brilliant!" - Chuck Frey


"I liked her ideas...she keeps it very simple. I don't promote packaged product, yet I can see how video blogs would entice my clients to read my articles on a monthly basis and be able to give them snippets of guidance on a regular basis. Thanks Gideon...this is amazing information and new ideas are buzzing in my head." - Claudia Bianca


"There was some very good information in this video. I liked the idea of having your blogs name at the top of the YouTube channel. All the follow up she did with her customers as to what they wanted from her. Like her products she has add to her site. Also the infromation on just be natural when you are video taping." - Robin McNeeley


"Great ideas Gideon. I keep meaning to get more video going but it always seems to take up so much time. You've given me some great ideas for doing it easier and quicker." - Christine Gierer


"Very inspiring just seeing you on video. I'm just starting to go through your report and am a little nervous about doing video. I haven't done it before and don't even own a camera for it, but I know I'll have to use video in the future. You're motivating me to make a more solid plan for it." - Sharyn


"I am very new to the internet and learning a lot. I enjoyed this presentation because to me it seems to make things more simple to understand. I would like to implement this on my own website. Not necessarily for money but for educating expectant parents."     - Alecia


"Very informative....can't wait to get fully started.....my fiance and I run 2 businesses...and we're always looking forward to making money....as long as it's worth our time and effort." - Rob


"Wow, thanks for another awesome video. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your incredibly informative interview and screen cast. It's also good to see a real life case study on how video blogging can be used in markets. I took away so many points on marketing, video techniques, etc. Many thanks to Fran for being so great in just openly talking about how her passion also fuels her income. One phrase she said that stuck with me is "if it feels like a chore, it's not worth doing".

I think that really sums it up for anyone interested in either blogging or making videos. The primary motivation has got to be driven by your passion and not just making money. I still remember how in your video you mentioned that it's like everyday you wake up and can't wait to play with your new toy. Making videos can be fun, fast AND effective in driving traffic to your blog.

I just discovered that fact not long ago and your videos have really confirmed that for me. Even though I won't be able to fork out money for any course at the moment, your videos have really spurred me to step out of my comfort zone and work towards getting a camera and putting myself in front of it (I actually tried with a web cam after your second video but had serious lag issues). Thanks to Fran's tips (and yours), I feel like I can put aside my own fears and be myself on video.

Your videos and report have really opened up and world of possibilities for people like me. Thanks to you so many have been made aware of video as a simple but powerful tool of expression. I'm sure many will have been empowered just from the content you have provided so far. I would heartily recommend this Rapid Video Blogging to anyone even remotely interested in producing video content " - Joshua S


"Inspirational! Thank you for making this video with such a "real" person. You could have used someone who was all hype, but instead, Fran is refreshing and normal. I got many of the answers I needed while watching this case study--so now the creative juices are churning! I'm off now to read your report and check out Fran's blog, as I'd like to see more examples of her videos--and hopefully while I am gone I'll win the iPad! :)"  - Sheri


"Hi Gideon, More great stuff! Thanks so much. This is truly a remarkable time in history to be alive because of the access we have to the benefits of technology. Folks like you are invaluable in helping to de-mystify technology and to help non-technical folks like me begin to believe that I can do it too. I look forward to reading your report and, hopefully, on some of your future videos learning a bit more about managing my 'stumbling blocks' more efficiently. Keep up the good work." - Gwen McCauley


"Hi Gideon, After watching your video explanations, I have immediately started to reorganize my small company's approach on the Internet. Especially your second video helps to come out to the public even I am not a native English speaker. Thank you for all the information again." - Adam


"Hi Gideon, I have two businesses and have known for a while that I must "get into" video marketing.Y our Video's and this case study confirm that it's not that hard and I can definitely do this too. I'm going to be concentrating on this for the next 3 months and will work hard on video blogging for my companies.F ran, Thanks for sharing your tricks, experiences and successes." - Carlene


"This was such a great video! I am one of those that is freaked out about doing video. I have done a few but that was like pulling teeth to get those done. I really liked the various ways you could do video and I think the interview style *might* help me. Don't know why I get so worked up when I think about doing video so hopefully after reading your report and watching all your videos, I'll be able to move slowly out of my comfort zone. I do have a few video ideas that I would ultimately like to implement."                    - Angie Newton


"After muddling my way through niche blogging and internet marketing for a year with no success, I think this report could turn me in the right direction. Clear and easy to follow, the writing style is smooth and helpful. Your insights on video are by far at the top of their game. Thanks Mate!" - Phil Bartek


"I have heard about the possibilities of using video for a long time, and have been dragging my feet in many areas, including video. I have access to a lot of resources, both audio and graphics, pictures, third party sources, and haven't mastered the how yet. Listening and watching your material has given me hope that it can be easier than I make it.

Getting over the blocks of doing this is possible and so workable for business, if not necessary for the growth of business, no matter where you fall in the spectrum. I would like to remain a solopreneur and leverage technology to create hi-tech, hi-touch systems in a few niches that I am most interested in pursuing. So, looking forward to doing more in this area. Thank you so much for presenting this information in this way!" - Mary Gallagher


"Hi Gideon, thank you for sharing this quality info which was a pleasure to watch. I'm going to go away and read your report over the next couple of days and i'll be back to let you know how i got on! Thanks again!" - Sal P


"Gideon--Great video and great information. I come out of commercial television and just want to say you are spot on. Looking forward to reading your report and taking action. YouTube is the biggest opportunity for those with the insight and determination to make it happen. Be well!" - Claude Pelanne


"Gideon - I just read your report and the amount of content is just really refreshing and easy to use. I'm just getting started with video email and video marketing campaigns and having your report as a tool to make sure I do things right it priceless. It could not have come to me at a better time. It's like a God send. Thank you!" - Norma Serrano


"I knew this case study was going to be with Fran. I love her blog and her style and how simple she likes to make things. I took some good notes and hope to get out there at some point and do video. I like the idea of doing video in different places to have a variety of backgrounds. Neat! I would really like to have 4000 unique visitors A DAY! Right now I'm doing that each month. Long way to go but I see now how video can really make that happen. Thanks Gideon and Fran for a great lesson." - Angie Newton


"Great videos! I sure have learned a lot from them. I do use youtube. I tend to make fun videos, but didn't realize they had a Partnership scheme. Perhaps I haven't had enough viewers yet. I have been thinking of other ways to promote my book, and my publishing company. Using your information I'm going to make more video blogs. Thank you."         - Ellen Dean


"You present your info with such a wonderful, relaxed sense of simply being real. With all that you have to share, and all that you demonstrate about what really works, everyone can learn a great lesson about presenting yourself as real, accessible and ready to help. THAT opens the door to visitors who are ready learn and ready accept all you share as 'do-able.' When they believe they too can do it... you have something truly special, not to mention HIGHLY marketable. Thanks!" - Tim G.


"Hello Gideon, I totally agree that YouTube is major just by the sheer number of people on YouTube and the average amount of time people spend watching videos. This combined with the ability to share your videos to Twitter and Facebook, also major social platforms can indeed take a business over the top.

I'm interested to know however, how you can target your specific niche on YouTube to make your list more responsive. My niche is network and internet marketing. So how do I bypass the people who are there for fun and target those who are there for business? I'm on to Video 3 and reading the report i just downloaded. Thanks for providing this information.- Fontella Williams


"Hi Gideon, totally impressed from go to whoa, This is a subject I have been seeking info about without success, and now my friend here you are. Fantastic. Do I detect a touch of Kiwi in the accent or perhaps a cultured aussie Ha! anyway I am so looking forward to devouring the report I have downloaded. .The two videos i have just watched are great. This report and our future association will I'm sure get me on the road to spreading my niche and hopefully making some cash as well. I look forward to hearing from you again!" - John E. Regan


"Absolutely great video! Fran's story is so inspiring... especially because she did it almost by accident. That makes is seem more realistic that other people, who are intent on succeeding in the blogging business, should be able to do so. And what an interesting topic to blog about! Skin care, of all things! I really enjoyed the video series Gideon, and I loved how you used the techniques from video #2 in this video. It just brought the lessons home. Thanks so much!" - Laura


"Just in time! I'm creating my blog from scratch and this Rapid Video Blogging is a fantastic strategy. I've got lots of work to do but now I have a good sense of how to get traffic and deliver some value-added content. Thanks, Gideon!" - Carmen K


"I really like how you show so much of how it's done for free (Nice Way To Gain Credibility!) I'm much more likely to believe that you know what your'e talking about... Good on you! One additional way you could show people to make videos could be just to use the camera that's right on most laptops today... I have many domains and I haven't had any success getting people to them - so this method is the BEST ideas I've seen in years... like you said, I thought Youtube was just for fun... now I'm seriously thinking on how I can use the exposure for many of my other projects I've almost given-up on. Thank you so much for showing how easy it can be (technically) - I'm sure your course will go into much more detail about content creation and marketing - all good stuff - I'm sure... In fact, I was so depressed about blogs not converting that I started doing something completely different: creating what I call artstruments - musical art pieces that come from the imagination... I think I will use your video method for exposure" - George


"I really appreciate these videos! They have been a great resource and make me very excited about the course. Thank you!" - Steve Miller


"Gideon, you are doing some great work teaching us how to use youtube to promote our blogs, and the benefits of video blogging! I look forward to what will come next." - Moses Sedler


"Gideon, This looks to be an awesome resource! Many, many thanks for releasing this report into the wild, I'm getting a lot out of it already. It's great to hear how someone who's putting these methods into practice does their workflow. It's invaluable."                 - David Dickerson


"Hi Gideon and thanks for the awesome video. I know I can always count on you to deliver the best tips, techniques and strategies for blogging, and no doubt there are many like me who are trying to apply your teachings so they can share their own passion with the world.

As always, your free content is worth paying for. That being said, you chose an excellent case study in Fran, who uses all the tools of internet marketing. Her affiliate products are right in line with her target market, and her use of Google AdSense is brilliant. Thanks again for this video series." - Ginny


"Hi Gideon, Thanks for all your great videos! I'm learning how to make a blog using your previous 'How to become a blogger' videos and I'm adding this info to finally start making my own videos! I'm looking forward to more great info from you (-:" - Arielle


"Loved these videos! This last one was as wonderful as the other two - Fran was a joy to watch and learn from. I was a bit sad with the series coming to an end but now I'm super excited for the Rapid Video Blogging course to open tomorrow! I am thrilled to see that videos using natural lighting and location can be so successful - this is exactly what I'd like to do and with all the wonderful advice from the first two videos and the "hands-on" demo shown in the third video I actually feel like I am ready to give it a shot.

My one suggestion for folks looking into video blogging would be to check out transcription services. I know there are many situations where watching a video is not feasible so having a transcript to read until you can watch the video at a later time is a wonderful way to keep people on your blog when they aren't able to view videos."           - Cathy


"Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. I am just starting to get the hang of things in this internet marketing world. Your video will really help me in my marketing. Thanks!" - Barbara Barrington


"real cool info I been doing my own show which is called the iggy show its about arts and i have gotten awesome feed back! you got some cool stuff" - Iggy


"Thanks so much for the report Gideon. I've just started trying to make a presence for myself on the internet and so far I've been running around chasing my tail. This will surely go a long way to achieve this and when I hit the top, expect credit! haha" - Eric Colbath


"I really liked the simple step by step way that you explained how to do Rapid Video Blogging. It made sense and made me ready to go. You are making the learning curve appear a whole lot shorter." - Joy Sloan


"Wow! This interview is brilliant! And you actually showed us how to make $$. Thanks Gideon for interviewing her and Fran--thanks a million!" - Once Cluttered Brain


"Hi Gideon! I have really enjoyed this video/interview - so natural and down to earth! As a South African myself (who grew up in Perth as a child) it is so nice to see real people discussing their online businesses in such a positive and natural way. It was a pleasure to watch (and I picked up some great tips) Thank you! " - Anthony Sudbury


"Gideon, Thanks for the great content. I was surprised when I opened your manual and saw 90 pages... That's a whopper! While going through it I ran across something that I needed to hear. It isn't something I haven't heard before in other markets, but something I needed to hear today. That is "Why Your Videos Only Need To Be "Good Enough" And No More!"

This is big for me as I have been imobilized do to perfectionism. This perfectionism has led me to no results, and your concept to tame it down as to not seem too professional which could have adverse effects rings true. I just need to get something done. I also am thankful for the tips on setting up the You Tube channel.

I am getting excited about getting something done here and your tips will deffinatley give me a jumpstart on it most deffinately. Thanks for your good work and I look forward to seeing more of what you have to offer." - Ryan K


"Hi Gideon, Talk about luck. I'm so glad my mom called me to the computer to watch your video's. I'm a songwriter and have just started to use You Tube to gain some exposure. Your video's were just want I needed!!! I especially like how you showed the equipment that you use and the ease of it all. Now, I'm so excited thinking about all the possibilities... my head is spinning. Loved it!" - Casey Sorrells


"That was really great Gideon! The Report that you have shared and the videos that you have showcased here are all very well made, well edited, down to earth and useful info. Having case studies is a great way to explain and I definitely commend your thought to have a case study in these series. All the best for your endeavor dear!"           - Himanshu Chanda


"It was a real pleasure to learn about Fran and her techniques. I was particularly interested in this case study because wellness and natural foods are a passion of mine." - Joy Sloan


"Hi Gideon. I want to thank Katie Freiling for sharing your link for the free report. I think you are right - this is underutilized and for good reason. It really does take time to figure out the ins and outs of making a decent video and how to put the whole marketing hub together. As one who is moving forward on this path, I am grateful for your generous content, so thank you!" - Lisa Kneller


"I just downloaded the report and watched the videos. Though I haven't had a chance to read through it all yet, I am already impressed with how in-depth it is. I have tried video blogging in the past without much success. I was picking up a tip here, a tip there, etc. Hopefully, with some undivided guidance things will become much easier." - Angie


"Thanks Gideon. This video was helpful not only from a marketing point for me but also for my wife, who was working in our office where I was watching the video. She has an art website. I have been talking to her about using video and she has been reluctant to go with it (I think because she doesn't think she is photogenic ... It's not true by the way). Anyway this has helped to break the barrier there. Also the point about putting your face up on the header (I am her web designer) was good as it confirmed my advice to her. So all in all this was quite a good day for me as I (we) watched your video. Watching your videos and has given me some important information as I am preparing to do some affiliate marketing in the immediate future. Thanks again!" - Dan


"Great stuff. I've been thinking about using YouTube and video blogging for my Mac advice blog. I'm one of those who "has a face for radio", so most of my videos will likely be screencasts and demos of products. But I'm guessing that I'll need to put my mug up once in a while to create that personal relationship with my readers. Thanks for your generosity." - MacSage


"Hi Gideon, Thank you for this! You just started giving thee just in the nick of time. I needed a way to record sound that was not in my computer as it made too much noise. Now I see the product you use and I trust your advice. This is inspiring also because I am in a better position to have some authority in my niche ---- a book deal! I was waiting for that Now I can use your techniques to help sell my book when it comes out." - Aline deWinter


"Thank you, your guide is very insightful and has my mind working through how to best utilize this for my websites." - Jon Wade


"Gideon, this is great stuff! Thank you so much for sharing, I look forward to seeing the rest of your materials." - David


"Hi Gideon, Thanks for these excellent videos. I had just read the book "Crush IT" and have decided to switch to Video blogging as being Dyslexic writing is just not that easy for me. I had NO IDEA how to really harness this as a business strategy, then Dr Joanna Martin sent me to your site and WOW, here is the answer I've been looking for. Really looking forward to learning more from you and to helping my Offline Coaching Clients harness the power of Video Blogging. Keep up the great work and please let me know the best resource to go for getting your TV channel designed etc. Thanks"             - Paul Avins

"Hello Gideon, Thank you sooo much for putting together this training course. It is exactly what I was looking for. I've heard many say that video is the way to go, but no one went into detail like this. I actually feel that I can do a video now. THANK YOU and keep up the great work." - Nancy Robertson


"Wow! What an inspiring video interview with Fran. Nothing like a case study to add a touch of realism to all the theory behind video blogging, Gideon. Seeing ordinary people achieving "extraordinary" results is what makes your upcoming course so exciting. Can't wait to see it! Best wishes on your launch tomorrow, Gideon!" - Barry H


"Nice video. It really does get the entrepreneur spirit flowing. Fran does a great job giving us some tips, which I hope to use very soon. I like the fact that it is very easy to get going and it just includes some good ways to make sure you are watching how to monetize best. Youtube shows so much promise for some future projects of mine and I cant wait to get started and watching the visitors come in and convert better. The options seem great for any blogger looking to expand their audience. Thanks Gideon and Fran!" - Mario Mendoza


"Hi Gideon, Thanks for introducing Fran and highonhealth.org as a wonderful working illustration of video blogging--and how succeeding at it is quite do-able. I am excited about the prospect launching a vidoblogging site. I appreciate the "genuine" approach she exhibits, and your efforts at bringing entrepreneurial possibilities to "regular" folks like me and others out there. Thanks again, Gideon. Your transparency and trustworthiness is much appreciated." - John Aguon


"What perfect timing. The upgrading of my website is happening during the month of September. Just read three chapters and finding it an enlightening read and know I've found the right tool to help me with my video blogging. I'm passionate about spreading the 'happidemic' of laughter and as the Chuckling Executive Officer of Live Life Laughing a regular video of different people lol at a laughter session or in one of my laughter wellbeing programs will be great. Laughter is infections so people will be able to laugh along - all passed on thanks to having access to a free Rapid Video Blogging resource. Laughter, like love, makes the world go round ..." - Phillipa Challis


"Thanks Gideon, Great timing as I have been ramping up to get into Video Marketing. Thanks for the info and heads up." - Scott Barket


"Hi Gideon, What can I say? Another great video! I've already digested your .pdf and can't wait for the course! Keep up the great work... you clearly have something to teach and I'm a willing student." - Chris


"Gideon - thanks for putting together such a great resource. I am just starting to consider how to utilize video for my own business." - The Protector


"Awesome information! I didn't know where to start but know I have a good idea. I am from Mexico and my dream is to be financially FREE, so I can spend more time with my family and travel. From all the things I've researched on internet marketing (since many months ago) I finally decided to go with video marketing and blogging! no more searching! mainly because of the impact and speed of results. I think they are the best option, plus I'm pretty sure i'm gonna like it a lot. You rock!" - Edgar


"Thank you. I spend the day from work today - motivated, researched, and feel confident in my new direction. I even set up the blog today and now I am motivated to draft the intent of my blog. This is so exciting. Thank you again." - Sandra Hails


"Hi Gideon, Thanks heaps for sharing so much. I really want to start video blogging and for videos for youtube so I do believe I have found the right place!" - Sharon Whyte


"This is going to rock. I'm just starting to get into video marketing and it took me all day to complete one video on camtasia and upload it onto youtube. And I had to shoot it twice because I lost the first one." - Jeff Pierce


"Gideon, What an inspiring case study. Thanks for showing that anyone from any niche can do this... if it works for acne, it should work for anything else. I was inspired to go look at Flip cameras today and thinking of parks of where to film :) Have a great day!"     - Kim


"I love how Fran mentions that she doesn't like reading marketing books. After a while it does get tedious. I find that I really get engaged so quickly when I watch vids. Am a very visual person so the bond is quick. Glad that I'm not crazy and that this is common and logical. :)" - Linda Eaves


"thank you for the generosity of heart in sharing this info with me. I look forward to diving in and learning how to become more efective at the game of blogging. I hope to be able to return the favour some day." - Graham Browne


"Thanks Gideon, The third video, was just what I wanted to see. Case Study. You were reading my mind! Again, I learned a lot." - Dr. Doug


"Greetings Giedon! Thank You so much for these amazing videos. I have recommended them highly to all of my friends and am amazed at how perfect the timing is for my business and promotional efforts. I am humbled by your generous sharing of knowledge and wisdom to assist so many to be successful using Video Marketing.

I am just beginning to teach the members of the Whispering Energy Collaboration the importance of becoming viral, so finding your work is perfect. Wishing you Peace, Love and Abundant Blessings!" - Malathy Drew


"Came here through Chris Brogan. Figured he saw something there, so worth a look. Good god man! 92 pages? It's not padding or sales either: actionable stuff! Well done Gideon!" - Justin Whitaker


"Hi Gideon, Your video training is incredible and I took it today and applied it to my business. I'm excited to see what the results will be. You are right, I was able to create them quickly with my flip camera. I did feel camera shy at first, but I took your advice and focused on talking to one person and it felt so much better. I think I created 4 videos in about an hour, I took one of them and created a blog post with it. I'll do the same with the other three throughout the week. Thanks for your leadership and guidance." - Heather C. Stephens


"Thanks Gideon, I have been trying to start online marketing for a few months now and am learning so much that I am overwhelmed by the possibilities. Your training is helping me to get a focus and I really appreciate all of the hard work you are putting into this site. Thank you very much and I look forward to learning more from you. I really liked the interview with Fran too!" - Bil Byrnell


"You are exactly right with this approach and hope to incorperate video into all aspects of my web presence. Thanks for the info." - Brock Cooper


"Hi Gideon and Fran, I absolutely loved this video. They just keep getting better and better. I got so many great ideas that I can't wait to get up in the morning and put into action. I got 6 pages of notes from this video and several pages of notes from the previous videos as well. I'm excited to really dive in and dissect the rapid video blogging information in your report.

More than anything, I just really want to say "Thanks." Today, I've overcome a huge fear of video marketing and created my first real video for my blog. I was amazed at how easy it was, and sad at how afraid of it I was before I actually gave it a try. Thank you for helping me get my message out to the world. I can't wait to use video as an additional way to help more people find freedom in their lives!"   - Heather C. Stephens


"Thank you Gideon, read a lot of topics from online but it just create me confused. Your video make me as eye opener to my goal. I have not started yet but i do follow everything! Thank you very much! A very informative." - Rodel Yocte


"Hi Gideon, wow thanks for an amazing video series and report on video marketing. I loved the case study and the practical and easy way that Fran connects with her readers. It incorporates all that you teach and shows the actual results. I have two pages of ideas that I wrote down while watching this last video of how I can really take my blog to the next level and leverage the power of video and youtube." - Jill


"Wow this is such a great video. You and Fran have given me so many great ideas about what to do on my blog. You both make it look so easy and I know that I can do it also. Thank you for sharing such incredible information." - Katrina Rooker


"Excellent stuff Gideon! You have really hit the nail on the head with your info. You are likable and easy going in your videos, which really is a great change of pace. Thanks again..." - Dana Gundlach


"Excellent work. I reside in Nairobi-Kenya and blogging has made it easier for me to have and access global material like the one I have downloaded from your site. In more ways than can be told it is good to read through the experiences of those who have gone before us on this road of virtual adventure. Thanks again. Keep up we are watching." - David Paul Mavia


"Thanks Gideon and Fran, this was really useful. Best of all, it's soooo encouraging to see and hear someone who's actually making a full-time living doing something they're truly passionate about -- and doing it "the lazy way". It fires me up to realize the HUGE potential video blogging offers! Thanks again!" - Stephen Dreher


"Fran is a fascinating personality and very authentic human being. I wish you continued and tremendous success! This was a wonderful case study, Gideon, and I'm certainly glad you didn't select some big-named guru to study. :) Fran has shown that being "passionate" about your topic will create a huge list of loyal fans and followers ... and customers! Magnificent video! Thank you!" - Melanie Kissell


"hi, thanks for this great information and all those tips. For me this is about helping myself to learn about the power of mutliple ways to communicate simultaneously -voice, kinaesetically, audio, audio digital and bringing it all together in this amazing new way to communicate online and via the mobile. Video is so cool and so empowering and now I have the 'tool box' to really make video work for my new business Great Teams -thank you" - Mark Pym


"How awesome to watch this video! I'm actually one of Fran's subscribers, so I was very thrilled to hear about her success. Kudos to you, Fran! This video was very inspiring, particularly because of the simplicity of Fran's approach to video marketing, blogging and Internet marketing. I am especially struck by the fact that much of her choices were affected by her laziness. Hooray, there's hope for the rest of us. Here are some of the key points I got from this video:

* Make videos about a topic you're truly interested in, if not passionate about.

* Be yourself.

* Keep things simple.

* Make it easy for your audience to buy what you're promoting... but without selling too much.

* You make money by leading your viewers away from your YouTube videos and onto your blog or the site of a product you're affiliated with.

I should also mention that as I read the Rapid Video Blogging report and watched the videos, I became more and more convinced that I should create separate YouTube channels for each of my niches (I am in three at the moment). I know, it may sound obvious, but like Fran, I'm lazy. But I will get to it and you'll definitely be seeing more videos on my blogs. (In fact, I am up in the middle of the night editing one as I'm typing this.) Thank you for sharing all this, Gideon!" - Lexi Rodrigo


"Yes, I definitely like this case study, as it is a proof that basically anyone with a passion, commitment & consistency can do this!! great work!" - Remco


"What great and useful information you're giving everyone, Gideon. Thanks so very much!" - Steve


"Hi Gideon, Congratulations first of all on the successful launch of your e-book and videos to promote Rapid Video Blogging, I am sure that everyone who has read or watched your information has taken some valuable and practical information away to implement in their video blogging business.

I have learnt so much but the key to success is in taking action and since the release of your report thats all I've been doing. I purchased my tripod, digital voice recorder, microphone and lights but my husband told me to return the lights as we had the exact ones in the shed! My blog is being set up and I've created my YouTube account - keeping in mind what you said about the keywords being in the channel name title and researched all the keywords for my niche market using the YouTube suggestion keywords.

I am all set to go and can't wait. This is going to be a fantastic time to get involved in video blogging and with success stories like Fran and another video blogger who has followed your course Tyrone Shum, it demonstrates the power of video blogging and how it can be a fantastic way to make an income! I wish you every success with the course, I'll be one it thats for sure! You've had so many messages saying thank you so here is another one to add to the list! THANKYOU!!!!!" - Nicole Charles


"So I have just watched (again) all 3 video's taking my notes, and have worked my way through the book (until 2.30am this morning). Gideon, I am astounded you gave all this away for free, and then on top of that gave away 3 iPads. Amazing, generous, very nice indeed. I wish I was able to return the same value to you! - if you ever need anything let me know :)" - Virtual Miss Friday


"WOW Thank you SO much! This just confirms to me that you have left no stone over turned in your upcoming full product release. I mean this is exactly what I needed with screen-shots and all. I have seen other products and they DO NOT compare to this. Thanks again for raising the bar!" - H. E. Thompson


"Your books are unbelievably helpful to those of us who are self starters, but are looking for a way to train and understand systems. Thank you so much Gideon for your contribution to the world and to the rest of us with these insights!!!" - Aaron


"Hello from UK, Thank you for such useful and eye openning information. Fran is like a breath of freshair, I can see how everyone loves her and would love to be able to follow her methods, so, a bit more study and a huge learning curve and I hope to be up there with you ! At last thanks to your tuition I feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel and I feel excited at the prospect of success." - Jackie


"Very Inspiring and shows that it can be done. It's real cases like this that motivate like no other. Thanks." - AJP


"Gideon, I blieve you are correct. The world is changing at an alarming rate and it is difficult to keep up without following everyday.One thing that should stay the same, though is excelent customer service. Thanks much, James" - James Stanton


"Dear Gideon... Thanks for all your hard work. Much appreciate any and all information on how to develop my blogs. Your tips have stirred some great ideas on how to use video as I grow my site. Keep up the great effort!" - Michael Jay


"This is an excellent opportunity for speakers to market themselves as strong presenters with high impact information. Looking forward to exploring. Thanks!"             - Caryn Ginsberg


"Hey Gideon, I'm hearing lots of good things! Thanks for the Rapid Video Blogging report! I'm looking forward to diving into to it tonight. The "The #1 Reason Why Video Trumps Everything Else Online Today" video is a great call to action! Folks need the heads up! Good job!" - Dustin Goerndt


"Thanks so much for the great information. Before I saw this, I had lots of ideas but no direction about how to make them work. I feel a lot more confident about it now." - Jad


"Gideon, This is so timely for me. I'm working on adding video - since I've got an upcoming product launch. Your report goes over some of the pieces I was wondering about! Going to apply this to my videos - back to the pdf to take more notes! Thanks!"     - Lisa Brown


"Video is definitely the current marketing strategy that is rocking the world, and the sooner we take advice like you are so generously offering with your free report the faster we, as entrepreneurs ill be recognized as leaders. As video becomes the mainline method of communication internet marketing opens up to a whole new level."  - Wendy MacKay


"Ciao from Italy, Gideon. Heard about you from Chris Brogan. Your videos are great and straightforward...and so is your Ebook. I've already picked up a few tips. Thanks mate!" - Salvatore Ciccarello


"Hi Gideon, I just downloaded the book, and sat thru your 20 minute video. Sounds interesting and do-able. I sell homes and condos in Los Angeles and I think Rapid Video Blogging just may very well apply, ie doing a video weekly of some house that I especially liked, the neighborhood, shopping nearby etc.

I have seen a guy do videos on a particular city, but he focuses on people talking about how great it is to live in that particular city, the fire dept, school district, the nature walks, etc. I think if I walk thru a house and present its best features, how rooms flow from one to the other--that's a new kick! I attract people that want to see houses in specific locales, yards, streets, and have a "talk thru" with a realtor. I see that I can become "the expert" easily.

However, I will need to title or tag the videos or channel correctly so that I can capture quality viewers. I like it. From what you say, not too intensive to get started." - Mona


"Kudos to you and Fran! Thanks for showing us the real behind the scenes tips regarding things like blog/YouTube design, recording the vids, having affiliates, etc. It feels so comforting to have authentic support for us folks just showing up on the scene. Learning that I can keep it simple and not have to be a superstar helps me see just how tangible this is. I'm really looking forward to your coaching program! Thanks a million!"    - Valerie D.


"Gideon Shalwick has definately become a name you can trust! I began with your 10 videos on setting up my blog, Your instructions were so through and easy to follow; i was amazed and deeply grateful. Thank you for this free report and for the accompanying videos. People like me, who are beginners, will one day be making money and become your clients because of the loyalty you are building for the future with products like this. Thank you again." - ShariLee


"Gideon: You've inspired me with your thoughts about productivity in particular. Now that I've produced a few videos myself, I see how important this is. Must learn to produce content more efficiently by streamlining the process. Also, I very much like the way that you produce your videos with your face well-lit and relatively close to the camera lens. Seems to earn you more trust when a prospect can look directly in your eyes, just as if you were speaking face to face.

Additionally, you can speak more softly and that seems natural because of the close up shot. When you speak more softly, I feel less "pitched" and more like a friend is sharing something useful. Look forward to more from you." - David Cary


"Hi Gideon, You have listed some great information. I am looking to use it asap. I have been interested in web and graphic design and I am going to school for it. I am at the time, having issues with my Desktop though. It keeps cutting off on me. So I am using my laptop. I am taking your videos and information to heart though, I am really interested in trying you method. I do have a question though. My husband just recently completed a music video and it is on dvd how would I download it without having a cd burner or converting it to a cd. I am working with windows vista. I want to upload the music video to youtube. Thank you so much." - Adrienne Edwards


"Thanks for another great video. Love the idea of vlogging outdoors when possible. (Also solves the lighting issues.) Maybe I'll do a video from a snow bank in January! Thanks again" - Kimberly Graham


"Thank you thank you!!! I am new to video marketing and was very intimidated by it. This takes the guess work right out of it. I have started putting together what I need to get my first video done TODAY! This will most certainly be a link that I recommend to everyone! Thank you so much for providing such timely information." - Amanda


"The technology is fairly simple. It's the preparation and the process of production and delivery of video that has me stumped. I am looking forward to learning more about your new course. Thank you for making the report available for us to peruse!" - Seshu


"Gideon, A friend shot me an email about Rapid Video blogging because she knew I was writing the script for my first video. So, the timing couldn't be better for me to receive your free report and this series of intro videos. You're easy to look at :), you're easy to listen to (accents can be so exotic) and you definitely speak with the confidence of an expert. Thank you for all of this value!" - Arlene


"Hey Gideon, This was really, really good stuff. Wow! I am just in the begging stages of setting up my online business. Of course "Video" is critical, and the way you present it, and position it, is nothing short of amazing! I look forward to reading your report, and watching the other videos on this site. I believe that EVERYONE that lands here should really pay real close attention to what you saying. This is knowledge that is very relevant to building an online business. Thank You!" - Harold Frink


"It is very informative I am looking forward to applying your system to my work day. Thank you for sharing with me." - Patrick


"I've been trying to figure out a way to do video blogging and if it would make sense for my niche. I'm glad you came up with this resource. It's very valuable and gave me a lot of insight on how I can build my business!" - Keisha


"This was so helpful to me. She blogs and has an enormous following, just by being herself. What is so awesome is that she never has to pick her brain for something her audience would be into. Her life is what her audience is in to. So, just have to ask, what is that for me. This was perfect for me. Right what I needed right when I needed it. Thank you Gideon and Fran!" - Dakota Lee


"Hi Gideon. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! There were so many golden nuggets in that video. I had so many ah - ha moments, my head is swelling. I really want to thank you for the inspiration. I look forward to the next video. p.s love the accent :). I'm an ex-South African too so missing hearing it :)" - Carla


"The detail and orientation from your first video was absolutely amazing. I had started to do Affiliate Marketing and found it extremely difficult to get the right information to tie all the lose ends together. Now anyone can do at home business or other marketing ventures without the worry of messing things up. This could open a whole new world for both novice and experienced business professionals. I will definitely share this with my contacts so we can all grow faster and farther. Thanks again!" - Clarence Grooms


"Gideon, awesome is the only way to describe your videos and your Rapid Video Blogging. You give truly, no hype, information that REALLY tells what you need in the way of equipment and the how to use that equipment plus, plus, plus. just fanastic. Keep up the good work and I will see you on the next video." - Al Bolshazy


"Wow - this is so well-done, Gideon. Very, very clear, and inspiring. I really appreciate the information and motivation that you provide here. Thank you so much!" - Diana Walker


"Thank you for the re-assurance I've been needing. I've been standing in the middle of the road like the deer looking at the headlights until I found your site. I'm just thrilled to see a breakthrough about to happen. I've done countless hours looking at the different guru's sites and no able to get my arms wrapped around the how to phase. Thanks for bringing clarity. I better get to reading the report." - Steve Valentine


"I know I need to start doing more video on my blog. I really love the fact she does her videos out in the park. It's one of my favorite places to be also. Thanks for the great info Gideon and Fran. I am going to have to start doing more video." - Kelley Denz


"Another great production Gideon thanks. I like the simplicity of what you are doing. And just looooove the "interview" technique you shared. That sounds like the model for me (was never movie star material :)) Thanks again..." - Carla


"Thanks a lot Gideon, I will have my second sleepless night tonight. This is absolutely fantastic stuff. You are amazing ! Everything is so clear and concise. I love it, love it, love it!" - Jan


"I am so thrilled to have met you through this medium. Your videos are fantastic and the report is absolutely amazing. This is exactly what I have needed to push me out of the dark and into the limelight. Video blogging is the one aspect that I have shyed away from. Now with your training I see that I CAN do this. Thank you Gideon so much!!"       - Jad


"Thank you Gideon, Just listened and watched your incredible Rapid Video Blogging webinar and my 74 year young mind is still reeling at all the prospective ways you have given us, to build a genuine and long-lasting growing business. Now I shall devour the Rapid Video Blogging report, plus the unexpected and extra bonuses. No sleep for me tonight. Have some serious reading to do, then action to take. Cheers and the very best of British luck to you." - Ray Cunningham


"Gideon, I've been considering video blogging for months. Yet I'm still writing text posts...and they take so much time to compose. This video series was just the inspiration I needed to begin utilizing video! Seeing Fran sealed the deal. One feels much more of a personal connection with her watching her video blogs as compared to reading her text blogs.

It was helpful to see that she utilizes outside locations...and that she gets to do something she loves. Thank you for sharing so many practical tips - recommended equipment, software, methods, etc. This was a great series! " - Natalie Nichols


"Thanks for all the advice! Following your advice, I've restarted my WordPress install and configuration. Even though my blog site currently points to a test Blogger site, I'll be moving that over to my very own Wordpress setup soon. Always a pleasure to watch these videos - Fran's penchant for recording in parks is a nice touch and then the placement of links in her videos, titles, and descriptions really opened my eyes to the many little things I'll need to think over when I launch my site.

Being that I live in New Jersey, the parks don't really match up to the parks Fran was in - those were some fancy trees back there. But what did she say? Be yourself. Okay, parks aren't really me. And I guess suits aren't me either. So cross out suits. Just be myself- crocs and jeans. Got it.

On top of all the details behind her setup and process, it was also great to hear the history of how Fran built up her blog serendipitously from a hobby, and then with a skin problem as catalyst, into a fully sustainable business. Inspiring! Thank you!" - Juno Suk


"Your ability to talk and sell without being fake and in-your-face is great. You talk in a clear and structured manner. Your videos are genuine and comprehensible. The "Rapid video blogging" videos, has changed my life. I have known for a long time that I wanted to be my own boss and earn a living by doing what I love. Though I was confident I would achieve my dreams one day, the road to getting there seemed long and hard.

My main worry has always been "Where and how do I begin?" Your videos (and e-book) has helped me realize I CAN DO IT! It really is possible to create your own reality! We are not slaves to the system or slaves of destiny. The video about Fran's business makes it all real to me. If Fran can do it, I can do it! You have freed my mind and given me inspiration to finally start my own online business. Thank you!"                   - Marianne Willems


"Hi Gideon, Very refreshing to see someone give an honest take on how simple and accessible video (and audio) has now become - rather than taking an overly 'tech' approach. I've been in professional video/tv for over 20 years - and got into digital editing on the VERY expensive Quantel and Avid systems way back - but I can honestly say that here and now is the most exciting time yet - and having previously started and run 2 companies with expensive kit and employees - now working in this area on my own and from home is fantastically liberating and rewarding.

It's useful to note that many big government and business clients are looking for exactly the same materials and content you're describing - and opportunities are there for those passionate and keen enough!Thanks!" - Brian Carroll


"This series is very useful, thanks for sharing. I'm interested to see what opportunities there are to monetize other kinds of contact lists rather than an email list. For example, Twitter and Facebook communities offer the potential to not just reach out to those connected with you, but potentially a broader audience as well as your followers share that content with their networks." - Dirk Hoag


"My friend and mentor Lynn Terry told me about your Rapid Video Blogging and I am really looking forward to reading the report and implementing the strategies. It is exciting to be involved with cutting edge technology and methodologies. Thanks Gideon!" - Coronado Cookie


"Gideon: I know I'm just echoing what others have said, but I can't begin to tell you how motivating your interview with Fran was. Seriously, it pulled me up and actually gave me hope.

I've spent that last year, pouring over Internet marketing materials from tons of different "gurus" and "experts" in an effort to take my passion and find a niche market to build an online business. As time progressed, the amount of material that flew across my computer screen became overwhelming, and I felt I was drowning in a sea of over-hyped launches, methods, secrets, formulas, and promises. Frankly, I became addicted to the premise that every new product I saw was the one that was going to "finally do it", and eventually, I discovered that I knew a lot more about the Internet marketing world, but had nothing to show for all the so-called learning. I think they use to call this, paralysis by analysis.

With stacks of eBooks and gigabytes of videos sitting in front of me, I was at the point of having lots of materials but no direction, and hope of an online business was slipping away. Then I got the email that you were releasing your Rapid Video Blogging report. Although I had given up opening all the internet marketing emails that flood my inbox, there were a few marketers I respected enough to still read... including you. So, I opened the email, once again entered my name/email address into an opt-in, downloaded your PDF, and then copied it over to my iPhone. I let it sit a few days, and then while sitting outside one evening, opened it up and started reading. Even with my now cynical attitude, your message struck a chord. Here was some clear information that matched very closing, what I had hoped to do.

Still leery, I watch the first video. You were honest, real, and forthcoming, just as you had been with your other materials. I decided to leave a comment, and then make the effort to watch the next video that came out. In watching the second video, it became even more clear that your path matched my intended path, and I became even more impressed... and left a 2nd comment.

Then I hit the 3rd video... and I was hooked. Not necessarily because the material and methods you brought up were earth-shattering (although I did learn some things), but because I saw Fran as the ultimate example of someone who took a passion and went with online with it as best she could, without wasting years trying to learn how to market it in the perfect way. Sure, she now knows a lot about the process, but it came through trial and error, and even today, she doesn't seem to do half the things that all the other experts say you must.

Anyway, the interview inspired me, and rekindled my hope. Yesterday, using a Kodak Zi8, I recorded my first video blog, and threw it online. It felt good... just to actually get something done for a change. When i finish this comment, I'm going to record another video blog, and have the goal of getting 3 more done before the weekend. No, I may not be doing it the perfect way or even posting them the correct way on YouTube and my site, but at least, I'm getting them done.

Thanks for that... and for the motivation to get back into this. I'm not sure if I can swing the money for your program this time around (unless you have a payment program), but I know I'll at least go back to your earlier programs and probably sign-up over the next few weeks. My best to you and to Fran." - John Lortz


"Thank you, Gideon. Just finished the first session, looking forward to the next two. Downloaded the eBook as well, I'll be reading through this weekend. It's nice to see nuts and bolts, tactical applications of the tools that continue to become more and more prevalent. It's easy to find recommendations on how things should look at the end of the day, but it's harder to find specific ideas on how to get there. Your suggestions will certainly help me along that path. keep up the good work!" - Robert Gerrow


"It is not too often that real quality information is released that adds real value... You have managed to do both here Gideon. I am thoroughly impressed! Video is favored hands down and even Article Submission Sites are giving the option to add video, audio and images to articles submitted into their sites.

Video gives the ease of listening and watching vs just reading. It reaches the viewer on a much more personal level and I love that you are sharing this truth with others! Keep up the great work and you've got my vote and you've earned my trust with this one as well. We need more knowledgeable experts such as yourself to even the playing field in the world of Internet Marketing. Great Job!" - Karen Giardunio


"Hey Gideon, I totally agree. That's the reason why I did a video so that way I could express everything I wanted to say and you can see from my body language as well of how I felt about the whole course. :)" - Tyrone Shum


"Gideon, I'm a student to social marketing and looking forward to learning this Video blogging system of yours. I'm 63 yrs and look at this as a career change. My challenges are long standing but when I've talked to others who desire to go back to college to get an education so that they can get a better paying JOB.

I just shake my head trying to understand why anyone would want to build more debt on a chance to remain in a rut. Not to say anything against college or an education, however I'd rather get more bang for the buck. From what I've seen so far You have a winner with excellent teachings. For that I thank you and will work toward becoming one of your full time students." - Ron


"Hello Gideon! I have been hearing your name all over the internet today and thought that I need to head over and find out who you are and what you are really about :) I am excited to learn from you. From what I see coolness runs through your veins :)"               - LaTara Ham-Ying


"Hey Gideon, You're videos are GREAT! Thanks so much for the in-depth information that tells both WHY we should be video blogging and how." - Erin Elizabeth Wells


"This is quite educating and informative. I have been struggling with making money online and I honestly feel I have a lot to benefit from you. Would you be my mentor? Great job I must say.!" - Tito


"This is so gripping, so engaging, so reachable. With your generous sharing (I've watched the first two videos and am just starting your interview with Fran) you have credibility coming out your ears. The timing on this is great as I'm more than ready to switch, or rather split focus, to several niche areas that have long been on my planning desk. Best wishes, Gideon." - Cheryl


"This is exactly what I needed. A simple, yet powerful way to both create content and drive traffic without having to do a lot of writing. Thank you!" - Warren Gibbons


"Hey Gideon, I am just starting my coaching business, and am a little intimidated by all the internet options: website, videos, blogs, etc.... so I am very grateful to you for making this information available in a format that is easy to understand. Thank you."      - Mia


"Gideon: Thank you. I truly mean it! Nobody in this dog eat dog world ever "gives" anything away. You are a breath of fresh air, in showing people how to's and how do's. I have wanted to post a video in my website because I realize that if I tell people about my registry cleaner product, they are more apt to buy from me because I can explain my product with more "heart" and "feeling" than anyone can read into it.

I am 100% on board with you and I must say that you are doing us all a huge solid! I don't want to work from home. I must work from home due to a very bad, career ending injury. I have been scammed by the best of them and am so happy I came across you. My biggest problem is retention. Due to the medicines I take, I don't retain what I read, but I can "get it" if I watch and listen. I am just amazed that you are so giving. THANK YOU! BLESS YOU!" - Stephen LeBlanc


"Thanks for the simple and elegant video-love the positive attitude and encouragement for us newbies." - Nikki Clifton


"Great video - I learned a lot and look forward to applying what I learned as I seek to get "massive exposure" through video blogging!" - Ashley


"Gideon,You are a breath of fresh air and one generous and knowledgeable being-thank you for your guidance;as this old aged-pensioner tries to earn a few extra dollars to pay the bills. I look forward to receiving more of the same."                              - Laurence Chilcott


"Thanks for the quality info Gideon. I enjoyed the content in your videos and look forward to reading your awesome report. You have already over delivered on your promise so I know the report will be great." - Terry Shelton


"Gideon... Thanks for the response, and the payment plan. After watching you put up with all of us for 2.5 hours the other night (I didn't ask a question, but hung on for the whole thing), how can I not find a way to take the course? A few less pizzas and Subways will mean I have a great motivator to keep me going. Plus I'll be able to shut off all the other 'experts' emails for awhile as I just focus on your materials. Thanks again for getting me re-started...See you on the inside." - John Lortz


"Gideon, loved this video. Some great content for the newbie beginner wanting to get into video. Thanks for sharing the interview technique as well. Great stuff!"                     - Terry Shelton


"Thanks Gideon for sharing such valuable information. People like you make people like me feel that we can do it too. Your sincerity shines through. I'm looking forward to watching more videos and reading your report. What a great concept." - Vicki Kron


"thanks Gideon! Your report to me is like a wellspring of timely information renewing and restoring my belief that I can do this!!! ("This" being online domination in my niche!) Thank you so much for your generous sharing!" - Colleen


"Hi Gideon, Superb intro to video blogging. I work as a radio journalist here in the UK (its always said thats because I've the perfect face for radio!!) But with your help I'm looking forward to becoming a TV star. Well done." - Jim


"After leaving a traditional marketing position 4 years ago to start a family, I have quickly found the the realm of marketing has changed more in the last 2 years than it has in the last 20! Your videos and report are exceptional ... thank you!!" - Anna


"Gideon, top quality content. I too have been providing these types of services for clients in local businesses here in Sydney for a while now, so I know exactly what you're talking about. Some are only getting on board now. :) I have only uploaded a couple of videos to my own channel and I have implemented some of what you have given away here and as a result some of my videos have had several thousand views, which has been good.

And since I can do design I started added nice designs to my channel some time ago...it does help it stand out that much more. I get a lot of people commenting on how nice it looks." - Carl Vanderpal


"Gideon, I'm so excited to find your resource here! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge! This is perfect timing for me as I'm just starting to develop some great video resources for music therapists and drum circle facilitators in my field. Your tips are invaluable - THANK YOU!" - Kat Fulton


"Gideon, Wow! Excellent material! This really is a wealth of information. Thank you so much for making this available. I can see the potential in video, and I am amazed. Thanks again!" - Jeff Young


"You are really blessed. After reading your way to your actual job status I really think you ahve a heart inside feeling to help others inconditionaly and it is what makes good human beings. Your report is a greatest help for anyone who wants to correct, start and move forward with better perspective in anything one wants to delivery to a targeted audience. Thanks" - Francisco De Jesus


"Gideon, thank you for sharing your tips, and inspiring so many comments. I'm just about to embark on a blog project in the next few weeks, and have taken confidence from your style, manner and easy to like presentation." - Mark Donnan


"Thanks for sharing your wealth of wisdom. I can see its great value. I have been doing some videos but now I can see how I can make room for improvement with your useful information. Again, thanks." - Carol Giambri


"I Thank you Gideon for a wonderful monday gift, what a wonderful find and discovery! i am a newbie in the online world and this is just the tool i need to stary-off. You are blessed ndeed to have offered me this tool .Your report will be of great help for to start and move forward with better perspective in the online industry and to achieve my targets. Thanks again." - Keni Augustus


"Gideon- This information came at the perfect time for me. I am trying to learn to put videos together to use for marketing and am unsure how to go about it. I will sit down right now and read your report and look forward to what I will glean from it. This is so exciting! Thank you very much." - Cindy


"Thanks for the timely information, Gideon. Getting the word about how to stay organized and manage information overwhelm will be much easier and effective with these tools. Excitement and inspiration!" - Rebecca Ross


"Gideon, Thanks!!! A million. You give - the impression that it can be done by almost anyone. I'm willing to give it my best now that you've shared the how...Congrats and the very best to you and family!" - Yolande


"WOW!!! your videos are so useful, I can't believe I started watching one of your video in youtube, just to see what new you will bring, you know one boring day. And now I can't get rid of you lol, in the good way of course, because you always bring exactly what I want to know and learn. How do you do that?" - Judy


"This is a great report full of information and tips. We do most of our work with non-profits organizations, any tips, secrets or innovative ways to improve the chances of there meeting the needs of those they support is greatly appreciated." - Rivkah Rybak


"Awesome ideas. Always looking for new and innovative things to add to my company website, as well as my person projects." - Edd Hendricks


"Gideon, I am so impressed with your valuable ebook content and the entire flow of your funnel. WOW!R apidVideoBlogging is a must read for anyone who is serious about succeeding in today's online market place. I've been video blogging now for 3 years and could honestly say I have a lot to learn. Gideon, you are now my new found video marketing mentor. :-)" - Carlos Aponte Jr.


"It's so great to find something real, of value and free. Thanks for your time, energy and effort which is helping all of our lives easier - questions, answers, action !Good man, Good Luck !" - Philippa Glazer


"Hi Gideon Shalwick, Thankyou so much for your great Report, that's an excellent initiative of yours to give such valuable things like that away for free. I'm interested in business and this is just amazing! Tips on how to conquer the ''Internet Jungle" is just what people need.

I am a loyal fan and subscriber of Jay Jay's and your's videos with the magic tricks on iTunes and I get a lot out of them. I must also say I have not seen quality and material like this before done to this standard. Exceptional Job! I will be following your blogs and checking your page! Thankyou again for your generosity, and I look forward to the results of the competition. :) Bless you!" - T Jeremy Albert


"I'm still relatively new to the concept of video blogging/marketing but have had that gut feeling lately that this is truly an area that I need to pay more attention to. Your information and depth of knowledge on the subject is extremely valuable to a newbie like me. Thank you!" - Kitara R. Wilson


"Right on the money,I've often wondered just how I was going to be able to be a succesful part of this new wave of technology.Very good information.Thank you.Stay in touch." - Gene


"Gideon, You are such a great teacher; not just for young people who have grown up in the world of computer, but also for us seniors who want to continue our life-long learning and sharing. You take the fear out and put the fun in. Thank you."                       - Dr Diana Hodgson


"Thank you for making this report available to us. The information is so valuable. I appreciate the time you've taken to put it together to be able to help so many of us out there who are new to this. You are very talented. I am excited to learn from the best!"      - Shannon Golladay


"Hi from the Whitsundays! As a long time subscriber I always find your emails informative. You always deliver. Thank you. Life is taking a new direction for me and video blogging is going to play a major role, thank you for all your information to make life easier for us. It is so nice when someone does all the work for you :)" - Belinda


"Hi Gideon, I love what you are doing! I really appreciate that you are so accessible, that you are genuine and believable. My first contact with you was on your become a blogger course. I found your way of working so engaging and uncomplicated. I hit problems and you relaxedly supported me through them. My blog exists but it has been inactive for a while. This is because I am putting time into producing the content which, of course, is the key to all of this. Watching your videos is inspiring - it makes me want to get up and create a video right now. I know that I will come to that and that you will be there, through your work, to support me. Thanks. I've got friends that I want to send your way. Keep up the good work." - Stan (aka Arike)


"Hi Gideon, What perfect timing as today I was going to sit down and educate myself about boosting my business with YouTube. Thanks so much for this free report..it is exactly what I needed at exactly the right time." - Anne K. West Ph.D.